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  1. Bottom line is: Even band members admit that Frank sucks
  2. New Twin Peaks is fucking awesome lol every other TV show
  3. 1. CD 2. ISE 3. Since I don't have a Wig 4. Sweet Wig o'Mine 5. November Rain 6. Don't Cry if your wig falls 7. rant 8. PC
  4. How 'bout a salami elimination tournament?
  5. Same here What cardi wrote makes tons of sense.
  6. Axl's voice was great The whole Limelight show was weird
  7. Fuck it Fool me once... Official vote: bacardimayne
  8. Place was packed with full of kids Whomever is responsible for this shit should be burned alive (I mean, again) Also this means, GNR should be EXTRA careful with security right now
  9. That was an OK one
  10. Well, thanks for the analysis, but i wasn't expected a whole thread dedicated to a shit picture with YASS on it
  11. Yeah, it was shit, but aside from you, i doubt anybody could remember a SNIPPET Jesus man, just log out, pls and stop quoting me
  12. wat are you on xanax again?