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  1. LL_TJ1

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    Same here, been gone for months. Anyone wanna help me out here??
  2. I realize there are fans of the band, there are people that can be honest about the band and then there's the nut swingers that no matter how they perform they're gonna drag on and on about how awesome Axl sounded. But for the life of me I really can't understand how on other forums, they're carrying on as to how incredible Axl's vocals sounded on the songs like prostitute andTWAT. Much less songs that were completely butchered like Rocket Queen. Clearly not one of his best nights. Clearly one of his worst. Ever. In his entire career. Yet somehow somee people can't see it for what it is. I listened to as many songs is I could tolerate and it definitely sounded as though Axl's voice was shot to hell. Toasted and fried. Which I can completely understand, With the amount of shows the length of shows and his age. But to carry on that it was an amazing performance is just absolutely f****** ridiculous. I am embarrassed as a known Guns N Roses fan in my hometown, that these songs are going to be played on satellite radio for to hear on accident. I never believed there would be any new music. Ever. But if there was ever an indication of it never being necessary. This final show will provide enough fodder that no one will give a shit about looking forward to anything new by Axl. It's unfortunate that he saved one of his worst performances for the final show and then extended it to nearly 4 hours. Again why didn't somebody stop him? Unreal.
  3. Seriously, not trolling. Anyone who knows me at all, knows I'm an Axl fan. But this is embarrassing. He even sounded like total shit on CITR. The one song his Mickey tone actually works with live. And this is the show that's going to be played on Sattelite Radio, over and over? OMG. Talk about shitting the bed. This was a disaster as a vocal performance. For christ sakes! Why didn't somebody stop him? Why wasn't Better, Rocket Queen or My Michelle removed from the set list? Forever for that matter. Honestly, all 3 need to be retired. Now it's recorded in perfect flawless audio to be heard forever...Epic disaster. Round 7.
  4. LL_TJ1

    Artists's death Thread

    Lmao!!! Why he made movies I'll never know. Fucking horrible. I guess he did it cause he wasn't afraid of shit! Surprised Michael Jackson didn't do a few.
  5. LL_TJ1

    Artists's death Thread

    Chris Cornell first and foremost, if you've never heard his solo live recordings you should really give them a listen. Shannon Hoon was long ago, but it still bums me out. Guy had so much talent, died so young, with so much more to offer. I also think Prince is a big loss for anyone who truly holds respect for a great artist. Just like Bowie.
  6. LL_TJ1

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    Maybe it's just a bad day. But Mojo Koresh and his 15 followers are losing there shit over one little post. Pretty sad. With his "extreme" high moral code and superior intellect, I'm shocked he would bother snooping around all the people and places he calls trash, stupid and useless. Seems like somebody's superiority complex is extremely flawed. If your perfect, why would anything said here bother a person? But then again, who really fucking cares.
  7. LL_TJ1

    Fake News

    It's not fake. The DOJ filed a lawsuit yesterday. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/11/20/trump-lawsuit-att-time-warner-merger-250956 What Indian named person are you talking about? I've heard nothing about this. Can't find anything either. Interested in what your talking about. Let me know.
  8. LL_TJ1

    Fake News

    Trump is trying to stop this. To much power for to few people.
  9. LL_TJ1

    Fake News

    Wouldnt be nearly as effective if much of the liberal media would confirm facts before stating them as fact. Only to find out there not.
  10. LL_TJ1

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    I don't know man. Warchild/Meribeth/Walker/Mr.Hays/PrettyTiedUp/Jim/Mojo and god knows whomever else he pretends to be is fuckin' nuts. Bat shit crazy man. Took over MSL's forum and has like 15 posters, 8 or 9 he may be. That's Fucked up. Dude needs to be taken in for 72 hour psyche evaluation.
  11. LL_TJ1

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    This states what I was trying to say before much better.
  12. LL_TJ1

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    Yeah, your right. I'm out.
  13. LL_TJ1

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    Are you refering to me? Just asking so I know what I'm dealing with here.
  14. LL_TJ1

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    Didn't mean to get anybody's pantys in a wad for Fucks sake. Jesus Christ settle the fuck down you guys. I'm just stating what I have worked with. Autotune itself, that I have worked with has always had a very specific and distinct sound and effect to it. Pitch correction, shifting, live auto correction and all the other shit is different. But I did not make the statement to argue with anyone. If you've personally mixed and mastered music, and have used Autotune, then you have used something I've never heard, had or seen. I don't have Pro Tools, or other high texh crap like that. Autotune that i have worked with is simply an effect.
  15. LL_TJ1

    Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    There are a ton of effects, but it's not Autotune. Autotune has a very distinct sound. Listen to "Believe" by Cher. THAT'S AUTOTUNE. Never said there wasn't alot of tinkering or effects. Just stated it's not Autotune.