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  1. is that coffee any good? Looked at buying some after seeing him rave about it but its fucking expensive here. Do you really have a feeling of euphoria/enthusiasm after drinking it or is it B.S?
  2. i got 10 minutes in and had to shut down my comptuer and burn the place down.
  3. That Time Axl Cucked Brian May

    this shits on rons turd
  4. That Time Axl Cucked Brian May

    can you picture this guy "BUT.... SIR AXL.... THATS NOT WHAT I PLAYED...."
  5. #catchercuck Axl: There's a few reasons and none of them all that big and definitely not in spite or to slight anyone. 1st off obviously I knew people liked the song but the Brian appreciation really only showed up in force publicly after we had moved on in Guns. In fact Not many seemed to care and most comments were aimed at why Slash in their opinions should be here. Brians solo itself is a personal fave of mine and I really couldn't understand as he's such a rock legend why it wasn't openly appreciated more at the time. In actuality all that feel and emotion referred to now had a lot to do with Sean and I and the parts I chose out of Brian's different runs, versions, practice runs etc to make sure we had those elements in one version. It's entirely constructed from edits based around one specific note Brian hit in a throw away take. And though Brian seems to have warmed a bit to it at least publicly he was unfortunately none to pleased at the time with our handiwork. I remember looking at Brian standing to my left and him staring at the big studio speakers a bit aghast saying "But that's not what I played." Sean Beavan and I were not in any way tring to mess with Brian we just did what we do and then try and do our best to stand up for our decisions.
  6. Fan: Hi Axl , Which song on Chi Dem do you feel was your best work vocally? Axl: End section of TWAT, Backgrounds in Catcher.
  7. Technology & Gadgets Thread

    i didnt even pay for the airpods (found them) so im against paying for overpriced apple shit (bar the iphone)
  8. remember the chinese essay found in the alt booklet? I wonder if he wrote that looking out on the world from his Malibu mansion.
  9. Technology & Gadgets Thread

    I have those wireless airpods , they're pretty sick. I always thought they looked like a rich mans gimmick, but now I cant go back to corded earphones (sound quality loss is very minimal with airpods). Id rate them overall a 9/10. Does anyone have an apple watch? thinking about getting one but i dont really like the look of them on the wrist.
  10. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    axl on an acdc release in 2018, before the 2nd installment of CD. You cant make this shit up.
  11. How will FCC Net Neutrality affect this forum?

    No my friend, you're naive. Where there's a will there's a way. They sell phones on the black market that have uncapped data limits based on a loophole of a certain prepaid phone model that was sold years back. I was going to buy one a few weeks ago but it doesn't work in my country. There's ways around EVERYTHING
  12. as do I. I have found myself going less and less back to the majority of the songs though. If one comes on randomly on my spotify, i'll listen to it, but only a few songs like better, twat, madgascar are ones I still listen to.
  13. imminent call from a certail brazilian kid is imminent
  14. How will FCC Net Neutrality affect this forum?

    you cant control, neutralify, commercialise or extermine someones freedom to access the internet if they really want to. #Simplefacts