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  1. People would do better embracing a traditional lifestyle. Cooking vegetarian food at home and sharing a family meal is more important than keeping up with this season's Kardashians
  2. Horns up, Dio
  3. This is too funny. Guy takes off his condom and he thinks he's the one getting over? LOL LOL Propaganda piece if you ask me
  4. What - No Poll?
  5. I agree with you on this one
  6. Chamomile Tea for sure
  7. Axl is a survivor and that's why we love him.
  8. People just want to live their lives! We all want freedom, and food and shelter, and a life for our children. Black and brown people want that too
  9. Intuition and tingling sensations are very pro-feminist experiences. Are you trans?
  10. I like everyone on this forum, and I think they are funny, but I am a Social Justice Warrior. I think that Justice is good, and that people are the same everywhere, and that they all want the same things. I agree with you guys on all the Guns N' Roses stuff, but Trump is bad, Science is real, and Black lives matter.