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  1. D-GenerationX

    The "Lets all bow down to Fernando 'thread

    It's not like he can just go off on his own. If Axl tells him he can't speak out, not much he can do. But he can also just keep his mouth shut about it too.
  2. D-GenerationX

    The "Lets all bow down to Fernando 'thread

    When it comes to Fernando, I say the same thing I used to say when Axl would get all bent out of shape about "lies" and "misinformation" from "people who don't know". You could clear it all up in mere seconds, but you can't be bothered. When you don't, people speculate. This pisses you off. If even after that...you STILL can't be bothered to correct the record, I have no pity for you. And no one else should either. If you were making a real effort to keep people informed, and that was being ignored and people spreading misinformation in it's place, that a legit beef. But total radio silence and then complaining when people throw out theories? That's on you.
  3. D-GenerationX

    Would anybody still pay for a GNR album at this point?

    The day it came out.
  4. D-GenerationX

    Funniest Moments From The Illegitimate Lineups

    Absolutely low point, no question about it. So, naturally, they pick that time frame to release a live DVD. Which is fucking HORRENDOUS.
  5. D-GenerationX

    Adler reveals who could make a reunion happen.

    Doesn't seem like its a real time intensive one.
  6. There is no way that is the original guitar track.
  7. What if I shit out some shitposts about shitposting about who's cuck got fatter as the fat got cucked. Better?
  8. D-GenerationX

    Adler reveals who could make a reunion happen.

    Steven still lives in a world where he is essential personnel.
  9. Oh no, I get that much. But this site seems to have morphed from one with a slightly subversive bent to Try Hard Central. With everyone having to constantly trying to top the last guy at being more edgy than edgy, we've reached a point where you have to crap on everything. What's left that is safe? Once everything sucks and everything is lame, I think the thread of the plot has been lost.
  10. Well, whoever is on it, I like it. Sounds good. Sounds like the Guns N' Roses we all became fans of. But, now we shit on for...I don't know, reasons? I don't "get" much of what seems to drive a lot of you these days. But I'll be buying this.
  11. D-GenerationX

    My favorite NuGNR moment for different reasons

    The 2006 summer tour is my favorite nuGNR experience. I'm a huge bootleg guy, but those are the only nuGNR concerts that get any play from me.
  12. D-GenerationX

    I hung out with Ron and Tammy in the last few weeks

    He was pretty fucked up.
  13. D-GenerationX

    I hung out with Ron and Tammy in the last few weeks

    I live in a suburb of Philly. Last year, Tommy was comes into my corner bar with his buddy and some other chick. Already pretty tanked. I was wearing my GNR hat. He sat right next to me and we talked for about a half hour. Said not one word about GNR, even despite me fishing...twice.
  14. D-GenerationX

    What's IRS all about?

    I love the song. Second favorite song on that album after 'There Was A Time'. I know most people think it's about some broad that done him wrong. I don't know I agree. I think its about the old band breaking breaking up. But I could see both arguments. It's one of the only straightforward songs on that damn album. It should have been the lead promo single. Wouldn't have been the culture shock some of the other were.