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  1. Fucking amazing actor.
  2. Does not endors or have any knowledge of the Original poster's plans within the next 3 weeks!
  3. I can't seriously believe our dear Arnold was molessted. this is truly troubling.
  4. Wtf ? Is happening with Arnold ?
  5. Why are the rift raft coming back here ? i thought the BonHammer dropped on TM & WFA ?
  6. Great again
  7. 3 out of 10 @wfuckinga very copy paste of you. #so sad
  8. Great topic @Shackler's Democracy
  9. Greaten the racial divide in our country.
  10. lol ya got jokes. between TM's returning & WFA new name. how long till Borki returns.
  11. Semantics. We know who you are Walford. Now go clean underneath MSL fat folds.
  12. Ya know what. i would get amped for a new release with Slash and Axl . The pathetic fan boy still lives some where inside me.
  13. Yes. He sure was.