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  1. how was the rasp? on a level from 2010 to mickey, would you say it was a -2?
  2. Let's rewind 6 years to a time where unicorns roamed freely, flying pigs were plentiful and dinosaurs were a protected species.
  3. I firmly believe this is the real axl rose, he sounds and looks like Axl
  4. Is if some band steals Axls music, releases it under their name and then GnR/Axl covers it. No way in hell will this band ever play new music unless it's been written/released and performed by another band. #AXL LOGIC
  5. I want to know if Facekicker thinks this is the best guns n roses concert, since Manet's declared RIR5 to be the best guns n roses concert. CUCKED AGAIN
  6. i want you to do dove hands on camera, make it happen
  7. I don't think they appreciate you referring to them by their color choice in clothing.
  8. Came across this video of Katy Perry on SNL, and the kid in it reminds me of @arnold layne
  9. condemn* thats what happens when you're muti-shitposting
  10. more terrorist attacks, and more bullshit focus on 'messages of solidarity' without any clear recourse against those who are connected/guilty of this and ridiculing them. The community should all stand together and stand up against any religious/polictial group who doesn't immediately condemn these attacks. Transparency breeds unity, until you have everyone on the same page detesting this behavior, this will only continue to grow in prevalence.
  11. yep, and lets also blame the authorities (insert police/health physicians/government here) for not catching them in time and not the individual who carried out the attack.
  12. not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims
  13. Feel free to make other threads pitting 2 members against each other, just start off by calling them (Sudden death # [number here] )