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  1. Major Mayhem

    Finally a new single!!!

    Will it be played on Mtv?
  2. My son likes it. I like it. It's the kind of song that you can put on repeat and, before you know it, it's played through 4 times. Then you run the risk of having it stuck in your head all day.
  3. Major Mayhem

    I'm literally a cuck

    😃 Did you bond over anime?
  4. Major Mayhem

    The "Lets all bow down to Fernando 'thread

    Of course they do.
  5. Major Mayhem

    I'm literally a cuck

    Had to look up "weeb"
  6. Major Mayhem

    The "Lets all bow down to Fernando 'thread

    Fernando, besides booking world tours and fashion design, what are your responsibilities as Manager? Do you and your sister ever try to make Axl mad, just for the thrill of watching him go off the rails? Does he ever go on rants at home? Does he give sermons at home, during breakfast or whatever?
  7. Major Mayhem

    Funniest Moments From The Illegitimate Lineups

    Axl dedicates the song to entertainment weekly, then yells at Frank for messing up.
  8. Major Mayhem

    The "Lets all bow down to Fernando 'thread

    I'm going to have to address this with my therapist.
  9. Major Mayhem

    The "Lets all bow down to Fernando 'thread

    Wow, Axl really does hate the fans of his band, or "the little community", as he calls us in public. #firefernando
  10. Major Mayhem

    Adler reveals who could make a reunion happen.

    I wonder if Fernando and his sister conspire to irritate Axl and then run away snickering when they set him off.
  11. Major Mayhem


    Aww damn it. How are you feeling? Are you on crutches?
  12. Major Mayhem

    Happy birthday gnfnr

    Thanks for the laughs guys (and gals)
  13. I think it's close, but there would be more of a gasping, coughing, mickey voice and more stumbling over words in a gnr performance. Frank can't keep that pace, Slash can't either, his poor heart. Fortus would have to carry the weight. In fairness, these guys in g2r are younger and motivated to be Rock stars, They are as tight as they can be. Gnr are Rock Gods, Axl can get away with bad vocal delivery as long as he appears to be into the song. Sloppy guitar play from Slash actually makes it all more authentic sounding for the fans.