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  1. US Politics, Culture and Society

    @Conor @Damn_Smooth well cbs now is doing a story on the cop killing the guy with the rifle so it’s now getting attention
  2. Big Cass will be huge Star. Vince doesn’t hate AJ but he didn’t create him so he will never evvvvvvver be the man he will be a upper midcard talent who doesn’t headline wrestlemania and will not be the face of company because Vince hates things he didn’t create so AJ will never get the big push ala a Roman or Cena what will you say if he lose to Jinder at clash of champions ?
  3. Vince views Roman and Braun as the company top guys not including Cena Smackdown is the b show and always has been like I pointed out Aj is very similar to Bret in 95 just a transitional champ and a great worker. He’s not the guy and never will be talent not withstanding you can argue that all you want also why does someone have to piss in my cereal for me to have this opinion ? Ps I called Braun and Big Cass being the next top guys on here back in 2016
  4. Oh yes he hasn’t been buried in nothing matches with Shane or Owens. He doesn’t headline mania or win royal rumbles he gets to hold a title which has been more devalued then Dolph Zigler boy that program with Jinder is fucking exciting Aj is basically Bret Hart ala 1995
  5. US Politics, Culture and Society

    No you are just blinded by your hate for authority to realize all cops are not bad and there are crazy people who hurt innocent people all the time and that the bad guys need to be arrested or shot
  6. US Politics, Culture and Society

    No the guy was scum and probably a repeat offender why pay to house feed and pay all his medical if a bullet is cheaper guess what if the the the guy was white I’d feel the same way it’s a different level of violent and stupid when you are willing to brawl with cops you are a danger to society with those actions
  7. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Who said anywhere or at anytime killing innocent people is ok ? Wtf killing a jackass who is assaulting police is more then fine to me umderstsnd the difference and don’t manipulate or prevert words
  8. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Hey when you when you pull out the racist card and have no direct real world experience on the subject then you might be a Downzy
  9. US Politics, Culture and Society

    It’s racist to call bullshit when natural disasters hit their is always looters but when the white guy is stealing groceries the black guy got a flat screen tv Right Downzy Smooth
  10. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Not racist at all just not going to deny facts because it’s not pc Trump has not delivered on many promises no boarder wall and he has not ripped off NAFTA hell in my true opinion Martin Luther King should be on Mount Rushmore he was pioneer and a true American The first time I ever voted was for Obama. So yeah fuck off you just find it easier to blame the big bad spooky government then Realizing there are groups of people in this country that feel fasley discriminated against and cause a shit ton of trouble but hey hey we all know how many minorities live in North Dakota to base your opinions on because of real life experiences
  11. US Politics, Culture and Society

    No just showing you the reality of your statements i still love ya you just see things very differently then me and I’m a fucking registered libertarian !
  12. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Hide your white woman the savages are coming pal i hate when university indoctrinated people think they have a clue can I have you spend a week in the south side of Chicago and then report back to us
  13. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Damn Smooth wants us to be like tribal Afganastain thats the logic he’s using