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  1. Bill give us lyrics from Atlas. Thx
  2. Explain
  3. 4chan.org/pol/thread/137182582 >Msm starts covering protests early on before anything big happens >car rams into vehicle and several people >no cops present >black tinted windows >seemingly no hesitation >airbags don't deploy in fairly new car moving quite quickly >Calm expression >high-T military-tier facial structure resembling actual owner >reverses full speed in a straight line for 1+ blocks and disappears >drives off to a remote location >apprehended out of sight >suposidly pulled over by 2 black suburbans; made everyone go inside practically pulling guns on residents >guy looked "middle eastern/tan" not ghost white >bundled him into a suv really fast (wore skinny jeans) >the white guy sitting beside a challenger in handcuffs where not the guy anon saw get helped out of the car >rainbow bottle on car originally potentially later swaped to a black simple bottle? (may just have rolled over) >helicopter with full footage of cars path and video of the subject "crashes" >fiery Hollywood explosion even though it fell through multiple trees >no auto rotation even though the helicopter should have been high enough to do so >Car registry states that the vehicle is supposed to have a sunroof >11 hours before the identity is released why ohio? http://www.newsweek.com/trump-obama-fall-2017-democratic-party-649866?amp=1
  4. "White american inventors" "White women" "American inventors" "American scientists"
  5. Fernando you sack of shit, is he saying Chinese Democracy ain't fashionable enough for Gunss N' Roses?
  6. I bet Axl's IQ is way below 100.
  7. What happened to NuGnR? Is Axl gonna keep 'trace' of any Robin stuff or Dj Ashba music? thx Brasky!!
  8. I miss Tommy, I miss Pitman, I miss Buckethead and Brain, and I miss Robin. Bring back my guns n' roses.
  9. Insomnia is King's best novel imo.