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  1. Star Wars The Last Jedi

  2. Social Justice Warriors, Feminists and Other Retards

    BUT he's not black, he's puerto rican.
  3. Dj wanted to create music. I think out of the three guitarists from Bumblefoot to Richard Fortus, DJ would have made the most kickass music with Axl. Richard never wrote anything decent in his life. I think honestly, if DJ looked differently and didn't wear that jackass hat, people would have given him much more credits.
  4. It's the final cuckdown!
  5. I found a new singer for GNR

    Russia > Brazil
  6. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Lock her up.
  7. CD, How Do I Loathe Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

    Chinese D : The massive buildup towards this simple riff that doesn't sound like Guns N' Roses stolen from Slash and fail to get any reaction live since 2001. Lyrics "Like if your ass were your head you can tell" "Blame it on the Falun Gong" No chorus Shackler's Revenge : Awful anticlimatic riff BBF's solo with the awful army backing vocals behind it. "I got a wicked demon His hunger never fades" Better : Awful anticlimatic riff with shit clean vocals No Chorus Fake drums Absolutely no time for breath (ultimately it doesn't work live) "Now I know you better You know I know better Now I know you better" There Was A Time : Lack of organic melodies/too much pro tools/no time to breath/don't work live No chorus Buckethead's moneyshots Catcher In The Rye : No Brian May Lack of rasp Scraped : "I Am Inconquerable" Riad : Fucking video games awful bad ambient shit cringeworthy lyrics Sorry : "I'm sorry for you, not sorry for me oooh" IRS : "Gonna call the president oooh" Madagascar : French horns This I Love : "I never say goodbye oooh" Prostitute : Fake drums intro the somewhat profound outro. ***** I feel like there are lots of good and interesting stuff, instrumentally. Prostitute, Catcherintherhye, Better are all right. But Axl can take the blame for the absolute failure of Chinese Democracy, as a vocalist, as a lyricist, as a producer behind his visions. If it wasn't for his past he would have been sacked super hard. Because you can hear his somewhat persona but you can't hear any real talent. Trying to turn turds into gold with a shit computer and millions of dollars that's what it is. No riffs. No decent choruses. No visions. No magic. No Guns N' Roses. No balls. The fact is, nobody wanted to work for Axl. Even Ashba or Bumblefoot or Pitman decided to jumpship at a certain point. And that's the guy that want to write for the almighty AC/DC.
  8. Best Guns N Ross guitarrist got cucked

    Axl would rather have Pink or Dave Grohl on stage than past members, like Stinson and Ashba, that were willing to take a bullet for him. He let them pay full price to watch him play their Chinese Democracy songs with Slash like they were never in Guns N' Roses. He called Matt "a former employee", he called Slash "a cancer", Axl even called Pitman "his longtime roadie and engineer". That's just the way it is working with Guns N' Roses. Axl is a disgusting left-wing human being.
  9. US Politics, Culture and Society

  10. Anybody else bummed that Kevin Spacey's career is over?

    Mel Gibson never said anything wrong to begin with.
  11. US Politics, Culture and Society