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  1. I had a dream today that SJW'S turned Milo Yiannopoulos into MLK.
  2. I will save my money and go see Axl with AC/DC next year.
  3. Amazon will be selling men, women and children when half the population lose their jobs.
  4. He will al-ways be my num-ber one Joker.
  5. I think I might sell off everything I own and buy Amazon stock. Amazon should start a bank.
  6. How long do you think it will be before Amazon becomes the most profitable company in the world?
  7. Around the time I started listening to Public Enemy and Ice-T.
  8. Joanie Loves Chachi; Chachi Loves Trump.
  9. I don't really listen to them anymore.
  10. Big Pharma needs to make oxy cheaper and more readily available to their customers and their customers' friends. It is crazy how many people are dying from fentanyl right now because of the crackdown on oxy. It has gotten so bad that they have been putting up billboards at bus stops informing people of what to do if they see somebody overdosing.
  11. TM, please promise us that no Care Bears will be harmed in the making of this pornographic video.
  12. The death of the human operated automobile is next. If the governments of the world don't collaborate on some sort of basic universal income we just might get that zombie apocalypse that we've all been secretly wishing for.
  13. I have only taken pills for pleasure. Big Pharma is evil but the doctors and parents are equally complicit in creating a lost generation of pill heads.
  14. What do you think is going to happen with all these brick and mortar stores going under? There is so much empty real estate out there right now. We are somewhat lucky here that weed shops have come in to takeover some of the empty spaces.
  15. Both cultures have a fondness for 13 year old girls.