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  1. Who is making decent rap music these days?

    Paperboy is a hot new rapper.
  2. US Politics, Culture and Society

    What are these marchers hoping to accomplish? “We demand an end to school shootings”.....nobody wants school shootings or mass murders, numbnuts. Everybody wants them stopped. So who exactly are you “Demanding” to stop them? What solutions have they came up with? on a side note. Awhile back a kid got caught with a gun in our local high school. It caused a big hoopla, school board meetings were swamped, newspaper stories, etc. One solution was to keep the doors locked all day. And to install a metal detector/X-ray machine at the front door. So anybody entering the school would have to go through it. Which also meant a security guard would be at the school all day long. And parents and STUDENTS protested that!!!!! Saying they didn’t want to live in a police state. Or feel like prisoners in their school. So basically, no matter what solutions are brought up - some people will bitch and moan and cry about them. And people complaining about the idea of teachers having a gun. The idea isn’t that every single teacher starts carrying a gun. It’s teachers that feel confortable with a gun and that have had firearms safety. So a school with 50 teachers might have 7-8 teachers who are armed. My point being that to have productive discussion people need to discuss the actual factual situation and not always make crazy exaggerations.
  3. He did? I thought he told Bach that he would pay to have the press leave him alone.
  4. How so? He has always been recognized as having one of the best voices in rock music. In his prime he was as good as any rock singer out there. Are you aware of his work outside of the rock world?
  5. Axl Rose's career has always been defined by the success and career moves of Alan Niven and the band Great White. GW's singer Jack Russell recently put out a new album that features an acapella (or a Capella) doo-wop song. And we know Axl loves the old doo-wop songs as he chose to cover Since I Don't Have You. Should Axl again follow Jack Russell's career moves and release an album full of songs like this? What would Axl's voice sound like without all the pro-tools help?
  6. US Politics, Culture and Society

    I actually told an adult lady that I couldn’t take anybody seriously that used word “woke” Again, I got lambasted. Todays slang is tomorrow norm. And how the English language evolves. People like me just want to mock and keep people down by making fun of their language.
  7. Bach sounds better. I just saw him a few months ago. He doesn’t have the high range or screaming power anymore. And he isn’t in very good shape. His stomach is as big as Axl’s. But he is singing through a basic setup while Axl has top of the line electronics, which helps hide a lot of his inconsistencies. But Axl sounded pretty good with ACDC. It would be interesting to see how Axl would sound at an acoustic show at a small club.
  8. Boston

    Don’t lie. But they do have food sports teams.
  9. Jackie Moon Presents: They went to the fucking moon!

    The theory that makes the most sense. Obviously we went to the moon. If the Russians or any other enemy could have proved that the US government lied about that..... But the footage was terrible - clunky camera on the outside of a clunky space suit, the Van Allen radiation belt’s affect on the film, etc. To make the footage more spectacular, we faked it and made it in a studio. We couldn’t just say that we went into space but then not show video and pictures of it. Went to moon - of course. Most of the footage is fake - probably.
  10. Boston

    More than a Feeling never gets old.
  11. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Whatever happened to her? I wouldn’t have figured you to be a fan.
  12. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Recently a young nba basketball spoke out against racism. His entire post was detailing the racism he experienced at high school and college. When Obama was president. But his messsge was “fuck Donald trump and all you racist republicans.” And that Trump was responsible for racism in the world. I tweeted him “Every incident you listed happened while Obama was president and Trump was a reality tv show host. Celebrity Apprentice was responsible for racist attacks against you?” He didn’t respond. But his fans gave me a lot of comments about how I needed to “get woke.”
  13. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Sleep is so important. It’s just as important as the type of food and drinks you consume, how much exercise you get, etc.
  14. NFL - 2017-2018 season.

    @arnold laynehow you feeling about Cousins? He is an above average quarterback. But he has never won a playoff game and isn’t an elete player.