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  1. pacu44

    What Are You Listening II

  2. This is a sarcastic post, right?
  3. pacu44

    What Are You Listening II

  4. all of CD sucked so... ... ... Axl sucks... ... ... Go release some Izzy art from highschool and call in GnR.... LOL 🤣
  5. Well, 124 original songs vs 14 somce 1991.... Axl killin it 😜
  6. He is a co writer, Faxle needs to write his own stuff since Izzy is out of the band, why release that? Faxle needs taco money, I mean, more taco money....
  7. He was on parole I believe... Straight to jail, no questions asked...
  8. Thanks JB, Guess I should have done that with the link...
  9. Why this story today? From the Wall Street Journal... Random... Very odd...
  10. http://www.wsj.com/articles/guns-n-roses-rakes-in-millions-on-reunion-tour-but-its-missing-mr-invisible-1527429349?mod=e2fb
  11. Still relying on Izzy songs... quite sad...
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    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread