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  1. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    you know too much about tennis balls for my comfort.
  2. Jackie Moon Presents: They went to the fucking moon!

  3. Vegas terrorist

    My understanding and guess: Homie had a fortune from real estate. Homie was addicted to video lottery, which is entirely rigged to fuck you. Homie told people he was a professional gambler, but that is not how he made his money. If you know a gambling addict, they're delusional. Just because he said he is a professional gambler does not mean he was making a living gambling. This sounds to me like an addict who spends his time losing his money, telling people he is a pro.. lying to himself, like every gambling addict I know. My guess is: homie lost a significant amount of his fortune on VLT's and with the "fuck the world" mentality from columbine decided to take a lot of people out with him.
  4. US Politics, Culture and Society

  5. China

    Yes. I had lunch with a Chinese person and he filled me in. This was info i was not aware of before. So I apologise to you. Please forgive me. My source indicated this is a major movement in Chinese culture, so unless you have a Chinese source who suggests otherwise, kindly go fuck yourself.
  6. China

    in response to Tienanmen Square they cracked the door open on economics to preserve political control - and it's worked for nearly 20 years, but cracking the door open gives opportuntity for the door to be blown open. That may happen here, and it's why KHU is being so careful in North Korea.
  7. Is info wars the only credible news output

    I have no problem or judgement on Alex Jones - he is hilarious. Let him do his thing. The judgement is on the fools who take him seriously.
  8. US Politics, Culture and Society

    That was not decent, he empowered them by not singling them out. Yes they were all violent, and that was terrible, but only one side was yelling things like "BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER" and "HITLER DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG" - both things i literally heard. Trump should have called them out, but he didn't, because he knows they make up the majority of his base. He let his subordinates call them out in an attempt to save face while allowing his base to believe he is still their guy.
  9. Is info wars the only credible news output

    TM didn't serve his country, he, a person with no skills, took advantage of a job fair that had low standards. If you work at safeway, did you serve at safeway, or did you work at safeway? he worked at the country. He didn't serve shit.
  10. US Politics, Culture and Society

    That's the problem with the border wall idea, it's not people creeping across the border, it's people going across the border [planes, trains and automobiles] legally and overstaying their visa. There is a problem with illegal aliens - they drive down the wages for working Americans. That is a problem. But Americans aren't going to be chucking watermelon, even if they want to, they cant do it, and even if they make it, they cant do it at a rate to sustain the farms. Maybe we just suck it up and allow time to correct the output, but I don't think it's worth it. Let the Mexicans chuck the watermelon. Anything above that level, we'll figure out. Let automation take over, universal basic income engage. Better world. When people have money there is less cost on society - when people are aggressively poor there are enormous costs - police, ambulance and fire response. What happens when factories shut down? First response goes up. Prop;r ODing is expensive . Poverty is expensive. Their kids grow up in fucked up situations, no hope. Even if the current generations are a write off, provide a stable home, let the addicted parents do their thing, give their kids a chance. Lets the drones and automated trucks deliver amazon parcels, wait for the next generation to not be fucking dolts.
  11. US Politics, Culture and Society

    they'll do the work, just how fast and how competent? Even if they try their best they won't match the level of the migrants, which has become the norm. Operations have settled on and most importantly depend on this output. Novice Americans cant match it, even if they put their heart into it. You may think i'm selling Americans short, okay. [not directed at you specifically] Tell me more about how capable American field workers are, from your computer after your accounting job? Head to the field and chuck watermellon, giver'.
  12. US Politics, Culture and Society

    yeah, they're super committed to doing a good job. They tried that and it didn't work. They didn't give a shit. Rightfully so. What stake do they have in success?
  13. GNFNRs Film Thread

    Tong would never - he is Chinese and his values are unique. He would view this as a waste of time. He is probably right.
  14. China

    they've opened economic freedoms but not political. that was the compromise post Tienanmen Square. But they fucked up - they opened the door to save their political hold and soon that will fall too.