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  1. deelowbrown

    Should President Trump deport Duff McKagen

    But this ain't no sentimental movayyyaaaa.....where dreams collect like dust
  2. deelowbrown

    Buckethead's Contributions

    It is a fucking shame as to just what might have been with Big B in the fold....His morning shit has more ability than any guitarist to have ever played with Axl has. Soothsayer alone beats all else.
  3. deelowbrown

    TIL - best live version ever?

    Whatever one thinks of slash, the hatchet job of terribleness he has brought to the CD songs can't be ignored.
  4. deelowbrown


    It does seem like the song gets better each time its played.
  5. deelowbrown

    House of Blues 2001

    It wasn't his hotel room, he stayed with me that trip........The ignorance/lack of facts in this thread is staggering *Edit* He did stay in that room the night before, the night the clips were shared we were out all night. Apologies
  6. deelowbrown

    Should President Trump deport Duff McKagen

    Fuck So Fine, what would we do without Sentimental Movie??!!?
  7. deelowbrown

    Living The Dream

    I see at least four casinos on the list, and talk of free shows........ Living the Dream indeed.
  8. deelowbrown

    Trading leaks / unheard material

    I offer all of the fucks that I can muster for: a studio version of Starlight..........