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  1. I want to go hear Axl sing good one more time. Clearly that is not going to happen with GNR.
  2. This is not a band anymore. Slash is only touring with Re-GNR to fill up his beleaguered bank account before he goes back to making music with Myles and the boys.
  3. Watching Taxi Driver. Cybill Shepherd is so hot in this movie.
  4. I agree. Who wants to live in a pc world where people brand you a fucking racist for busting your asian buddy's chopsticks over a couple of beers and a plate of nachos?
  5. Axl leaked Better during a blackout brought on by heavy drinking without any donuts in his stomach to absorb the alcohol. Sometimes you have got to take plausible deniability into your own hands.
  6. The Paris attacks were not carried out by Islamic terrorists, false flaggers, or George Soros funded operatives; in truth they were executed by a couple of crazy New GNR superfans who conspired to kill the EODM and their fans after Axl Rose rebranded them The Pigeans of Shit Metal and put them on his enemy list back in 2006.
  7. Man on the inside, is Axl still packing CD II around in his halliburton case? If so, what's stopping us from pulling the old switcheroo at LAX?
  8. Violence erupted at Hate Rally after subject of hate showed up. Trump's speech ran completely opposite of the "calling a spade a spade" image that he cultivated during his campaign.
  9. All he had to do was acknowledge the racism and white supremacy by name instead of being vague about what happened.
  10. Leave it to the courts. All this suspension does is punish the fans.
  11. Trump made such a big deal out of calling radical islam by its proper name that this makes him look bad to those of us who aren't white supremacist voters.
  12. Andre, we need you to distract the web sherriff while Brasky cracks open the vault.
  13. So all we have to do is get a man on the inside at universal and these songs can be ours?
  14. Trump doesn't want to alienate the white supremacist vote. Yes We Klan! Trump 2020
  15. This has been a great week for Alex Jones listeners. It is Alex and Trump against the new world order.