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  1. Sounds very SJW pal !
  2. vote Jon Van Bonharmbee he came up clean.
  3. Well then ......
  4. Yeah he looked ............Badd Ass !
  5. Axl only has to lose 50 pounds and whammy he's back !
  6. Kim Wexler in pajama bottoms ( boner alert 🚨) just amazing.
  7. I love you guys for being Celtics fans !
  8. I go with stupid. At least when it comes to the music industry. They are however experts when it comes to patty hurst'ing a mother fucker.
  9. I kinda like it.
  10. I really want this one
  11. This one hangs in my bedroom
  12. Don't speak like that at @Apollo hot young money making wife !