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  1. 3:12 "So far, the women I've been in love with over the years, one of the most beautiful things in the world is watching them have an orgasm. And if they had an orgasm with someone else, and I was there, I love to watch that, cause I knew they were receiving something great, and having a great time, and feeling good, and watching them experience this meant the world to me, it's beautiful. You know, an orgasm is beautiful. It's a beautiful thing."
  2. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    This was my favorite song.
  3. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    You know more than anyone the depression I have been dealing with since December. In addition to that I have had constant nightmares for the past few weeks which haven't helped. I told you given my age I feel the clock is ticking out rapidly on having a good life and I have certain goals I have set for myself by December and if they are not met I intend to kill myself. I told you this in private almost a month ago. I am sorry for all the bullshit and talking about my family and all the repetitiveness and this and that in our conversations that I guess finally drove you into just disliking me. We did used to be close friends, or at least I considered us as such. I hope that you also remember the good times and choose not to think of me with only negativity. We did have a lot of cool conversations behind the scenes. I hope you are able to find the girl you want, the happiness you deserve, and I hope you also are able to lose the weight and at the same time, gain the confidence you need. You can do it. I believe in you. Bye Josh. EDIT - I agree JB doen't need this bullshit. That's why I asked him to suspend my account for 5 years. Perhaps I'll be in a better condition then to play with everyone and get along and maybe a lot of this bullshit will be forgotten and I can have a fresh start with everyone. Perhaps by then I'll have a steady career, life and things will be better and I can be on good terms with everyone, including you. I just have to get through this year first and make it out. Thanks a lot to JB for all his patience and kindness.
  4. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    In either case, while you will probably not accept it, I wish to extend a true and sincere apology to yourself and Andrea for my conduct over the years. It was unfair, unkind, and at times downright cruel. I know she will never forgive me, and I can accept that, but a genuine apology is deserved. I do not actually hate you or her. I just hate that you are both unwilling to forgive me, and I guess I hate myself for having burned that bridge. I don't really know you well, to be honest, but at one point Andrea and I were friends or at least friendly and would speak on an almost daily basis on Skype. While she had her own cruel moment, she was cool and someone I genuinely looked up to and admired, and if I am being honest, still do. I think she is a genuinely cool person and someone who, if I had been raised perhaps in a better environment or gotten help at a younger age or been born earlier I could've seen being good friends with. She had a lot of cool stories and a lot of cool interests which she got me into as well. When I have gone after you it is anger and regret coming out that she and I have been at such odds for so long and there is no coming back from that. I just want you to know I hold no genuine hatred toward either of you. I genuinely wish you both well going into the future, and again, I am sorry for the past. Please stay safe. These are really disturbing and unnerving times with all of the terrorism and violence. I wish none of that your way, despite all the horrid things I said in my past. Andrea is still one of the coolest people I've ever known and despite everything, I do look up to her still. Have a nice life, or next five years, depending on my own actions and if I fail or succeed. Be well, healthy, prosperous, and happy. Bye Matt.
  5. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    I have PM'ed JB himself and made the request as well as made it in the banned members thread. I wish you well Gunner. I'm sorry for all the fights. I don't know if your act is trolling or genuine but it is sometimes really funny. Be well.
  6. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    Joke all you want, I am serious. I used to talk to Josh outside of this forum,he can confirm the following is true: I have thought about every single day this year buying a baggie of Heroin (which I've never used and thus have no tolerance to) and snorting it after taking a Xanax around December of this year; this would shut down my respiratory system and kill me. I have thought about this since a friend of mine died on December 6th from an overdose of heroin. I have read on other sites descriptions of heroin overdoses and they honestly sound like peaceful and not messy ways to go. Suicide is considered weak but I would rather at least, if it comes to that, if certain things don't happen for me by December, to do it that way than to leave a bloody mess or the disturbing imagery of a hanging person for whoever finds me. I need to get my life in order and get things going and I can't have it on a forum surrounded by people who despise me. Maybe in five years most of you will have forgotten or moved on from the bad feelings you hold toward me and things can start anew. But this is toxic at this point. It isn't fun. It's a toxic relationship, it's just filled with mutual resentment and hatred and isn't healthy and I mentally can't handle the fighting and responses and the back and forth anymore.
  7. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    That they do. At times I do not recall what I had for dinner last night. But you don't have to worry about having to attack me anymore. I've asked my account to be put on a five year suspension. Right now I am trying to get my life together and improve myself and get things moving in the real world. I do not need to deal with the honestly draining nature of this place or the sea of negative energies that come with being here, even beyond all the hatred at myself. A lot of you would not be happy unless I committed suicide which is genuinely something I've been considering all this year and I don't need to be around people who actively get off to the thought of me dying. At one time it was fun to be here, but this place has to be one of the most negative and toxic places on the internet. I do not fault JB for it. Having spoken to him personally in PM he is a very nice man. But I do not think I can handle the negativity of this place or being attacked left and right while also trying to get myself together. I was better off mentally in the mouth I was on read-only. You can call it a classic cry for attention but I genuinely want out, at least for five years. Maybe when I am 33 I will be able to handle it better; I will be by then settled in a better life and in a better place emotionally and have the life I want for myself. Right now I don't need this. It isn't fun.
  8. Brian

    Banned/Suspended Members Discussion Thread

    I request a five year suspension. I am not going to fight petty battles every time I post, or be attacked simply for being here. I am requesting earnestly to please suspend my account for the next five years. Thank you.
  9. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    I'm glad we don't talk anymore.
  10. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    That's Miser for you.
  11. You're one of them though, so you are in it. You put yourself in it as soon as you replied. All I'd like is to live and let live and get along.
  12. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    It is my opinion that AC/DC is trashy.
  13. Brian

    Family Guy is Awesome. Why all the hate?

    So you also agree that every best picture winner, ever, is a great film right? Because if some group of Hollywood people like something it must mean it's great.
  14. Not every song. He did it on one tour during Satifaction as a joke since the audiences couldn't hear them anyway with all the screaming girls.
  15. Brian

    Music Over The Decades

    None of the grunge guys grab you? I find their style of singing much more natural and thus easier to enjoy than Axl's in the 90s. On AFD Axl is great. On the UYIs his vocals are strong but the accents and affectations and stylings he uses almost sound like a parody of himself at times.