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  1. Shit: The Frank Ferrer Story

    Thank U ✌
  2. Shit: The Frank Ferrer Story

    No. There is one?
  3. GNR 1993 Unppluged

  4. When did GN'R die?

    Vanessa is the name of the bitch.
  5. Shit: The Frank Ferrer Story

    Video of Better?
  6. Miami 2017 Full

  7. What covers should Axl/GnR do next?

    "On the road again" by Willie Nelson
  8. AC fucking DC suck

    it's so funny the hottest topics here are not about GNR. Metallica ... and now AC / DC!
  9. Thal playing GNR and others...

    I did not address you. we think in a similar way.
  10. ridiculous is you come in topics that are not of your interest and add nothing. If you do not like the subject, get out. surely there are people interested in debating in a healthy way.
  11. Hi man. Great performance. Do U Agree?
  12. Before the experts manifest ... yes it's OLD. notice the topic title. For me it was another classic Axl moment. Anyone who wants to discuss this performance, feel free to ... who does not want ... try something new ... for example ... run in the park.
  13. Thal playing GNR and others...

    In my view it's kind of like this ... I consider Bumble a great guitarist, who tried to contribute to the max with GNR live, and on the CD. I really like what he did in the band. But here in the forum we have some exceptional musicians, who are in the right to criticize the guy.