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  1. None of today's players have the kind of passion it takes to choke out a coach at practice. Things had to change after the Ron Artest brawl.
  2. Their first album is the best. I am the Ressurection and Fools Gold to close out the album. That's some proper epic shit!
  3. How much better does the liquor make Axl's voice sound when you are at the show? I always assume people were drunk when they say that the youtube videos don't do his voice justice.
  4. He dropped Owen from a roofie.
  5. I am looking forward to watching AI play in this.
  6. Steal My Sunshine by Len and Barbie Girl from Aqua both come to mind.
  7. On episode 7 of the new season. Made the mistake of typing "I want a sexer with Kim Wexler" into google.
  8. We are going to have to sign you up for one of Bill Cosby's "dealing with rape accusations" town hall meetings if you insist on wearing that thing in public.
  9. As was the case with famed original Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson, the late great Dane and erstwhile GNR bassist died from tragic misadventure after drowning in a Copenhagen lake. It has long been rumored that Ole ingested an unknown quantity of heroin before going into the water that day. He was 36 at the time of his passing. Too old for rock n' roll, too young for life. No foul play was suspected.
  10. For fans to acknowledge in writing that Ole Beich was the original bass player for Guns N' Roses.
  11. I think the Celtics should do whatever it takes to get Porzingis.
  12. That's the image but it is missing the glue gun.
  13. I was trying to find the pic of Axl from 2006 that somebody photoshopped with a glue gun putting on his hair. Guess the good ol' Web Sheriff had that one removed.
  14. That looks like a portable rape kit. Somebody needs to put Dead Flower on high alert.