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  1. He looks like a potato with tooth picks as limbs
  2. New EP- S A D (Slash Axl Duff) Buy My Watches Taco, Taco Bell Dolls For Sale Pinball Wizard Bonus Track - My World (2020 Update)
  3. http://www.yahoo.com/music/watch-guns-n-roses-booed-forgetting-city-theyre-215055803.html
  4. Maynard, change your name to Sydney...
  5. you mean, without Izzy or Axl, slash is nothing...
  6. your f@ckin dreamin
  7. Fortus playing Izzy's "Shuffle It All" to sell Amps... Seems to cross some kind of line to me...
  8. Izzy's last keybord player....
  9. They should do everyone one at least once next year... There are enough shows to play a couple a night from this list...
  10. Merry Christmas!
  11. another band that had VAULT material stashed away... There is a reason it was in the vault to begin with...
  12. yeah, a real toe tapper... Aweful