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  1. What the hell is wrong with you? Canadian scum!
  2. This may seem like a katchup-tastrophe, but some franks are actually just fine without a well-fluffed bun! What hot dogs are to your liking? I'd love to discuss different kinds and brands at (a footlong) length with you! Heck, ol' Hot Dog here sometimes will whip out a pack of dogs and just go to town, eatin' em cold. Sometimes I will take the extra dogs and mash em up or blend them, and use that delicious mash as wiener lotion, grill grease, of as a nice refreshing beverage to wash down some charred willies. People are quick to judge and discredit liquefied hot dog. Little do they know what they are missing!
  3. Vegan hot dogs
  4. Lol you failed my shit sausage test. I am not Borki, Gunner. I am Borki
  5. I just thought to myself what the epitome of shit rock is and Mother started blaring in my ground meat sausage brain
  6. Bacardi
  7. Perhaps these characters have already returned under our noses
  8. I am a song of centuries I whisper of worries wound within Twist storries of unspoken secrets I am a being of truth and treachery Of such beauty and imperfection Of processed meat and vegatable I am the olive loaf
  9. Liverwurst is a fine weapon, perhaps I will counter with a nice headcheese. Saurkraut and ketchup are banned from war. I pray we will not use such heinous substances in the great battle to come.
  10. I will peel the skin from your flesh and bone, and with it, create the finest sausage. No man, woman, or chidld will be able to feast upon its unyielding glory
  11. One day qe wilk fight and murder each other. One with a salami stick, the other with a mighty hot dog It is foretold
  12. The sausage will jizz da pit

  13. I use it all the time still. Thanks. To me its "Bro Rock"... Garbage like Theory of a Deadman, Stained, Puddle of Mud, Shinedown, etc... Any of that post grunge shit where you have a few douchebags in wife beaters and tacky tattoos, who sing about getting stoned or partying and girls but have generic sensitive, shit ballads to appear "deep". Its trash. I want to grind them into hot dog mash and feed said mash to their children. The production and guitars always sound like sterile shit, too
  14. "Michigan Coney Island" would be an ideal name
  15. !!!