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  1. Let;s hope Axl records an album with AC/DC before GNR (Slash and Duff).
  2. Ha! saw what you did there.
  3. Axl's story is a story of wasted potential. He was blessed with one of the best lead vocals in rock ever. 87-92 he kicked ass. 1992-2016= a waste of magnitude, one album and one tour. Axl should have sang on 12 separate albums. I wonder if this is why he has let himself go, doesn't rehearse , looks extremely bloated ....he knows deep down he fucked up. Axl Rose should have been THE rock n roll frontman and spokesperson, instead Cobain scared him into a coma and he's still there.
  4. If "then" had been 1988 and the Roxy, there's no contest. But they weren't that hot in 92 and they're ok now. Both Axl and Slash don't look good in 2017, I think thats where a lot of the hate comes in. They look fat and unhealthy in a bad way. Then there is the lack of passion. Understandable but the band need to loosen up, improvise something, smile, whatever. I've said it before but the only thing that can save this tour and the band in my eyes is a fluid setlist. Right now=very boring, don't think we're being too hard. so yeah, no new music and a completely stale tour. Hurt feelings everywhere.
  5. great reference. many hiphop headz on here?
  6. that's the problem. everyones screaming for new music but forget it will probably be shit. GNR have no passion and that would show.
  7. He used to say playing appetite night after night would be like jerking off. I guess Axl don't need his right hand much.
  8. This is the sad, sad truth. thanks for posting. this is most likely.
  9. gotcha. the double vinyl CD2 with Slash and Bucket on Co-lead will be awesome.
  10. an album?? and before 2020? lol
  11. I think Izzy being there as a full time member would mean a lot to a lot of people and legitimize this thing further. Apart from that I disagree with you re integrity , don't read too much into Izzy's GNR related actions. he's not there for money, else he would have appeared more often. That and that I personally love Izzy and would like to see him back.
  12. so yeah, what we can we reasonably expect within the next 5-10 years from GNR (Axl, Slash and Duff)? A tour that never ends with the same setlist? a new cover thrown in the mix? tour ends, then 6 yrs silence, tour begins again with same setlist? I have no more hopes for this tour, it will never end and the setlist will never change. we've seen this before with Axl. We know whats up. I hope for archival releases. Live albums from the 80s and 90s. Remastered Appetite and Illusions with bonus tracks in box sets and on vinyl. is that realistic ? Probably not. Just really hope something interesting will happen to GNR, Axl has now toured Appetite his whole life. He knows nothing else.
  13. I respect Izzy for staying away from this tour. as it has turned out, Axl, Slash and Duff are just going through the motions, the songs of their youth, on automatic. nothing remotely creative about this. they even look bored as fuck. Izzy has strong integrity. and this tour is a cynical money grab no matter how things went down.
  14. Axl's sin isn't being a fucking irrational asshole , that's how he is. I think what I miss about Axl is him making music. Great music can justify Axl's prima donna act, but Axl isn't an artist at this point. artists create art. it;s the art that I miss. Axl is now an entertainer on automatic. and not cool.
  15. the songs in the same order night after night after night is why this all seem old and boring. every move is studied. Axl, Slash and Duff are on automatic. if they made setlist interesting and alternated opener, moved stuff around, and perhaps just one new song=life back to the band and the tour. if they insist on this level of staleness= fuck this incarnation of GNR too.