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  1. Can i stay?
  2. Makes me sick. Frank-off alt accounts!
  3. Wow cant believe we won. Take that, wienies! I wanted to kill apollo so it looked like gunner was right. Wed then vote mags off and id have night killed another dumb townie to win. Worked either way. Great job apollo and gunner Fun game
  4. Jackie Chan was always a working title, its not like Axl would be dog enough to release a song with that title
  5. Why hide behind a cowardly alt account?
  6. I killed my nephew and sausigized him, it's in another thread. Your point is moot
  7. Are you guys this easily manipulated? Dont be wienies!! A mafia member literally said apollo is a corrupted sausage
  8. Absolutely!
  9. This statement is dumb and proves you are a soggy, wilted, VEGGIE sausage with no snap. I didnt say I know you are mafia because I am. Its just common sense. The way you are playing helps no one (town or mafia) and Gunner said you were mafia. I am using logic. I already put Mags in the microwave and he escaped (for now) now its your turn to get lit afire
  10. Im making you an honorary sausage
  11. Who wants their sausage sucked? All ya gotta do is vote! Hot Dog Jobs (HDJs) are very sensual
  12. I am 100% charred you motherfucker vegan wiener
  13. Apollo lying about his votes SICK