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  1. I_Are_ess

    Why does this band hate releasing music?

    In 2004, the record company refused to pay Axl another advance for Chinese Democracy, so he had to pay everything out of his own pocket. His musicians, the studio rent, all the other shit, etc. That's pretty expensive, especially if you've thrown all your money out of the window. So he sold his royalties to Sanctuary for 19 mil USD. That means that, until he's 63, all the new music the GN'R brands puts out its owned by Sanctuary and its boss, Merck Mercuriadis. And since Axl had a nasty public fallout with Merck, I think the reason there's no new music is simply that he doesn't want him to get all that money.
  2. I_Are_ess

    Mystic demos

    Gnr early demos from 85 Anyone got a pm?
  3. Waiting for gunner to deliver like...
  4. Gilby deserved better and it's a shame he didn't get to contribute to CD
  5. I_Are_ess

    GNR has had 23 different members in it

    Sadly it seems Adler was never Adler after Adler was gone. I don't know if it was the "spaghetti" or the sadness of being kicked from a successful band and losing his friends along with the life hed dreamed of but he's always seemed a shadow of himself after. Hungry for what he used to posess
  6. I_Are_ess

    GNR member’s Lifestyle

    Was this somebody's school project?
  7. I_Are_ess

    The Return of Bill Brasky - signups

  8. I_Are_ess

    15 second Oklahoma leak

  9. I_Are_ess

    15 second Oklahoma leak

    Axl pose?
  10. I_Are_ess

    15 second Oklahoma leak

    I'm in the same boat. It's like. You need more to confirm legitimacy.
  11. Not a pissing clues to why but maybe theybdo not own the rights. Caught in studio limbo etc?,
  12. I_Are_ess

    15 second Oklahoma leak

    Has anyone else heard this?
  13. I_Are_ess

    No Love Remains

    Personally I think it's really good But seriously. I have not heard it
  14. I_Are_ess

    Duff & The American Precision Bass

    I always preferred the jazz bass but the p is a fine instrument. 😃 I liked his aerodyne model