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  1. Budd Dwyer

    GNR has had 23 different members in it

    This post is the worst impersonation of being a hipster, ever
  2. Budd Dwyer

    What happened to Axl after 2010?

    and? he is just getting more older and more shit
  3. Not bad for a 3 decade old b-side. I was always a fan of this song, even when most of the people gave the song shit ofr various reasons
  4. Budd Dwyer

    GNR member’s Lifestyle

    You thought that well I, for one think Axl is relatively low profile these days. The last time he was flashing the bling-bling's was around 2006. Since then, he is a moderate rich asshole and funding a brazilian family, a family he thought it's his own now. Which isn't true. Sadly One more thing: the video is cringeworthy, that's why poeple giving you a hard time, because these videos are simply shit or not interesting at all or it has been discussed several times over the years at various forums
  5. Budd Dwyer

    Best Gn'R member ever [poll]

    i'd vote for Izzy, if he is being able to play and tour and his guitar would be plugged in I simply cannot vote for Axl after all these (wasted) years. Voting for him it's like kicking yourself in the balls Same goes for Slash... Slash would be my gut (subtle pun intended) instinct, but he became bland after all. Who the fuck choose Myles Kenneddy as their lead singer is beyond me. At least, Axl pays him well therefore he can tolerate his shit voice The rest of the band members are not that important at all (if we are talking about which one is the best) Maybe the poll is stupid, i dunno
  6. Budd Dwyer

    Thank you SJW for ruining our band

    @sixes which GNR fan myth is that?
  7. Budd Dwyer

    Best Gn'R member ever [poll]

    Okay, so uruguns is either Miser or some other former member, quite possible walker Nobody, i mean literally nobody would call them their official name
  8. okay, let's try AFD is the greatest hard rock debut album ever #1: myth in this form #1A: lol it's a myth, it only exists in close-minded GNR fan circles #1B: that's also very debatable, but it's in the TOP 10 for sure
  9. Budd Dwyer

    Thank you SJW for ruining our band

    Dizzy can sing? That's news to me At least, she isn't doing anything terrible on stage (waving towels), she can suck your ballsack and be able to sing backing vocals Besides, she isn't a blonde Dizzy is a faggot btw
  10. Budd Dwyer

    AFD 5.1 Stems Leaks Discussion Thread

    Edited 3 hours ago by uruguns grammar
  11. Budd Dwyer

    No Love Remains

    Because all rockery aside, Axl's vocals were weak as shit. Full blown Mickey. Sounded like he got the god awful fat Axl voice in 99
  12. Budd Dwyer

    AFD 5.1 Stems Leaks Discussion Thread

    I'm interested in the 5.1. stuff though But i'm not gonna pay a grand for Fernando
  13. Budd Dwyer

    Thank you SJW for ruining our band

    Well, there is always the cumbucket factor She was Brain's girlfriend/lover Not to be a Melissa fanboy, but she already added more than Pittman in 2 decades
  14. Budd Dwyer

    What happened to Axl after 2010?

    I'm a qualified and proud Axl hater these days, but i've yet to see anybody who may claim that 2016 Axl is better than 2010 Axl in GNR You just making these type of shit posts up, right?
  15. Budd Dwyer

    What happened to Axl after 2010?

    So he was on coke in the chair with Angus too? I doubt it... This "Axl did cocaine" myth is really getting old... maybe in 2006 but after that, i don't think so Beta wouldn't allow it lol