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  1. Msl always makes me think of a disease. Like cdif or GERD. Just those letters, M S L Has that diseasy ring
  2. All 5 of the OG band mashed up with pork meat to makw the ultimate rock n roll hot dog meal Id liquify Darren Jay with mustard seeds for sauce
  3. Subway is so bad theyd fuck up a hot dog
  4. So many great cities known for fine sausage and we get this?! LAME
  5. Boy did that US plane sure katsup to that Syrian one!
  6. I think u mean anakin
  7. Fine advice. Bless u
  8. Bless you
  9. How do i increase the girth of my cock? Pls help
  10. Dazey, what are sausages like in England?