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  1. MSG videos

    Can you prove either?
  2. Let's be fair, what would Axl talk about if interviewed? His lack of productivity? How much he no longer hates Slash? Let's be honest here - his obsession with "proving Slash wrong", tinkering with his baby record, and being bitter about Slash were the focal points of Axl's entire world until a year or two ago. For 20 years, he was obsessed with "outdoing" Slash and winning some imaginary war. What fills that void? It's not like he has a normal life with a wife and children to fill any emotional void. Even Yoda is dead.
  3. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Axl could literally take a shit on stage, and people like Gunner would not only praise it, but at the same time, somehow blame Slash for any flaws. They not only are irrationally blinded by their hatred of Slash but they live in a weird world of mind games and double-think IE woman abuse is not bad because Axl Rose did it. Error. Error. Woman abuse is bad because Slash did it. Coming on late is macho and awesome. Releasing albums and making your fans happy is for pussies.
  4. No true Scotsman fallacy at play here. "If a guy makes my side look bad, he's not on my side." Another wish, the FBI breaks down your door, and before cuffing you, beats the ever-loving shit out of your bomb making, psychotic, loony tune, nutjob ass, before tossing you, without a trial, into the darkest, deepest hole this side of Gitmo where you're raped by the biggest blackest nigger you've ever seen daily. You are an enemy of the country. You are a threat to society.
  5. MSG videos

    AFD was not recorded in a single take. That's just another GN'R fan myth.
  6. I hope you spit on a "pig" soldier, and you get the blunt end of his rifle to your skull, repeatedly. Oh, and anarchists have never attacked anything, ever? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wall_Street_bombing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1919_United_States_anarchist_bombings Dumb shit.
  7. Why do you need government?

    If you don't like the government, move to another country.
  8. So you're gonna attack a police station first, eh, Tim? Do you also spit on soldiers, pussyboy?
  9. If you've never had a period in your life, you aren't a woman. Sorry.
  10. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Axl was in such bad shape before Slash came back that he couldn't even pay his band. He had to issue a promissory note to Pitman for two years worth of work and was unable to pay it.
  11. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Taken out of context. Slash in the passage is referring to the lawsuit that was going on between he, Duff, and Axl at the time. He goes into the book later discussing what it would take to bring him back, and one of those demands is no latenesses. Axl has met that demand. Let's see, what did Axl and Slash each do in the 10 years between 2007 and 2016? Axl released one subpar album that got mixed reviews and one DVD that no one cared about. He toured the world playing songs Slash wrote because no one gave a shit about his solo record songs. He was reduced to playing bowling alleys and to half filled arenas. He continued to disrespect his fans by failing to communicate with them, by coming on late almost every night, and by failing to provide them with even one single new song after 2008. Slash put out, in the same period, 3 studio albums, three live DVDs, and maintained the respect of not only his peers in the industry but also the respect of fans around the world. Doesn't sound like a guy who was sitting around waiting for a phone call. Axl's the one who dwelt on the past. 3/4ths of his setlist were songs written by Slash. 3/4ths of Slash's setlist were his own, new songs. Axl spent years obsessed with how Slash "hurt" him. Burning hot tears of anger, direct quote. Axl never got married, has a weird Oedipal relationship with the cleaning lady and has been miserable for decades. Slash moved on with his life, got married, had kids, got divorced, and is now happy with his old girlfriend. Axl Rose is a punchline around the globe. Slash is a legend who is respected and revered. Without Slash, "Guns N' Roses" would be playing clubs and bars at this point. You should thank Slash for saving Axl from further embarrassment.
  12. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    By the way @GUNNER, you are always asking people to prove their claims about Axl. Where is the proof that "slash begged Axl to let him come back.” Provide proof of this claim please.
  13. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Gunner, you're always going on about cocks. I'm sorry you weren't there to see it.
  14. Why do you need government?

    No, your point was to ask people a question without any intent to debate or discuss like a rational human being. You were just hoping for people to answer you so you could insult them. I pray the NSA has you on a watchlist.
  15. Why do you need government?

    Isn't it a shame that you'll never, ever live in a government-free America? Sucks, eh?