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  1. Izzy should be there, and I would take matt or steven over Frank in a heartbeat.
  2. yeah that was dumb to have LALD they should have used patience or dont cry. Also would have taken out my Michelle for civil war.
  3. According to some on here, bands should only put out 3-4 total albums in their entire career. Sharing more music than that with their fans just ruins the band's legacy.Look at the Rolling Stones. They continue to destroy their legacy by releasing new music. Really stupid on their part. pearl jam is another perfect example, their last great album was no code, everything after that was pretty mediocre to crap. PJs first 3 albums were all amazing, no code was good to great but everything after that is not worth listening to.
  4. The Brian may version is amazing but of course Axl ruined it with the shit CD version.
  5. It is crazy its been 10 years since CD dropped
  6. Was there any truth to the rumor that Axl Slash and Duff recorded like 5 songs or was that just BS
  7. The reason is simple. In GNR Axl is the boss and answers to no one. In AC DC Angus is the boss and he needs to answer to him if she sounds like shit or slacks off. The only reason Axl sounds half way decent in GNR is because he has to get his voice in shape for AC DC if Axl did not do the AC DC gig, he would sound even worse in GNR
  8. Wasnt the whole band going to retire after this tour anyways and Axl was just finishing the shows Brian could not do?
  9. Fortus has been in guns n roses way longer than Gilby and Matt combined and Fortus was on an album of original mateiral unlike Gilby. Not sure why Gilby thinks he would be a part of a real reunion lol.
  10. You really need to stop lying. I did not say he was the original leaker. I said he was the reason how MOST the boards got the leaks. You even admit he was the reason what killed the leaks. It's because while a few people were hoarding the tracks, he was leaking them to 99% of the boards and that is what stopped your leverage because the hoarders could no longer trade the songs they were hoarder because MSL give them to everyone that did not have them. This is my last post toward you.
  11. he was right about everything else on that list as well. You have zero credibility you don't give him his due credit. Well i don't really give a shit if ya feel that way. My Zero cred is fine by me. Don't ever get angry at a man for stating the truth. I know MSL is fucking liar and him and Warchild spread their so called insider bull shit around. If ya want to believe the shit he says super enjoy ! I always take everything MSL says with a grain of salt but funny thing is the things he said usually came true and were spot on. Something you can't deny but of course you do. And he was responsible for the GNR community getting the leaks when those songs were being hoarded. Nothing you have stated was the truth. You just hate MSL and you are bitter toward him so you lie about him any chance you get and not give him the credit he deserves. The boards know the truth because we were there, you can deny it and try to change what happened all you want but the only person you are fooling is yourself.
  12. Yeah I got a chuckle out of that as well. "widely distributed" at mygnr before MSL "stole" them? I hate how people always try to credit that site for everything. Were hoarders posting there for years? Of course.....they were posting on many sites....including mine....but acting like they were in circulation to that degree is laughable. dave you're actually wrong that "no one had them" but I get your overall point. and yeah......he deserves much credit where its due. I think I'll shut up now. No point in the discussion going any further...no one will change their mind about MSL whether you love or hate him and as far as leaks/hoarders/unheard songs go, nothing more needs to be said on the matter. It's a dead issue on the forums in general and should stay that way. Lets see i was on the night we went back to the future and got the irs leaks and when we got the better , catcher and twat leaks. I shared them which lead to others whom i shared with to share with me and so on it was a beautiful community back then. Fact not opinion. I was there when it happened to, and MSL is the one who gave them to most of the people on the boards. Just because your little circle jerk group had them but 99% of the boards does not mean shit. The reason why the 99% of the people on the boards got them is because MSL shared them. It was always know a few people were hoarding them, dont act like MSL was not the reason why the boards got them. I am not even going to bother with you because you are lying and two people have called you out on this.
  13. he was right about everything else on that list as well. You have zero credibility you don't give him his due credit.