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  1. Tool, Marilyn Manson, Pearl Jam, Primus, Aerosmith (Get a Grip), A Perfect Circle, Van Halen, The Cranberries....There was a lot of great stuff that stood between those two extremes in the 90s.
  2. Yes. Erin had a miscarriage in November 1990. The day after, Axl was drunk and hit his neighbor over the head with the wine bottle and was arrested, which is what prompted the writing of Right Next Door to Hell. I'm sure there were other pregnancies and abortions before and after. I think, even though it's bizarre and not normal, that 'losing' Dylan turned Axl off of having kids. He and Stephanie broke up in February 1993 and he was still talking about Dylan in 2000. Almost a decade after. Reports would say Axl would shut down emotionally on every birthday of Stephanie's even as late as then. I think any aspirations toward having a real family went out the door with Stephanie and Dylan, and Mama Beta saw dollar signs and encouraged Axl not to get involved with any other woman seriously (as that would endanger her own meal ticket).
  3. Josh Freese is a great drummer. Not sure about Brian. Either way, Axl had at his disposal everyone in Hollywood pretty much and decided at some point Robin Finck was the best guitarist he could find, and that Frank Ferrer fit GN'R. Axl is nuts. News at 11.
  4. These three songs alone are more GN'R than anything on Chinese Democracy.
  5. Yes, it sucked, and no, I'm not saying the replacements were in any way better than Slash or Duff... But this tour has been utterly boring. Slash clearly doesn't want to be there. Duff is just phoning it all in, too. Axl can barely sing anymore and doesn't give a shit. At least in 2006, even if lolBumblefoot and Finck were in the band, it was clear Axl's heart was in it. He was trying. He could sing. He was passionate on stage. And even though they didn't fit as players, Bumblefoot and Finck and even Ashba at least acted more into it than Slash and Duff are. Before 2008 especially, there was at least the horizon of CD eventually coming to justify the project as being more than a nostalgia fest. Now, it's nothing but a (not very subtle) cash grab. These guys are only in their 50s but they act like geriatric old men on stage. There's no fire. There's no passion in these performances. The Stones are in their 70s and there's still more energy than there is with GN'R nowadays. Like I said, Bumblefoot, Bucket, Finck, etc all sucked but at least NuGNR was an attempt to be something other than just a cashgrab. At the very worst, we had hilarious Axl disasters to look forward to. Any Axl disasters now would just be sad and make Slash and Duff (and as such 'real GN'R' in the public's eyes) look bad.
  6. Genuinely lol'ed at this
  7. Happy Birthday!!! And many more!
  8. Anyone here into Green Day? I just saw them the other day with my girlfriend at the Barclays show, and while I'm not a big fan outside of the hits, I will say they actually know how to treat their fans and put on a spontaneous, cool show unlike another band we all know about. For a band that's been around almost as long as GN'R they didn't seem stale or tired, and I was genuinely surprised and seeing them live has gotten me into their music a bit. Anyone here like them, ever seen them in concert? If not, I recommend it. I've seen GN'R, the Cranberries, Green Day and the Stones, and of those Green Day was definitely the most passionate and energetic as well as fan friendly experience.
  9. I just think Romney would've done a better job of governing than Trump. Probably would've done much of the same shit but in a less haphazard way since he had more experience. Also, I don't think he would've phased out all the climate change problems, which is something I take issue with. Thing is with Trump, I agree with his message. I like people such as Gavin and Dave Rubin. I guess you could lump me in to a degree with the alt-right. But Trump wasn't the right vehicle or messenger. Yes, he won. But he makes the entire ideology look worse due to his pretty divisive and at times childish personality. I wanted a modern Theodore Roosevelt - an anti-immigrant, pro-American nationalist, but one who was also eloquent and well spoken. Or a modern day Reagan. Not a guy who gets pissy on Twitter and rants about a TV show's ratings at 3AM. I like Trump for what he stands for, but I do not at all like Trump himself. That said, of the entire 2016 lot, he was the least evil option. And I will forever love the way he humiliated Jeb! and made SJWs cry on election night. I give the man his due. I just don't like him overall.
  10. No, I did. I'm a straight, white, Catholic "cisgender" male. You really think I was going to vote for the "check your privilege" and beta cuck Tim Kaine ticket? Fuck that. I always liked Bill Clinton, and I lean Democratic, but I hate Hillary with a passion. I don't like the way the Democratic Party has drifted in the past year/two years and the rise of anti-white and anti-male identity politics. Trump isn't my guy, he's not my idol but he was the better of the two options. I don't like him either as I find him to be a boor and lacking in intelligence or intellectual curiosity, but he's still better than Hillary. A vote for Hillary was a vote against my race, my gender and my creed. So by default my vote went to Trump. I personally wish Romney had run again.
  11. An asshole who has his head so far up his own ass he can't see daylight, who believes in sniffing vibes and that his ex-wife was an Indian who butchered their children in a past life?
  12. It's a band. That kind of shit happens all the time. Slash and Duff were mocking Axl openly as early as the late 80s "Axl wrote 'em all".