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  1. http://twitter.com/punkzillaa/status/855994744501133312/video/1 A Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls As A Beauty Blender
  2. Have you seen them on this current tour?
  3. The mere concept and the usage of the autopilot word in a GNR board is shit. That was my line of thought Slash is putting decent effort, can play his OWN solos the right way and in no way comparable to the enormous fat shit Axl disaster. He just simply does not need a pass, because he is not shit is he a cuck? oh, yes, sadly Is he a shit player? fuck no, you are just being on edgy mode again Seriously, if you really think this is the minimal effort Slash, then you probably know nothing about his playing
  4. Rockers. Only the bootlegs shown the true power of the band At this point, i pretty much despise any GNR ballads. Even SCOM Fuck the ballads I find myself returning most to: YCBM, Locomotive, Pretty Tied Up, Nightrain, Out'ta Get Me, Back Off Bitch, ISE. Apart from these songs, i prefer demos, outtakes, and live performances That being said, i haven't listened to (studio) GNR in months. I just don't care anymore, bootlegs from the classic days are far superior, imho
  5. Nope. He wasn't shit in 1991. Hell, not even fat 2001 RIR Axl was the start. He still looked like himself, though the fat thickens
  6. Who cares? At least he can play his instrument, unlike the so called frontman of the band. I'd hardly call Slash out of shape, especially not if you want to compare Slash and Axl He was "out of shape" during the UYI tour, yet it was great enough. He was fucked up all the time since the moment he joined the band This whole "bbbut slush is shit because he is on autopilot" is one of the most laughable GNR myths. Turth is: a nostalgia tour means being on autopilot. Besides, he plays great during his own solo spots, plenty of cool impros. What more you want? a Junkie sloppy playing Slash? Yeah me too, but those days are gone forever
  7. Clearly It was the original plan before the GNR tour Besides, Axl doesn't release music anymore
  8. The only member who is seriously a half-assed performer is Axl Rose Compare his effort in AC/DC That is all you need to know
  9. This topic could have been great
  10. link I like how it doesn't occur to this dumb cunt that selling your body for money is like the oldest form of capitalism that exists.
  11. What? I don't give a flying fuck about Duff
  12. salami is better than music