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  1. WAR - Axl Rose solo album

    I dunno, but in this case, i'd be more interested about getting AIDS from a thai hooker than hearing their collaboration
  2. SLASH Sells Beverly Hills House For $8.7 Million

    Slash just bought a house, because he is still rich as fuck -> You made a post regarding Slash is full of shit, because he bought a new house Unbelievable You are the Warchild of the Slash hater army Sad
  3. WM2: Sign-Up Thread

    Wrestling is gay so i'm out ooops this is not the unpopular opinion thread
  4. Darren Jay Ashba

    I suppose these pictures could mean anything, just general promotion. It could be GNR, it could be a new project, anything Btw DJ Ashba is the ugliest "rockstar" currently
  5. Darren Jay Ashba

    If this is really happening, i'm rooting for a terrorist attack in a GNR concert. Axl deserves death then
  6. Probably as much as Slash these days On a more serious note, it really depends on the price and the market For example, South Americans just love both douchebags with or without GNR. The rest of the world is different Myles Kennedy has a pretty strong fanbase though. Some people just love his nasal voice therefore they will buy a ticket no matter what
  7. I just call them pop metal, mallcore or generic shit
  8. At this point, a possible retiring of the GNR name is more plausible
  9. Best Music of 2017

    Oh fuck, you fucking beat me to it Anyway, that's not really their best effort, imho So far, i've liked a handful of posted songs, Courtney Barret is awesome Keep up the good work everybody!
  10. Best Music of 2017

    I don't really like "pop" or "alternative" current music, so i'm not fitting in but... This is a pretty great band, check their albums on spotify, not every record is a masterpiece, but i'd say they are one of the most talented stoner rock bands out there currently. Not a Black Sabbath/name any famous stoner rock band copycats, they have their own distinctive sound This is a random track from their latest album, they've released 4 (yes, four) albums this year http://kinggizzard.bandcamp.com/ shootout to @sixes you might wanna check out other stuff from them, if the AB songs surprised you
  11. 10 days without the forum and i'm spamming now... sorry for that:shrugs:

  12. Ozzy & Jerry Cantrell > Axl & Paul Huge

    This is a cover GNR's version is better Original song is a classic Pointless thread
  13. Sounds similar to OMG Lot of the fans at the boards loved OMG, right? If you love OMG, this is in your ballpark as "good music" LOL
  14. School me on Buckethead

    Maybe BH is not for you Here is one album with guest vocals
  15. What gave you the idea for this thread? Axl, after the last tour, currently is one of the richest musicians alive