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  1. Bad Cucking News What the Cuck NITL CD/DVD is going to be delayed but is ready ! Instead we will be getting a AFD 30th anniversary edition re release with special collectors martial. This upcoming holiday season. i deeply apologize for getting anyone's hope up. This fucking band & management team is not in tune with its fans This comes from a confirmed source. But the good news Axl Acdc is a definite for 2018 Also I will always update info when more info becomes available
  2. I don't know
  3. @altered beast no worries at all I know you hate but I consider you a friend and would grab a beer with you any day. Sincerely
  4. Does anyone know the original bit rate of the leaks in 06&07 thanks guys
  5. 100 percent false and laughable
  6. That's false. Axl had millions upon millions in the bank & investments. But great effort on AB's part.
  7. No he's right. a little gimmick infringement but @altered beast is correct with Team Brazil being behind the regrouping.
  8. But their money 💰 is not. but yeah don't expect GNR on MTV unplugged.
  9. Sorry the article is from May. my bad for not clarifying dont want fake news
  10. Yes & No Duff is all but a certainty Izzy is hard no way in hell ( I love Izzy)
  11. Yes & No Duff is all but a certainty Izzy is hard no way in hell ( I love Izzy)
  12. Then let's do this shit 🌭 man start your sign you tasty bastard
  13. Hey guys no GNR leaks yet but on 8/21 the mother load of celebrity leaks is fappening link here
  14. I urge people to remember Duff already rejoined GNR by 2015 So there is a chance he worked on some material. That is me speculating no evidence on that
  15. Not till the end of the summer and contracts were not singed until late November early December.