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  1. Smoking brings a sense of euphoria or at least enjoyment to those who parktake. Following GN'R holds no enjoyment, only disappointment.
  2. What is your favorite law?

    There will be come December.
  3. What is your favorite law?

    The one that keeps me 500 feet away from a school zone at all times.
  4. Share two odd facts about yourself.

    I was given the option of skipping I believe it was 1st grade, but I didn't want to leave my friends behind. Always count that as a mistake.
  5. Were The Beach Boys a good band?

    So I guess you don't like them? Shame. You're missing out. A lot of great songs about cars and girls. After that they become really weird and shitty though.
  6. Greatest Cucks of all—Nominations

    The Rolling Stones. They got manipulated into making a deal in 1970 and didn't read the fine print. The fine print was that their ex-manager Allen Klein would own all rights to every song they wrote, released, and recorded prior to 1970 as well any video recordings of them or live show recordings of them prior to 1970. They were so desperate to get away from him they basically signed whatever was put in front of them. So their first 13 records, (including all of Beggar's Banquet and Let it Bleed) along with most of Sticky Fingers** and songs off Exile*** (some of which date back to 1968) belong to Klein. Honky Tonk Women belongs to Klein since it is a 1969 song. **= Brown Sugar and Wild Horses off Sticky Fingers were recorded in 1969 and as such belong to Klein (they later negotiated it so those belong half to Klein, half to the Stones). Klein also co-owns Can't You Hear Me Knockin, Sister Morphine, Dead Flowers, and Bitch as they were recorded in 1969 and 1970. *** = Loving Cup and Shine A Light and Sweet Black Angel were first recorded in 1969 and as such belong in part to Klein
  7. Favorite pizza toppings?

    Fucking love it. The contrast of the sweetness of the pineapple with the more salty and tart cheese and tomato sauce. It creates an awesome little managerie of flavors.
  8. Favorite pizza toppings?

    What are your favorite pizza toppings? Myself: MUSHROOMS, onions, pineapple and Buffalo Chicken (not all at once).
  9. Share two odd facts about yourself.

    I was in a total of 7 schools prior to 6th grade, and I have lived in a total of 11 apartments or houses in 27 years. The longest time spent living in any one place was a decade; the shortest was 10 months.
  10. I form a music production company/independent record label akin to Apple Music and use it to distribute the work of artists and bands I like.
  11. Okay, but do you realize Don't Cry was again, musically co-written by Izzy and was from the band's very first demo, right? Not "Elton Rose." The albums have 30 songs, and only 4 are ballads. Most of the songs are collaborative efforts by Axl, Slash, and Izzy or some combo thereof. If you want to believe they're "NOT REALLY GN'R" albums I feel sorry for you.
  12. Don't Cry was co-written by Izzy and dates back to 1985. Don't see how that's "ELTON GNR"