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  1. All you have provided is your SUBJECTIVE opinion.
  2. You don't know what subjective and objective means. But what ever makes you sleep at night.
  3. again that is your subjective opinion. Not sure when you will learn.
  4. yeah if they wanted to do a WWE style screw job, they could have Connor win by decision to set up a rematch and make even more money.
  5. yeah just look at catcher in the rye 99 vs the crappy album version. The Brian May version was awesome and the album version an overproduced mess and lost all his charm. I still want to hear the 2002 version of the album.
  6. The raw sound on AFD is due to them only doing a few takes with the song then putting it on the album. With UYI it was overproduced and a lot of copy and pasting, overdubs etc etc CD went even more overboard with that stuff. That is why AFD is so great because it only took a few takes and they used those where as with AFD and CD Axl the more the songs got pass overs the worse they got.
  7. If he is going to win it will have to be in the first few rounds. he will have to land a lucky punch. Like VCH said, Floyd will just run away the whole fight, just jab jab jab, racking up the rounds since Connor wont be able to hit him.
  8. They added piano and keyboards to most of the rock songs, they pussified them, the rock songs on UYI are all overproduced.
  9. You dont have to be sorry for disagreeing. The style is soft LOL The songs were not hard rock style they were like soft rock or Elton John style. you are just taking semantics with the word style. And yes a good chunk of UYI were around during the AFD era like dont cry, back off bitch, YCMB, Nov Rain, and the garden. Plus Civil War was written in like 88/89 and they had been doing KOHD for ever.
  10. Pretty sure you read that interview wrong. Again UYI is nothing like AFD, its when a lot of GNR fans turned on GNR because UYI was so overdone and bloated. A lof of fans hated all the ballads on the album.
  11. The best solo for riad is the HOB live version. You can tell Axl just cut and pasted a random solo for the two studio versions. I dont mind BHs studio solo its ok but BBFs is totally not suited for the song. I perfer the demos to the album versions anyways. But the same can be said about the UYI stuff too, especially with Don't Cry I love shacklers revenge its probably one of the catchiest songs on the album.
  12. Why are you going to ignore songs on the UYI, oh just because its destroys your argument? Sure there are some hard rock songs on the UYI but most of them are not that great compared to the AFD hard rock songs. Just because YOU dont like something does not mean its shit, Music is subjective. Its funny how posters like you have not learned this yet. You act like your opinion is the end all be all. There are a ton of GNR fans who hate the UYIs especially songs like Nov Rain and Estranged.
  13. This I love would also fit on UYI, it was written right after it. sound. My world at the end of UYI gave us a taste of the direction Axl wanted to go. CD was the natural progression Axl wanted to take GNR. The Tone of UYI was not the same as AFD, not even close.