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  1. Where do you rank Atlas?

    Did it legit leak?
  2. Melissa Reece does Cosmo interview

    I haven't read the whole thing (too many pop-ups) but most of the article is about how she gives her husband a donut after sex, mouth moves that make sex hotter, crotch wigs, the male G-spot, butt facials, and wet kisses: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/career/a13140857/melissa-reese-interview-first-female-member-of-guns-n-roses-get-that-life/
  3. Certified G For Freshness.

    Hot stuff. Love the vibes. Great sauce. Did you record this in the same mall as Rebecca Black?
  4. Kaneda wants to share 2 minutes of The General

    Share a song You risk your life
  5. Requests, Issues, etc.

    I am concerned about the sizing and materials used for the Official Guns N' Roses t-shirts on sale at the Not In This Life Time Tour. Personally, I have not been able to purchase any official t-shirts due to the fact that the sizes are too small, and the light-weight cotton isn't very forgiving when it comes to the less attractive areas of my torso. I wish the band would bring back heavy-weight cotton and over-sized shirts. I think a lot of people would agree with me. If the smaller shirts and thinner cotton are supposed to be a clever ploy by the band to encourage their fans to lose weight, it is not working. I have only gained weight since I started following this band.
  6. TV Party

    Is any one else still watching American Horror Story? Obvious pick is obvious but...
  7. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Nobody pays Fifty Grand for a chilito
  8. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Have you been on the train? People don't books anymore
  9. Did axl fail , Thomas meadow show live

    I haven't watched Thomas Meadow's' show, but obviously Axl didn't fail. He is fronting 2 of the top rock legacy acts in the biz and he don't care. He has all the rock webites hanging on his every movement and had som mad eyeballs for his latest announcement
  10. Fake News

    People would do better embracing a traditional lifestyle. Cooking vegetarian food at home and sharing a family meal is more important than keeping up with this season's Kardashians
  11. What Are You Listening II

    Horns up, Dio
  12. Stealthing

    This is too funny. Guy takes off his condom and he thinks he's the one getting over? LOL LOL Propaganda piece if you ask me
  13. Social Justice Warriors, Feminists and Other Retards

    I agree with you on this one