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  1. http://consequenceofsound.net/2018/02/ac-dc-will-continue-touring-record-new-music-with-axl-rose-report/
  2. Why won't Axl use an autotune raspinator 9000?

    Of course they should build it and add a hologram of 1988 Axl as well. Then Axl could fully dedicate his life to eating and not having to do these absurd exercises in repetition that GNR shows have been since 2001.
  3. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    Metallica's last truly great album is ..justice IMO. That's a masterpiece.
  4. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    This. Treating the fans, setlist , exactly what I was going to write.
  5. I had expected a more varied setlist with Slash and Duff in the band. The setlist is what kills it for me.
  6. Anyone here get into GN'R prior to 1990?

    I bought Lies before appetite in 1988. so yeah, long time fan. I would never have thought it would turn out like this. But I was young and naive.
  7. #GnFnR The Machine Is Back At It In 2017

    haha. THAT would be epic.
  8. #GnFnR The Machine Is Back At It In 2017

    so today it's St Lois, I assume they will open with Perfect Crime like way back when. They have to be so bored playing the same set forever.
  9. Remembering Bumblefoot

    I want to forget about that foot. what a wanker. And the yelling at fans on mygnr was disgusting.
  10. Should Axl substitute himself with a hologram?

    now thats funny ^^^
  11. Should Axl substitute himself with a hologram?

    @Budd Dwyer so true, the fat I can live with, the voice is what kills it. If he made an effort singing there would be much fewer fat jokes. But bloated+mickey=too much.
  12. Should Axl substitute himself with a hologram?

    yes, at this point a hologram would beat the "real" thing. Axl doesn't do much anyway, he's just singing songs from the 80s while obsessing about his next meal. He could just be morbidly obese and alone, watching Dexter reruns at night and talking shit about Slash again. Only Beta would care and she's a puta whore from Mindfuckistan. I think Axl is a sad man and he overeats comfort food to deal with depression. Thats why no new music. The record company won't release "Cheeseburger for breakfast" and "Two steaks instead of one, bitch".
  13. Is Axl a fake person?

    @Budd Dwyer , interesting perspectives. You're right, lately I've been pissed at Axl for not making an effort. Thats what my "rage" is about. If he had just tried but he clearly and very arrogantly doesn't give a fuck. He tours stadiums like a ghost. Now to your point. Was he fake during the illusions period? I don't think he was but I believe it was a breaking point in his life. He started believing the bs all the yes men told him. but thats kind of another issue. I mean he's faking it NOW and it's an insult to us who supported him even through the lost years. I realized when I saw the show in SF that this is as far away from the spirit of rock n roll as you can come. It's a shameless fat cash grab that means nothing. I was embarrassed. With myself for supporting this shitshow by buying expensive ticket and for the band for pretending to be something they clearly aren't. But yeah man, it is what it is and in the end it's only a band and only a fat fucking fat fuck so I'll rest my case. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject.
  14. Is Axl a fake person?

    So yeah, I think Axl is just pretending to be a rock star. He puts on the outfit, pretends to have an interest in the songs ,pretends he's a real person. Axl is by now Betas boy who does what she thinks he should do. Make money so her family can buy an island or whatever they spend $$ on. Beta realized bringing Slash back would mean top dollar and boom, suddenly Axl is cool with Slash. Except he's not. He's just pretending to be. It's all just bullshit. I think if Axl wasn't under the control of opportunistic whore Beta Leshit he would watch TV and eat and never play music. GNR was the realest band when they came out, now Axl is fooling stadiums into thinking this all means something to him. Axl's fall from grace is unparalleled. He's a hologram.
  15. oh come on, there is no music apart from two Ashba riffs and one drum roll from one of his drummer slaves.