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  1. it was insane arguing with Volcano at mygnr.
  2. Pulling out of Paris accord is a crime against humanity and a rejection of the future. Thanks, Orange Hitler.
  3. Can't stand that pussy band.
  4. Prince- One Nite Alone Rolling Stones- Get yer Ya-Ya's out DJ Shadow- Live in Milan
  5. I made a mistake seeing GNR when they played my town last year here in the US. Now all I can remember is fat, lazy Axl on automatic. So I love this thread with all the videos. This is the shit and why it matters in the first place.
  6. I think it was pretty much all Axl that pushed Izzy to the brink of what he could accept , at least that's what Izzy implies. Axl may have been a bad influence on Slash but I just don't see them co-conspire to fuck with izzy. I think Axl pushed Slash towards a nervous breakdown too. Slash and Duff drank and used partly to be able to deal w/ him.
  7. so what do you guys think? Is Beta still the real boss of Axl and in effect GNR? Is her cheap hustler son Fernando still heavily in the picture? I wonder what Slash and Duff make of Team Brazil and the way they have brainwashed Axl. I know they have professional management now, but I don't see opportunistic Beta exit the picture without a bitch fight.
  8. Let;s hope Axl records an album with AC/DC before GNR (Slash and Duff).
  9. Ha! saw what you did there.
  10. Axl's story is a story of wasted potential. He was blessed with one of the best lead vocals in rock ever. 87-92 he kicked ass. 1992-2016= a waste of magnitude, one album and one tour. Axl should have sang on 12 separate albums. I wonder if this is why he has let himself go, doesn't rehearse , looks extremely bloated ....he knows deep down he fucked up. Axl Rose should have been THE rock n roll frontman and spokesperson, instead Cobain scared him into a coma and he's still there.
  11. If "then" had been 1988 and the Roxy, there's no contest. But they weren't that hot in 92 and they're ok now. Both Axl and Slash don't look good in 2017, I think thats where a lot of the hate comes in. They look fat and unhealthy in a bad way. Then there is the lack of passion. Understandable but the band need to loosen up, improvise something, smile, whatever. I've said it before but the only thing that can save this tour and the band in my eyes is a fluid setlist. Right now=very boring, don't think we're being too hard. so yeah, no new music and a completely stale tour. Hurt feelings everywhere.
  12. great reference. many hiphop headz on here?
  13. that's the problem. everyones screaming for new music but forget it will probably be shit. GNR have no passion and that would show.