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  1. Axl/Beta if you're reading this stop. Get back to fucking work and do your job
  2. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Kid doesn't look beiber enough to be @arnold layne
  3. @John Bonham Did you speak with team brazil or team america?
  4. I'd say cd 2 (the first disc contacins the general, atlas, thyme, checkmate, soul monster etc) with either the remix album or live album combo a passing of the old left overs from the old new band, and the old songs played with the old band recently, confused? times it by 1000 and you have Axl.
  5. Unfortunately, even if it's for real it still means nothing. It could come out of Axl's very mouth in a message to the fans via a youtube recording, and I'd take it with the same amount of fucks as "same bat time same bat channel". I rest my hopes solely in Angus Young.

    I guess you're not one to sit on the fence when the writing was on the wall from an early age right?
  7. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    sounds like a dream turned reality for @jackie moon
  8. Axl juggling rock, cucks and balls, while slash can't even juggle hoes.
  9. Requests, Issues, etc.

    thank you gunner for replacing brian
  10. This is typical of the U.S. What do they do when there's a major PR crisis? Close down all their businesses at a substantial loss of profits, and do some type of program/training day/education etc, to make it look like the problem's fixed with a simple 'remedy' that was previously an oversight. Like, "oh hey guys, wer'e stringent in our hiring practices to make sure that our employees are of at least average intelligence, no trouble with the law" oh fuck, you didn't know racism was a bad thing? fuck lets pretend we're your mom and dad or the school system that you spent 12 years of your life in (at minimum) failed to teach you basic respect to blacks whites yellows etc... (no jokes, you know its bad, we just want to make sure that the public think it's an oversight, and even though we're losing money for 1 days loss profits which equates to millions, it'll be less than the long term fall out if we sweep it under the rug because hey, there's a bad apple in every bunch). fucking hilarious
  11. Axl has all the fun on and off stage, while Slash is getting fucked by the 2 fat ladies in his life.
  12. Movie Director Discussion

    Movies are about being suspended in disbelief. You should feel like you're an observer in the situation that's taking place in front of you. Not some gimicky bullshit, with over indulgent use of cuts, dramatic camera zoom-ins, pan outs etc and then some "witty" bullshit dialogue that has no congruence with the film's universe itsellf.