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  1. Is it time to scrap the national anthem?

    There is nothing wrong with it and it delivers the right message
  2. Is it time to scrap the national anthem?

    Opinions and protests are fine but not on work time Which game day is for the players and certainly not pulling this shit during our national anthem show some fucking respect to those who have served bunch of punk ass savages
  3. Is it time to scrap the national anthem?

    Mike Tomlin is a true deplorable piece of shit
  4. When did GN'R die?

    When Axl met Beta
  5. Is it time to scrap the national anthem?

    To all the non American posters fuck you mind your own business in your shit country my thoughts are this freedom of speech is totally acceptable but don't cry when people don't like your opinion these lazy millionaires don't give fuck about anything except trying to be cool and join in the new fad if they cared they could rebuild their shitty neighborhoods they grew up in the Dominican baseball players have rebuilt their neighborhoods by building schools athletic arenas for the community the NFL players have done nothing except show up on TMZ front page and beat the fuck out of their girlfriends
  6. NFL - 2017-2018 season.

    A true American.
  7. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    No it doesn't. Dick dastardly is a old friend too. My sources are not posting on GNR sites. One of my sources laughs at me for caring about GNR. basically I stand by my post and will accept what happens be it good or bad. my Acdc source is rock fucking solid my GNR sources are hit and miss. i will say this even though he was the king troll MSL gave more legitimate insider info than anyone over the years his shit checks out. i am just a fan who pestered the right people and knew the right guy for acdc info that is all. im no @magisme Fernando's self proclaimed favorite poster. mygnr insiders know nothing marc canter is joke pushing a shitty book that site has had no insider knowledge since Madison when Merck was feeding her intel. jarmo is legit and so is @MIA aka James Lofton but he knows it's over.
  8. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    No. But he's a buddy from long ago. Uncle Buck is a legend. my sources are not known to the boards.
  9. He even looks like he dropped a few pounds lol Axl saving real voice for ACDC and tony cliftoning GNR. I almost want to tip my hat to him.
  10. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    It's supposed to
  11. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Is it 2018 yet ya daft cunt ?
  12. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Well soon enough you will all see i will humble the doubters fuck dem I put dem in camel clutch
  13. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    The Slash NDA agreement The reason Kimmel was canceled Asba being slotted by Axl to be the third guitarist Axl using Azoff gameplan for the reunion afd 30 re remastered edition the future live DVD/CD Duff being the top candidate as Cliff Williams replacement ect ...........