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  1. OH Axl getting in shape for AC DC lol
  2. Chris Cornell talking about Gn'R

    Is this interview from Mistress Carrie on WAAF in Boston? Cornell is so awesome. RIP
  3. Does anyone else miss the blues live?

    I miss the 2002 version, they ruined the song with the remix of it
  4. How much blame does Beta hold?

    Even if you loved it, you would have even more reason to tell Axl to release more
  5. How much blame does Beta hold?

    Yeah but you could tell Axl how great the music is (even if its not) to get him to release it. That is like being a yes man right, telling him CD was great when it was mediocre and that he needs to release the other albums.
  6. How much blame does Beta hold?

    She is the Yoko Ono of Gnr
  7. NFL - 2017-2018 season.

    Today was probably the best set of division round games I have ever seen. Both were instant classics
  8. Brain and Melissa's website

    They had a track on bloodborne that is dope, i love that game
  9. the sad thing is, all the things you said about Maynard are true and he still put out more albums than axl since 1999
  10. the few times i have seen Maynard talk about Axl is been positive.
  11. Do Modern Rock Bands Suck?

    did you find
  12. Grunge vs GNR

    Forgetting guns n roses for a minute. Smashing Pumpkins blow away any of the grunge bands of the 90s.
  13. Beggars and Hangers on could have been a great song with axl lyrics and vocals.
  14. the music and even chorus is good in sorry but the lyrics are childish at best. The but I don't want to do it, shut up and sing, ill kick your ass like I said I would, are some of the most cringe GNR lyrics ever. Sorry with better lyrics would have been a huge hit.
  15. And also how Bach claimed that Sorry was like doom metal and this amazing song. Makes you wonder if the general is just another overhyped song. There probably are not any big guns at all.