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  1. auad

    Mystic demos

  2. listening again to the whole chinese now. sounds strange, confused and cowardly. some of his songs should never have been released.
  3. Time has come, my friend. GNR does not fool anyone else with this stupid show. audiences will decrease dramatically.
  4. very cool. many positive and productive comments 🤙
  5. You’re welcome. I like his performance in this song.
  6. the 2002 incarnation was the one of greatest potential among all.
  7. As always... respect your point of view. Skills? Slash need classes with BH.
  8. this talk of a guitarist is better than another ... so tired. there is no person better than another ... we are different. I only say one thing ... Ashba would not have been invited to join GNR if he not been an excellent guitarist
  9. It’s true. this song with Ashba sounds better.