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  1. ... Or would they be rerecording note for note the rerecordings that were done note for note previously? This is awful confusing ... it's already getting confusing! Dammit!
  2. I cant help but wonder what time frame Axl has put on whomever the new guitar players are that have to rerecord Robin and Buckets parts note for note. I mean, that's what's expected correct? That would at least keep up with what was done before right? For the most part correct? And we're most definitely still talking about Robin and Buckets stuff. I cant possibly believe we'd even potentially be discussing anything newer than 15 or 16 years old.
  3. I can't figure out why anyone is really upset. I mean GNR still has Dizzy Reed! Chris Pitman, maybe a drummer (do they really need one? I mean nobody's playing the damn things anyway), maybe a bass player (Duff or Tommy could be coming back fo sho now!) Richard is still in place (although he's gotta be wondering WTF am I doing) and let's not forget Axl. If that's not a fucking real balls to the wall heartfelt meaningful BAND I just don't know what is. TB can we just please stop pretending this is a band? Just stop. Call it the GNR the artist formerly known as Axl Rose or something. Just saying Marcus, this is NOT a band. Argue all ya want. The more you do, the more of a joke it becomes. On another note, does anyone know if Axl is aware DJ quit yet?? I mean I'm not sure he got the BBF memo has he? Fuck N A, poor guy may still think he still has guitar players in his buisness.
  4. 4 or 5 releases and his pal Marcus.
  5. My bad man.
  6. You think Warchild is real life lol. You mean Marcus who was engaged to Maribeth back in 2006. Both phsyco's
  7. Everyone is right. This has been around for a while. Sounds like someone f'd with it a little from the version I remember hearing, but I could be wrong. It was quite a while that I heard it. But I do remember it being thought to be Rapid Fire.
  8. Hey man, make sure you don't make a comment like this over on Jims website, gnrtruth. If he sees your making a guess, or god forbid an opiniun, your gonna get cyber stalked relentlessly. That nut job will twist what you've said and call you a liar for saying the album might come out this year. Even though your just speculating for fun. Be careful! The GNR forums have a lot of great, intelligent and funny people. But it also contains one of the most extreme whack jobs on the planet. Lol!
  9. I won't lie, I liked it for quite a while. But it's not really Msl's place. Jim/Jimetta/warchild rules it without mercy. No one matters but him
  10. If this has all been said and done about that loon, Ill delete the entire topic. Im not here to rehash that Dicks BS. Let me know
  11. I'm sure you guys know who Jim is from GNRTUTH. The guy/gal has real issues. He/she manipulates things you say, twists it, and then presents it as facts you say. My problem started when I dared to give an opinion and gnrtruth (I know, I learned. If you don't agree with Jim over there, he goes straight up nut job, full out warfare, relentlessly attacks you, and then he stalks down any post you make somewhere else. Copying and pasting posts onto MSLs site. It all started with me saying I dont "BELIEVE" I'll see another new alum from Axl. NOT FACT, I DON'T HAVE ANY FACTS. I DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE BAND LIKE JIM CLAIMS TO. But what's wrong with this guy??? I know your following me ya phsyco nutjob!!! It's GNR forum for fuck sakes.I don't ever portray myself as knowing a single go damn thing. You however state that your in with the band Prove it phsyco boy!!! Or quit stalking me ya fag!! Dude nobody I know likes you. Your a know it all prick. A straight up Cock to just about everyone. And it's not necessary. I deleted my account at truth because your an asshole. A cum guzzling road whore. All youve Done since I left is search for me. Stop fuck in following me ya dickhead. Ya know what Warchild, I'm doing the same thing you are. And I honestly hate to talk shit on the internet. There's not anything more cowards than making threats behind a keyboard. So, I'm done. What I've done here is just retaliation for the week long attack you've chosen to continue. I'm done. Now I'm sure you'll post this at Truth. Whateverman. You don't know shit. And I can only imagine how sad your life is with the amount of time you put into GNR forums. And all the time and energy you put into attacking people on MSLS sight. Nice job wrecking that to. If your ever in Michigan, let me know. I'd LOVE to meet ya!
  12. warchildHoly shit yeah.
  13. Hell yes!
  14. I don't know about $10,000. But it's always been something I've wondered about, and perplexed by. As to how MSL went from being the guy who helped get some of the leaks, the guy who threatened Axl and GNR with a memory stick in a video. To the guy who now has a period of his life in which he can no longer speak of regarding anything GNR (I believe that's how he put it, if not, I think everyone has heard the story and knows what I'm referring to) and, into the defender of all things Axl. I suppose it's possible he did a 180. Well, for the things he did it would be more along the lines of a 720. But I've always wondered. And in my own mind, assumed he received a kickback of some sort. Along with some type of legal response. It was just so strange how quickly he flipped the script and went from threatining Axl, to being his biggest supporter and defender this side of Jarmo. Either way doesn't necessarily make him a bad guy.
  15. What makes you say it's Axl's fault? Do you not remember that Axl had Chinese ready multiple times, but the label didn't want to release it? What about Axl having Stay of Execution ready as far back as Reading 2010, but the label not wanting to release it then?Hey, I hope your right and I'm wrong. It's just with the way Axl is, I cant see something like an A&R team telling him he can't release music stop him. And again, I could be wrong. But I really don't think CD would have ever came out had it not been for the leaks. And regardless of what Axl says, it doesn't mean it'll happen.On one hand he's Axl Rose. And he's gonna do what he wants when he wants. But on the other hand, he doesn't seem to have any control over his own career at times. I'm not sure which is which.