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  1. It goes up and down. It's nothing new. The Black Plague spread so fast due to a decade of global cooling.
  2. Thank you ! Minus NATO
  3. Oh shit, bba posted !!!
  4. Have you ever left your parents apt
  5. Google HAARP if you don't believe
  6. Oh yea also rumored was a huge weather attack or earthquake on a African nation or Middle East shit hole so Europe could take in more trash (refugees)
  7. It's fake. Its a leftist / globalist plan to make counties follow dumb rules like the Paris accord. What at the goal was for us to keep crying climate change and ether the leftist would be government, or even obamas shadow group would us HAARP. all I'm saying is , if you see a rainbow in the sky with no rain. Take cover!!!
  8. I'll post more later
  9. It's fake.
  10. Is this even news anymore
  11. Bill maher said nigger and people flipping out
  12. If you were a true listener you would know only the 1st three albums are worth a damn. Another miser fail
  13. History shit on hitler for no reason
  14. Hitler wasn't evil