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  1. Axl is Mr Political now
  2. Agreed. I remember discovering a fan made video for better when it leaked. I was blown away. Definitely some of the best lyrics in CD. As much as like it, I rarely listen to it anymore though.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if they did a residency or an UC & P tour since the stadiums will not sell out another go round in the states.
  4. Cuban Skies
  5. when is rir, oct? If they do push on with another run in South America they have to tweak the setlist right????? Axl could handle Perfect Crime. It's all screeching. He prob couldn't handle bad obsession because there isn't screaming. 14 years is out....maybe dead horse and a rushed locomotive to replace coma??
  6. I've got a feeling that this is it.....they will milk this thru the end of the year for the Appetite anniversary. After that, it will be over. No more tours. No interviews.......
  7. If only we could still do this......
  8. Any before anyone says it's not a reunion, why is it called Not in this Lifetime?
  9. The fact that they haven't sat down delegitimizes the "reunion" aspect - cash grab? Yes....their right? Absolutely. Just disappointed.
  10. now that the shock of Axl and Slash sharing a stage is over, are there really ANY redeeming qualities of the NITL tour?
  11. agreed. I paid just shy of $500 for 8 rows behind pit at Foxboro. If they came back, I might go, but I wouldn't come close to paying that again.
  12. Top hat needs to looks silly. I get that it's his signature look, but cmon.....
  13. Fast forward to today and Slash and Axl are besties again!
  14. Just watched that clip - definitely mickyish the more I hear this stuff, the more I laugh at people who think there will be a GnR album in the future. Not happening.....
  15. I would rather have Chinese leftovers instead of new album now......I think anything he came up with 17 years ago would trump anything from today. They were more of "band" then, albeit, not a normal one.