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  1. Does anyone else miss the blues live?

    Nope. That song blows. I miss Move to the city
  2. GnR set to hit the studio

    When is brasky coming back? What did they do to him??
  3. What if Axl was your Dad?

    Do you think Axl and Beta have a romantic relationship or is it really a mother/son thing?
  4. GNR 💯 % legit rumor thread

    I really can’t believe there can be so much drama on web forums for bands that are 25 years past their heyday.
  5. GNR 💯 % legit rumor thread

    Why did he delete? Cease and desist from TB?
  6. GNR 💯 % legit rumor thread

    What happened to the other 95 pages of this thread?
  7. Grunge vs GNR

    Pearl Jam Ten and AIC Jar of Flies are both amazing albums and each bands best -
  8. Grunge vs GNR

    ‘87-‘94 was a great time to be a music fan
  9. Grunge vs GNR

    Yes and no...had GNR not broken up they would have been competing with these bands in the mid 90s
  10. Grunge vs GNR

    Where does GNR stack up against the bands that came out of grunge? I’ve always loved GNR. However, I think Pearl Jam, AIC, Nirvana, Foos’ songs have held up better over time. Thoughts?
  11. The album cover reallly sucked huh? All the other versions did too.
  12. Slash fucking Prostitute

    Not a good song for a live show.....he can’t sing it
  13. Chinese Democracy iii

    This tour has gotten out of hand. Time for them to go away.
  14. Axl MUST release CD2 now.

    This photo never gets old!!!
  15. I fucking hate winter

    I haven’t been to canopie in years! Where are all you MA peeps from? I’m fromArlington but live in Wakefield.