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  1. Probably a little well over than Izzy pissing on an airplane but maybe lower than Slash killing Todd Crew
  2. I think it's more like he is just a spoiled ginger cunt Money will roll right in anyways
  3. Sometimes, it feels good to read your signature after posts like these...that is my only reaction: fuck right off. just fuck off and die (i'm not even pro guns, but this shit is wicked)
  4. What an absolute horror. Hits me right in the feels, man As a dad, i couldn't even imagine the pain In fact, i would commit suicide if this is happening with me Holy shit
  5. The guy from the 3 min mark is fucking hilarious. Not because of his ugly hair, but because his statements Btw where is Beggars and Hangers on? I do not hear anything remotely resembling to that song Are you sure this is the right video? There was some footage on the Making of November Rain video where they have been played the Godfather solo and there was also a piece where they played the Fall To Pieces riff
  6. How would you know? I mean it's basically impossible to tell (regardles of the booklets) It's just a pretty generic riff actually, nothing groundbreaking Jesus, Axl's solo project is even more mediocre than i thought back in 2008
  7. At least it's just a picture, not some incoherent rambling
  8. You mean Finck, right? Basically that repetitive rhythm guitar lick is the only decent riff in the album
  9. here's a glimpse to the public perception of Axl's vision to be fair: both songs have terrible intros, Slash just saved Better a bit, though
  10. Jesse lives a 3 minute walk from Chuck's house it's guaranteed
  11. This fucking dindunuffin should have been hanged a long time ago His fucking nose alone would worth a death sentence Fuck him
  12. Better will win Better is the best song on the record Now compare Better to the classic material. Think about it. Think hard CD is a shit album and Better would have been considered a mediocre song if they would have been released it during the 90's That's all you need to know about how shit Axl is as a solo artist