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  1. US Politics, Culture and Society

    They should be protesting against the loser politicians in Washington who are in bed with big pharma and the NRA.
  2. Who is making decent rap music these days?

    Is it just me or does anybody else think Kendrick Lamar sounds almost exactly the same as Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest? That is why I have never understood the hype around him. The thought of Q-Tip now being the biggest star in hip hop makes me laugh. Not that there is anything wrong with Q-Tip and Tribe Called Quest.
  3. Who is making decent rap music these days?

    I don't understand the appeal of Drake and his autotune faggotry. Are there any beefs in hip hop anymore?
  4. Does anyone else think Axl should start a reality TV show?

    Axl hopping in his lamborghini for a late night burger run. That should have been the Better video.
  5. Who will go see Buckethead with me on Friday, April 6

    Madison used to get so pissy when I would post about Buckethead and rap music. Last time I saw him live was probably 6 years ago at a nightclub in town.
  6. Does anyone else think Axl should start a reality TV show?

    Fast Food in Fast Cars. Think Fast and Furious combined with late night drive-thru.
  7. Could Axl do a doo-wop acapella album?

    That reminds me of the Ba-Ba-Better commercial for Harley Davidson they did with the sheep in it. For me that will always be the true Better video.
  8. Not in This Lifetime the album. Calling it now.
  9. This I Love music video?

    Rainbow Brite on my Brite-Lite/Lighting up my darkest night/Double Burger with fries I can't denyyyyyy!
  10. The CTE made him do it. OJ also mentioned that he figures the CTE has turned AC into a bit of a snap show.
  11. Who is making decent rap music these days?

    I was listening to a bit of Outkast and Public Enemy recently and got to wondering what was going on with rap music these days. Great song but oddly enough this video seems to have been heavily influenced by Madonna's Express Yourself and Vogue videos
  12. You racists would have already forgiven OJ by now if he had killed a black woman. I read this new Juice interview today where he talks about what he has been up to since he got out of jail. Apparently Oprah wants to interview him but he ain't interested. I also learned that Michael Jackson used to have OJ and his kids over for long weekends at Neverland Ranch after the trial of the century. It was a fascimating read. http://buffalonews.com/2018/03/16/the-o-j-simpson-interview-on-prison-retirement-and-football/
  13. Could Axl do a doo-wop acapella album?

    To do-whoppers, or doo-wop: that is the question.
  14. Please don't post any Drake or Kendrick Lamar.
  15. Sounds like you need an Angry Whopper or two. Why not make it three? Have A Burger On Me. For a limited time only we are offering three burgers for the price of two. It is a Chinese Democracy trilogy of burgers. Better get them quick before Axl cancels the promotion.