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  1. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Well, we could stretch it to what we have today is anarcho capitalism (aka. mindless selfishness and entitlement to everything which will eventually lead to social and economical collapses in a regular basis). But we aren't there yet, imho. I don't know much about anarchoprimitivism, but it doesn't sound like a viable way of life Idjit Pai is a fucking immigrant (even if he was born here his mentality is very much like an opportunist immigrants mentality) and he has no business of being regulating hundreds of millions peoples life, he should be cleaning our toilet somewhere or shining our shoes or serving tea. Fuck him, and fuck all of these bureaucratic morons
  2. Yeah. Being GUNNER Btw he is a greedy fuck, wants a raise, so he will be out by his own will Your trolling is really boring This "DJ Ashba will be back soon" meme should end now (just like GNR after 2018) I doubt he will care about GNR besides the paycheck. He haven't had a problem playing in shit venues so... AXL/DC will be headlining stadiums so that wouldn't be a big problem really
  3. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Yeah, if we are all being anarchists* *Antifags has nothing to do with anarchy, they are just pure liberals though It woudn't be impossible, because anarchy and communism are from the same tree (see anarchocommunism, the closest thing to actual example of anarchist communities in a small scale) Anyway, this is all theoretical in the big picture so it doesn't really matter anymore I'm more worried about net neturality these days. If those fuckheads vote for it, then we are fucked, big time
  4. Because Myles is an obedient employee and Slash could release new music on his own (unlike with GNR) For the record: I don't like Slash post 2010 as a solo artist
  5. US Politics, Culture and Society

    I'm not brainwashed i'm not the one who think the term "statists" is an insult in 2017. I don't live in an anarchist utopia (which could lead us to communism) I'm a realist, if anything
  6. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Fair points Han Solo is boring as fuck. I couldn't care less about him. To be honest: there are tons of material which would be more suitable for a film than these stand alone movies Obi-Wan movie would be cool though oh and on topic: i will not give any shekels for The Last Jedi. I just wait for the blu ray
  7. I am digging these banners

    thanks for my new avatar edit: nah
  8. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

  9. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Slash will get a raise cuckery and whatnot, that would be a death sentence to GNR. Sooner or later they couldn't fill an arena, especially with these shady marketing tactics (going back to Ashba when the tour will be promoted as a NITL tour leg). Good to hear about AXL/DC
  10. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    that's it? That's all you can offer when somebody owned you in an argument?
  11. US Politics, Culture and Society

    yeah, show us how you aren't brainwashed by any means I can "whine" whatever and whenever i want though Let's just agree to disagree here
  12. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Generally, i don't really like cops, yet i'm on the Brasky side of the general argument, but... i've yet to see a cop with those gay ass mallcore tattoos. He shouldn't have been a cop in the first place. Here is the full footage The instructions were laughable, all the police had to do while he was on the ground: go get on his back and handcuff him. Instead, they went on the asshole route and after the dude made the tiniest deviation from their instructions, Philip Brailsford killed him instantly, without hesitation. I mean if the guy magically pulling out a weapon, he would be dead meat in a second... if that second would have been a given, he would be alive. The guys death was so fucking meaningless, Brailsford was so incompetent (except the killing part lol), he should have been found guilty by second-degree murder at least. Instead they let him go. Brailsford made a mistake, so as the victim... The victim paid for his stupidity with his own life. i'd say it's fair if we throw the cop in jail in this particular case. Seems like life is not fair, again What a cockbag
  13. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    What does my musical taste to do with your post? You make no sense. At all I said what i said, because there is minimal to zero chance for a new album, precisely, because the aforementioned songs tanked. They aren't hits. They aren't requested anywhere. If it's up to Axl, we wouldn't be able to hear those songs. BestBuy made us a deal, remember? The leaks are also helped a little bit Now if you want more from that bag, then i have bad news for you... and yeah Those songs mostly sucked ass and in my personal opinion they are hardly indicating any good material inb4 you are ignoring the first paragraph
  14. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Now that's desperate, especially with those songs on a pedestal Fucking lol
  15. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    That would be the end for the band. Rightfully so... If Slash is going to agree to get Ashba back in the band, then he is the world's biggest cuck. I'd sincerely hope some moooslims blow their shit up in the next round of the never ending nostalgia tour, taking out the fat ginger cunt and his employees by one hit