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  1. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    When Axl/Slash/Duff show up at the European Shows next summer.... What bullshit excuses and rebuttals will our official #fakeinsider @Troy McClure #conmaninchief give?

    1. Damn_Smooth


      So the dumb cunt came back to somehow spread the power of positivity through negativity and he didn't even have the common decency to show gratitude to the only person that was happy to see him? What a fucking spergtard.

    2. GNS


      What can we say, the cucks like to cuck the cucks?

  3. Darling, I don't hide. I fucked off because I get tired of the constant negativity. You can boil down this forum to a few repeated notes: "Fat" "Fatshit" "Cuck" "Shit" "Trump" "SJWs" "OMG PUTIN <3" "Trannies" Because no one here is fat, old or shit, right guys? Being bitter 24/7 about the world, about an ancient band, about trannies and fags and Mexicans and SJWs, just gets old and I find it's healthier to step away from the toxicity. I'm not knocking John, or even most people here, but there's a resident faction that includes yourself that is in CONSTANT outrage mode, that is ALWAYS bitter, and it's a big fucking turn off. Yeah, Axl sucks now. He's sucked for 7 years now. SJWs are lame. We get it. I get it. I agree. But saying it ten thousand different ways and screaming at the sky in impotent rage isn't going to change it. Seriously, I'm a drug addled nutjob and even I think you need to talk to someone. Having as much hate in your heart for so many groups as you do isn't healthy man. You talk more about trannies than the SJWs do. Just sit back and think about that for a second and ask yourself what's up.
  4. You have an odd obsession with homos and trannies. You strike me as the type of closeted Anarchist, conservative faggot who would get his dick sucked by a tranny, then beat the shit out of a "homersexual" and drag one behind the trunk of his car cause you hate yourself for cumming on a tranny's face. Truly a POS future terrorist, redneck sisterfucker.
  5. Also uploaded in 2013, not today, by a totally different account from the one who posted the fake leak which Gunner claimed he posted today.
  6. You called @Skeetera liar because he said you "claimed the song came from the band." Right here, you claimed the song came from the band.
  7. Goalposts shifted from it's a "100% legit" GN'R song to "it's legit because it's really a song." Anyone with ears knows it's really a song you stupid Spic motherfucker. It's a fake. Now fuck off and learn English you fucking sperg.
  8. Lol. I think Gunner snorted one too many poppers with Fernando before they lubed up and it's gone to his brain. Poor little fella.
  9. And you are a piece of shit liar and even @dave-gnfnr2k is calling you out on your bullshit. Fuckin useless Spic.
  10. And he deleted the post where he said he "just posted the song" as soon as I called him on it. I'm glad you saw the post before the little faggot deleted it.
  11. You are the biggest liar on this forum. Go get bent by your obese fat plastic freak master.
  12. You are a lying scumbag prick. You said in a post "I just posted it." As soon as I called you on it, you deleted the post. You are a troll, a liar, and nothing but a piece of shit retarded mongoloid sperg from a shitty country. Fuck you, you faggy little Spic.
  13. You deleted the post where you said you "just posted it" you piece of shit.
  14. You said you just uploaded the song. The video was uploaded back in 2013. You are nothing but a troll. You're the biggest attention whore on this forum currently and coming from me that's saying a lot. Just go away. We don't want you here.