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  1. 8:50 and on is where he mentions what he wrote on Better.
  2. He said in an interview he did the second riff on Better. The part during the chorus. I'll try to find it.
  3. Around 4:30 ish you can hear Slash and Duff jamming on an early version of the riff.
  4. TWAT for the win here., and TWOTs for the win in Mafia.
  5. Fortus wrote the second guitar riff in Better, actually.
  6. Bold your vote to keep proper procedure in place.
  7. Are we gonna keep going in circles or are we gonna vote for a leader and get this shit over with?
  8. At this point, the CIA should do one of their classic jobs on that bald fuck.
  9. Slash claims in his book someone stole the tapes at some point.
  10. Or a global plague or pandemic
  11. Can we get on with it please?
  12. Because we're the enemy man.