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  1. Get outta here you uncivilized meat abomination fuck. Salami is imposter sausage
  2. But what about the hairline, miser?
  3. Do you thin rabbit it a good choice for sausage meat? Discuss
  4. Yes Gunner
  5. Using alt accounts? Grow. Up.
  6. This sausage is ripe and it seems you all have an appetite for (town) destruction!
  7. Oh dear, looks like this sausage is getting squashed! I just dont understand why! This lineup is the best GNR lineup ever! The chemistry is all there!
  8. You refuse to look inward within your own flesh. If you are not able to admit you have hate within you, you will not get better. No amount of therapy can change that. Therapy and professional help cannot quell rage if the one who hath sought help refuses to admit rage is there to begin with. Some animals are full of vexation, when it is time for their meat reckoning, they are mashed up and tubed into foul dollar store franks. Basically, do you want to be a "Bar S" dog or do you want to be a "Ballpark" dog? Only you can work towards the right choice. Only we choose which path we take for the Great Harvest
  9. You also have an abnormally large amount of hate in your heart. If your heart was ground into a hot dog, it wouldn't taste very good. Axlisold is right, seeking therapy and working with it is the only real path you have in front of you if you want to get better
  10. Pretty happy right now
  11. Gotta go oil my pecks... Its gotta be almost show time!
  12. Well fuck... I like this story, GNRLIARS, well done. Sad our employer/hero Axl is dead =( Can't believe Dizzy did it, I don't believe it was about money. You know, people talk about not doing stuff for money, but Axl really will not do something strictly for money. He’s all about the music. It’s gotta be about the music. That’s why he doesn’t do interviews, because it’s not about the music.
  13. OFFICIAL VOTE- GUNNER Hope the game isnt fucked
  14. What dont you like about my logic other than the fact I singled you out? Why admit you have a power?
  15. What? Im agreeing with what you were saying in the thread earlier. That is a good point though and I didnt cast a vote for AB because I wanted to hear more sides to the story. I figured AB admitted he has a power so he was a dead man either way, so voting for him wouldnt have been of consequence. Your way makes sense, though. If mafia is going to kill him might as well let them use up a turn. So yeah, I wont vote for now. Now if you excuse me, I have to meet with a plastic surgeon regarding my nose expansion