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  1. Lance can you tell us who everyone was (Players 3-6, 11)?
  2. Hey Brother I was Googling: "Is duck... (Kosher?)," and the suggested search from Google was: "Is Duck... (Dynasty real?)"
  3. Great game Lance. Well-played Damn_Smooth
  4. Hulk Hogan is the Greatest Of All-Time!
  5. Now, you're just getting tired. Too many turns at playing Mafia these past gamesz. Worn-out.
  6. I'm willing to bet that Apollo is Jefferson Darcy, and that altered beast is either Marcy Darcy or Steve Rhoads (mafia cuck)
  7. Right? Holy Captain OBvious! I just re-read the thread -- how has altered beast remained alive this long? Official Vote: altered beast
  8. Unvote damn smooth
  9. altered beast, what was it about JB's playing that made you suspect he was Mafia. Take us through your line of reasoning. You were very sure of yourself, and even claimed that JB made mistakes in his playing. What were they?
  10. My maths says that 1 is Mafia, and 1 is Indy. Official Vote: Damn-Smooth
  11. Do you think we are all a bunch of Jabronis?
  12. Seems obvious...
  13. I think Damn_Smooth is Mafia because he has posted a lot of faux-noob, faux-ingnorance, question-mark-littered posts. I think he's hiding something.