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  1. Major Mayhem

    Who Is America?

    4 year olds go hunting with their daddy's all the time, what better opportunity to teach them gun safety. Why not have friendly police dogs at school who can sniff out the weapons of would-be shooters, since the SRO's won't do their jobs? OR, arm the classrooms. What's wrong with having a locked gun cabinet that teachers can access in case of emergency, like you have with a fire extinguisher. I don't know why people are so against defending themselves. I realize the media will only push their agenda, but I'm sure their are some teachers who are all for it. There isn't any rational discussion. It's just hate, bought and paid for by lobbyists, and blame, spewed from both sides, and the people who don't pick a side are caught in the crossfire. Can't you feel the walls closing in?! I enjoyed this clip, I wasn't guffawing all over myself, but, it was interesting (disturbing). I look forward to the episode that exposes the anti-gun movement and all their crazy ideas. The best thing we can do is laugh at these fools, and hide.
  2. The skeleton is wearing Jericho's leather jacket.
  3. Major Mayhem

    Best Gn'R member ever [poll]

    Ahhh.... I should probably pay closer attention to A Current Affair. 😃
  4. Major Mayhem

    Best Gn'R member ever [poll]

    Bill Bailey
  5. Time to put the ac in the window 

    1. bacardimayne


      dont forget the dc

  6. Gonna have to buy some headphones again.
  7. Major Mayhem

    Should President Trump deport Duff McKagen

    They come to our country and think they’ll do as they please
  8. Major Mayhem

    Trading leaks / unheard material

    I have Going to Hell. From the mid 90’s Christian rock era. ”You better Obey or you’re goin’ to hell....” with Zach Wylde
  9. Major Mayhem

    Happy Birthday Mr. Dizzy Fuckin Reed

    On the piano.....
  10. Major Mayhem

    Social Justice Warriors, Feminists and Other Retards

    Do away with Father’s Day, mother’s day, and all other Hallmark holidays, please! Enough already.
  11. Major Mayhem

    TV Party

    I didn’t expect much either, but they did it right. Still feeling excited...about...the last scene did you...finish...watching it...yet?
  12. Major Mayhem

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    Grohl does what he’s told so he can continue with the rock star dream. If that means being the witty douche towards Axl Rose, then so be it. If it means giving up his throne, so be it. Talk about the last man standing....that’s the only reason Grohl is a name in rock music. He has to bring David lee Roth, Lenny kravitz, jack black, mentos, beach balls, and all the rest of the Illuminati puppets out to be interesting. Fuck Kurt Cobain.
  13. Major Mayhem

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    I think I like the bumble foot version of OMG, but couldn’t tell the difference between the two silkworms. Also, it’s nice to hear the demos of street of dreams and twat in such clarity. I like the 01 version of the blues better than the album version.