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  1. NBA 2017-2018

    If the nba should ban free agency, you must also apply the same logic to all sports. Right? You guys don’t like it when one team is dominate. But then you want to end free agency? Think about that! The most dominate teams of all time were because of no free agency. Boston in the nba. Yankees in baseball. They dominated for a decade at a time because there wasn’t free agency. So no free agency would have the exact opposite effect than what you are wishing for. Teams would dominate for years upon years. Also, without free agency, players would have no control over their income and career. If a team controls you for life, then they decide how much to pay you. If you don’t like it your only option is to retire. In the old days there were baseball players who won the mvp award and were given a pay decrease the following year. Should you only be allowed to work at 7/11 for the rest of your life? Free agency is what keeps teams from being able to win 5-6 championships in a row. ****** Sports fans are an interesting bunch. Nobody complained when Jordan and the Bulls won a bunch of championships. Or the Lakers were dominating. Golden State hasn’t even won two in a row and people act like the next five years are already decided.
  2. #GnFnR The Machine Is Back At It In 2017

    Lol. She gets very angry if somebody isn’t worshiping her Axl. Ive never seen anybody twist logic around into fantasy like she does though. It’s quite remarkable to watch. No matter what the situation, she twists it to praise Axl and bash Slash.
  3. NBA 2017-2018

    #8 seed has beaten the #1 seed five times since the nba expanded to an 8-Team conference playoff. But isn’t that actually a good thing? I would rather see a team advance that played well for the entire 82-game season. Rather than a team that was mediocre for six months but just got hot for a week in the playoffs. In all reality its a joke that there is even #8 seeds in a championship tournament. Sports constantly pussy out and reward mediocrity rather than celebrating success. Teams that go 500 during the regular season shouldn’t be in a championship tournament. This new trend to reward failure and give as many people possible trophies as possible is a concept I don’t agree with.
  4. NFL - 2017-2018 season.

    I’m glad he is a bust. One of those weird situations where a guy who was really an arrogant prick ended up being a beloved figure. Maybe a combination of his nickname - the skittles stuff. Great player. But if you look at what he did off the field - guy has always acted like an arrogant prime Donna.
  5. NBA 2017-2018

    You never know until the games are played. Two years ago they broke the single season wins record - and lost in the finals. Alabama went 11-0 last year and killed everybody. Some people were saying they might be the greatest college football team of all time. They lost in the championship. New England Patriots went 16-0 one year and then lost in the super bowl. Just out of curiosity, which pro sports league do you think is good? In the NFL, The Patriots are favored to go to the Super Bowl.
  6. NBA 2017-2018

    Jeremy ruptured a tendon. Out for the season.
  7. Slash not doing interviews is because Axl is the boss and shows a lack of spine from Slash. Axl also not doing interviews is because...... Axl can’t show up for a concert on time for 30 years. But has to sign an agreement to change his 30-year routine just to please Duff/Slash just screams “Axl is the boss” Gotta Love Axl Nutters and #retardlogic.
  8. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Essentially none of us know what really happened behind closed doors. My narrative makes more sense than hers. Slash clearly wasn’t sitting by the phone crying for Axl to call him. Slash has always stayed busy and active in the music world. Gunner has twisted her narrative to try and make Axl look like a hero and Slash look bad. Most people don’t think like that. Most people - you included - try and look at both sides objectively, and come up with the answer that makes the most sense. She just sees every issue with the same narrative as people blindly tied to a political party. At the end of the day both men had to swallow their pride to form a new GnR partnership. Axl had to admit that he and his baby were a failure without Slash. And Slash got to come back and close out GnR and become insanely rich. But he had to just shut up and play with no say with band business except demanding Axl show up on time. So yes. Gunner and I are both right. But it’s 90% right for me, and 10% right for her.
  9. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    I’m sitting on the toilet taking my morning dump.
  10. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    She changes her stance or judgement on issues depending on the topic. It’s kind of funny to watch. Demands “proof” that Axl abused his women. Shrugs off actual evidence, actual facts and proof, saying we can’t know what happened because we weren’t there. But then completely contradicts herself when talking about this issue. Makes lots of claims about Slash - solely based on her own emotional response, and her hatred of Slash and worship of Axl. Now she doesn’t need “proof” and hasn’t abandoned her stance of “we weren’t there, we can’t kkow what happened.” She is a total hypocrite. Her standards of proof or fact are different depending if talking about Axl or Slash. Axl worshippers are a strange bunch. Their hatred of Slash controls their emotions and ability to think logically. Celebrity worship is creepy AF.
  11. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Like a mature adult, Slash bypassed the middle men and went directly to Axl’s house to have a talk like men. Axl was too afraid to show his face and had his fake-mom/wife answer the door and talk to Slash. For the next decade Slash plays in a couple different bands, releases several albums, tours constantly. Meanwhile, Axl continues to randomly tour the songs that Slash helped make famous 20-25 years earlier. Skip to 2016. GnR’s touring numbers keep getting smaller and smaller. Axl’s paychecks keep getting smaller and smaller. Axl is creatively finished. He can’t create new music since his ONE album in 25 years was a failure. How does Axl save himself and save GnR???? Lmfao. He has to call the guy who he once said should have never been in GnR. That he called a cancer. Axl has to call Slash to save him and his baby (GnR). Slash takes the two year part-time gig. Makes 40-to-50 million dollars. And now is getting ready to go back and create music with his other band. Axl knows that he can never again operate Guns n Roses without Slash. He literally has lost his baby. So he has to shitcan his baby and go join another band. Anybody who thinks Slash was the bigger loser or got cucked more than Axl did.....you are either just a total fucking dumbass or an Axl Nutter who will defend Axl no matter what. The fact that GnR is going to die after Slash leaves pretty much says it all.
  12. So what do you think their world wide Total is?
  13. According to the RIAA - in America: Beatles are number one at 178 million. Rock Bands: Led Zep at 112 AC/DC at 72 Stones at 67 Aerosmith at 67 Metallica at 63 Van Halen at 57 The list just features the top 20 selling bands of all time. GnR didn't crack that list.
  14. Why do you need government?

    Private sector might have handled the road building and maintenance aspect of it in the old days when towns were small. And roads were gravel. But building actual highways is expensive. In 2017 who is going to pay the hundred of millions of dollars needed to build and maintain freeways and highways? Didn’t you go to school? Teaching kids to read, write and how to do math - those are important things that schools offer. The description you offered is not the norm. I’ve got two kids in school right now and your description isn’t accurate at all - at least where I live. Along with the core classes, in high school I had an accounting class, welding, auto mechanics and cooking skills. All those classes helped me in life. Finally, our government funded military has most definitely helped our country be safe from foreign attack. A no government world works when you have a few tiny towns, with populations in the low hundreds, spread out over vast areas. But when you have a society of hundreds of millions of people....unfortunately, you need a core group to help try and maintain a certain sense of organization. I don’t know what happened to make you hate and distrust pretty much everybody in the world. But I honestly hope that someday you are able to get to a place where you can see - and appreciate - the good in people and the good in the world.
  15. That’s because you know what’s up.