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  1. Honest. He seemed to like that Dylan dude, like really.
  2. Another fact: Richard Fortus has played with every Guns N Roses guitarists (Slash, Izzy, Buckethead, Robin F, Bumblefoot, Ashba) except for Gilby Clarke.
  3. Axl even tricked him the first show to see if he could play in a different key. First giant fail.
  4. Who are you? Woo ooh woo ooh
  5. that'd be absurd. But I'm willing to trade that pile of flaming shit, so I'd get money or another cdII song. Shoutout to portuguese fans, I want Atlas Shrugged, I pay up in escrow if this ain't enough. Just make an account here in GnFnR, so that we can discuss all right.
  6. Kicking ass
  7. As much as I like Slash, some things are better left untouched. Think Robin with This I Love or Buckethead in There Was A Time.
  8. 2018 ACDC, 2019 GnR, or maybe at the same time?? one bluray too. CD2 stuff with more or less Slash & Duff, but also Buckethead, Robin, Fortus, DJ, Bumblefoot and Tommy because Axl has the final word.
  9. AC/DC being Axl's main focus (rasp and music). Lots of touring, same setlists. Line-up changes. One single album before 2020. Not selling as much as Chinese Democracy. Original five reunion shows. Living The Dream in Music & Business, inside the mind of Darren Jay Ashba: a story of life, fate and rock n' roll.