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  1. I agree with this - I love classic GnR up until about '94 - anything after just not that interesting. Maybe '06 lineup but as many have said before, they'd be more interesting if Axl had just pulled an Eddie and the Cruisers and disappeared. Chinese Democracy would have been like the Season in Hell album. There would be mystique. Hahahaha
  2. Last cd I bought too....wait I bought digital download from iTunes. Never mind.
  3. A better one would be current Axl with he teased hair from the Welcome to the jungle video
  4. Yup....that's the one. I could watch the clip and it never gets old. I can't even sit thru a whole song anything post '06
  5. I know Perfect Crime has been rumored to be on the alt set lists. I hope they don't play it. Watch the clip in this thread then imagine today's Axl singing that song. It would tarnish the legacy of Perfect Crime live.
  6. Man....Axl had stage presence back in the day. Glad I'm old enough to have seen them 3x on illusion tour. They blow now!
  7. Has MSL gone radio silent on all things GNR?
  8. Do you think Axl actually tells the band that they will never release new music or do you think he dangles it to them like he does the fans?
  9. I actually like Ron in GnR. Respect him bailing too....didn't want to be in cover band.
  10. Axl is Mr Political now
  11. Agreed. I remember discovering a fan made video for better when it leaked. I was blown away. Definitely some of the best lyrics in CD. As much as like it, I rarely listen to it anymore though.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if they did a residency or an UC & P tour since the stadiums will not sell out another go round in the states.
  13. Cuban Skies
  14. when is rir, oct? If they do push on with another run in South America they have to tweak the setlist right????? Axl could handle Perfect Crime. It's all screeching. He prob couldn't handle bad obsession because there isn't screaming. 14 years is out....maybe dead horse and a rushed locomotive to replace coma??
  15. I've got a feeling that this is it.....they will milk this thru the end of the year for the Appetite anniversary. After that, it will be over. No more tours. No interviews.......