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  1. its a worthy faceoff...both are good. First heard Better leak in 05 or 06. I was blown away. When. I first heard Twat, I wasn't impressed but grew to love it. Better takes it!
  2. The memory stick MSL said he had....and unreleased CD2 songs
  3. The solo at the end of TWAT is probably the highlight of the entire album.
  4. Listening to prostitute right now. Not a bad song but the drums sound fake etc.....could've been a better song. Too much going on.
  5. How is it even the same guy?
  6. I'm predicting deeper cuts on the arena tour - had to happen, right???
  7. Why can't they add dust n bones to the set list????
  8. This is much harder than CD survey. I like all these songs. I voted for RNDTH. It was btw that and Bad Obsession.
  9. This was a painful thread to read. Thankfully it was only 2 pages.
  10. Black Hole Sun was a nice addition to the set. However, why couldn't they add a song from their own catalog? People would freak out with excitement. Why do they ignore the obvious? Honestly, they could play You aint the first and people would be ecstatic. Makes no sense.
  11. OMG!!!!!! They played Coma and DTJ last night!!! Who said they didn't change up the set lists ????
  12. Man that's a bad live version. I can't even tell who is singing. Mickey extreme!
  13. I think it would be cool if they had the illusion art in the side of the stage like ok that tour or shower it on the screen-
  14. And it looks like he has shoulder pads on!