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  1. 80's sweep.
  2. What are they saying on Info Wars?
  3. Ride or die.
  4. Axl's all set to debut a new hairstyle at RIR 3000. Picture his Predator hair crossed with his teased glam hair and you will have some idea of what Axl's stylist has been working on. Believe me, he's not looking to bury all this hair under multiple beanies and bandanas.
  5. All we can hope for is that they have managed to find a completely new way to underwhelm their fanbase.
  6. I am waiting for Dizzy Reed to give his obligatory interview about this lineup being the best one they have had since he joined the band.
  7. I think Axl is more of a Cap'n Crunch guy.
  8. It was the Twin Peaks equivalent of starting off the new season with a Tony Soprano dream sequence.
  9. Axl's wearing his jogging headgear.
  10. New GNR's Robin Finch is all set to make his acting debut.
  11. They are playing RIR and doing a third tour of South America.
  12. Yesterdays is the obvious choice but releasing two versions of Don't Cry was fuck-in' ridiculoss.
  13. Pretty lame leaving out Izzbo and Stevie like that.
  14. I'm literally the last man standing. Not bragging, not proud.
  15. You can't always get what you want.