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  1. That time Dizzy cucked GNR

    What's not to love about this?
  2. Artists's death Thread

    Tom Petty
  3. Kurt Vile

    Waited long enough to share this
  4. Euro Tour 2018

  5. The Ritz 1987 Pro-shot DVD!

    I turned 8 on the day of this show. I got a book about chuck norris and one about the karate kid, also some cool lights for my bike!
  6. Axl MUST release CD2 now.

    Well said @maynard
  7. Serious Question

    My belief is that this is a sociological experiment.

    You guys sound like Louis C.K.
  9. I fucking hate winter

    There's nothing like that stillness, the pillowy crunch of snow under foot, and being warm through it all.
  10. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    @bran I reconnected with my Father this past summer after nearly 20 years and got to hear his "side of the story", of my parents divorce, all the family demons, the history of mental illness, alchoholism and drug abuse. I am disgusted. Not by the behaviors of my ancestors, but that I was never made aware of it, even in the depths of my own depression and destructive ways, to perhaps break the cycle. Well, I am aware now, and after a period of mourning, I am able to put it all to rest and try to do better.
  11. I fucking hate winter

    I love a late afternoon walk in the woods.
  12. Can we do one of these?! Edit: Did this come from "Glee"?

    Sweet! Wowie wow wow! I liked Evader's mix, but this is good, too! Especially the "elaborate" intro, love those space noises.
  14. Angel Down

    The best moment was "I know your feelings change" It was a pretty good album all around.