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  1. KFCBucket

    "CD 2 is finished and ready to drop at any moment"

    Wake up! You shat yourself! But if this is true then let's celebrate
  2. KFCBucket

    WM2: Sign-Up Thread

    I am free and ready to perform
  3. And yet you put your wet tongue straight into a dirty chicken butt. Unfortunately it won't do any good for us
  4. Official Vote: altered beast
  5. You know it is just a game, right? It is supposed to be fun!
  6. My thougt is that @altered beast makes hell of a noise, so I may vote him just to check if he is the big townie he claims to be. If it turns out he was honest ... well then ... I will turn my side against @John Bonham Well then m******rs ... try to make me change my mind!
  7. KFCBucket

    GnR set to hit the studio

  8. KFCBucket

    How much blame does Beta hold?

    This. I always considered Beta and TB as very good leeches. Axl seems like a person that loves someone if that someon just admires and agrees with every move he makes. So I guess it is all about Axl and the way he feels/behaves. They can be only blamed for not encouraging him to change some of his ways. But if you had the ability to live your life spending his money, would you change anything?
  9. KFCBucket

    Where do you rank Atlas?

    Well some people do care. But I don't see why someone would make such a post knowing that only few people had the opportunity to listen to Atlas if not for the sound of the butt cracking of others. So here it is. THIS IS MY BUTTHURT
  10. So what are we waiting for??
  11. OFFICIAL VOTE: bacardimayne
  12. @hotdogman how surprised are you? You are fighting as equals with a complete beginner! Look how pathetic your wiener looks! Look at it!!