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  1. 3 good ones! The Hartford show was good. I think they played Dead Horse that night. Fernando....if youre out there...make this happen!
  2. Honestly.....release a 3 disc bluray from this era - 3 diff shows. The masses would be satisfied.
  3. Why can't they clean up a show like this and release a blue ray. App for Democracy was awful.
  4. It would be embarrassing for GnR at this stage - think Bridge school/tequila shows
  5. I've never been able to draw an extension from the Illusions to CITR. I pretty much hate that song with the exception of the outro. I just don't think it sounds like anything from the illusion era. i think I actually would listen to Scraped over CITR.
  6. All instrumentals? Hahahaha......
  7. Axl and Slash both need to lose the hats would be ok but the fedoras and the top hat for the entire show is too much.
  8. Eh.....not really. Too much too soon. Way too soon for an arena run IMO. It will only appease me if they spice up the setlist. Christ....if you're going to play the same songs, at least play them in a different order. But I'm all talk....I was dumb enough to buy tickets again.
  9. Define soon........
  10. They should all shave their heads.....they're in their 50s. Long hair looks silly on old men.
  11. Has Duff been confirmed?
  12. What can you tell us about war child? Is he affiliated to th GNr camp?
  13. Bill why did it take so long for Chinese to come out? Was it because the songs sucked? Did the label ultimately release the record w/o Axl approval just to recoup some loss?
  14. I can't help but think that if Atlas was any good it would've made its way to CD.
  15. Wow....then it probably sucks!