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  1. That time Dizzy cucked GNR

    Even Dizzy releases music now: http://rollingstoneaus.com/music/post/listen-to-dizzy-reeds-stomping-new-solo-track-this-dont-look-like-vegas/7508
  2. He should just let Slash do his cuck rock shut up and sing.
  3. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Make some pressure in your throat and head, then try to sing in a controled way, you'll probably not be capable to do it, but do it while screaming and you will get a "raspy" voice but without any control of it, thats what Axls been doing most of the time with AC/DC, the difference is that he still can use some of his old voice and have some control when extremely needed, sometimes it doesnt work and thats when he cracks. He can do this with AC/DC because its just straight forward vocals with little variation, while in GNR he created so many awesome and full of nuances vocal lines that its impossible to do it, then mickey. Im not a pro, but thats what I know from the little Ive tried to learn to sing.
  4. I really hope so, along with the tees and one in a million
  5. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Holy shit how shitty heavy metal has turned out.
  6. Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    CD is objectively a disgrace
  7. Best Guns N Ross guitarrist got cucked

    Didnt see that but its always nice to have the cuck on evidence.
  8. Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    Whole album is autotuned as fuck
  9. Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    So you never heard of that album called Chinese Democrazy?
  10. Best Guns N Ross guitarrist got cucked

    Hear DJ was just getting his shit back. Stay of Execution starts NOW!!!!!!!
  11. Real GNR at Weedsport '88

    Ew they look like a bunch of homos
  12. Checkmate leak

    And whose fault was that?
  13. Checkmate leak

    Thing is: No GNR fan was even remotely interested in listening to the kind of shit Axl had his "vision" on. Axl wanted to be noticed by the guys that were "cool" at the time so badly that he fucked up a great band and turned into more of a joke than he already was during the 90s.
  14. Would Axl be a good country singer?

    Its terrifying to imagine a country song with lots of Shitmans fart effect over it. Its something I see Axl doing. Please god no.