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  1. GNFNRs Film Thread

    I re-watched Apollo 13, because I love space, as a pretend astronaut, and holy fuck, it's fantastic. I loved how it displayed the Apollo missions prior to the disaster. Showing how the command module docked with the lunar expedition module in space. Fantastic movie. Highly recommend. 9/10.
  2. Valentine's Day

    The apple pie recall was genius, and I'm enjoying this for the first time, because I don't remember posting it. And I posted it around 7 PM my time. what does that fucking tell you. Jesus Christ. Intervention S07E05 Jackie Moon
  3. Valentine's Day

    I went to floor hockey and handled balls with 12 other sweaty men.
  4. Jackie Moon Presents: They went to the fucking moon!

    Highly recommend the series Moon Machines on youtube, great coverage of the tech that made it happen (it happened). Also, "when we left the earth", fucking crazy they pulled that shit off in the 60's.
  5. I read books thread.

    Bought the Hidden Figures book at a used bookstore today, hate on me, SJW thread patrons.
  6. US Politics, Culture and Society

    it is
  7. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Tong loves Deadpool Jackie loves space.
  8. I read books thread.

    I've been reading a lot lately, I feel like it makes me a better person. I think a book a week is a good goal, so I'm thinking of starting the Jackie Moon Book of the Week. I've been reading about 5 books at once, one is Betrayal - based on the Boston Globe expose on the catholic church cover up of sex crimes. I have a hard time reading it because it makes me so unconformable. yep, going to hell. j/k. hell isn't real. except on earth. We all know someone who is living in hell. But really, I cannot read it late at night because it keeps me up... okay, not taking the obvious bait there. I think I need to set aside my lunch hour to get through it.
  9. Concert Bucket List

  10. 2018 Winter Olympics

    I think the winter Olympics would be better if they used traditional winter sports as well. sports like snow shovelling, ice scraping, blizzard driving, beer drinking.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics

    bobsled god
  12. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    One of my panelists mentioned how he has trained his staff well and no longer has to babysit them, I later built on that and explained they've set good habits, so in any situation they do the right thing, as appropriate. Habits. I talked about the power of habit, personal and professional, how setting good habits while you're young can compound over time and lead to tremendous structure and competence, while bad habits have the opposite effect. And how it's the little things, little things magnify when scaled up, so things as small as making your bed in the morning, or arriving on time, lead to larger habits that limit chaos. People who are in turmoil are usually living in chaos. Have structure, be disciplined, and stay focused. I realise there is irony in myself delivering this message, i have my share of demons and i've had my share of failures to go along with my success. I do my best to keep it between the lines but do not always succeed, and while I'm not always on point I think I understand the underlying principals and philosophies so even if I'm not perfect I can share the ideal I strive for. I hope they're better at it than I am. I'm not so cocky to think I could schedule a motivational speaking tour, but given dead air during a Q&A I felt like I could give it a shot. I've heard good things about it. One of the people I manage, her daughter was in the crowd and told her Mom it was really good. This is kind of funny because I noticed a really hot girl I thought I recognised. I could not put my finger on it. When her mom mentioned it, I immediately realised it was the daughter. Holla. Mom is getting married soon, I hope to get an invite. Where the daughter at.
  13. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    career day today! During the Q&A I did not have any questions so I started giving unsolicited life advice. I got some great laughs, awesome day.
  14. Fuck the police.

    When they were done their search the cop came to his car, with me in the back, and said "okay, so we found a pound of marijuana in your trunk.." and i nearly had a heart attack "just kidding" I had played hockey with the guy before, but did not play the "hey i was your goalie" card - i felt that would be a bad look and just denying everything was a better play.