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  1. Favorite pizza toppings?

    Salami is good but have you tried hot dog on pizza?
  2. I fucked up and was asleep. Damn
  3. Great job, Conor. I did enjoy the game!
  4. I wish I knew about wrestling
  5. Thats really all I got. As soon as I saw AB died I knew I was headed for the animal masher
  6. If I was mafia why tf would i split roast ab. He was after me, id be suspicious as hell
  7. I'm not active? I've been pretty consistent. Just havent been posting walls of text... ...or possibly anything of value I am probably mafia But I am town!!!
  8. Is he officially coming back? UNVOTE- Troy I am abstaining from a vote tonight. i will be back in the morning
  9. Unvote- Altered Beast Official Vote- Troy I am good with killing inactives right now. JB has some good points
  10. Im going out on a limb here Official Vote- Altered Beast
  11. I didn't adamantly go after anyone in day 1. I didn't even go after the easy targets like Bacardi. Just saying!
  12. Guys, I am sorry but I didn't check the game today. I missed a lot but this wiener is here. AB, we have our differences. It was clear on Day 1 you were not happy with my natural casing. However, think hard about your next move. You were put in the HOT seat a few pages back. IF I am voted out and turn up town, it makes you look really bad. If I turn up mafia, great, but what if I am not what you think? Think about this. I know it is mafia and its always sort of a guess, but what is there to base me being a mafioso scum this early in the game? I am going to extend my meat mashed hand... Partnership?