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  1. Finally found who say sang these songs yesterday after years of wondering. Always reminded me of Rainbow Road on Mario Kart.
  2. I never really thought about the real estate. Interesting. I remember when big box stores started to come around in my home town, and they were a big deal. There were the first mall killers. That sounds like a fun adventure to kill a few hours for. Your own little Dawn of the Dead / The Walking Dead.
  3. If Aaron Hernandez got out (and I don't mean the closet), what teams would have picked him up?
  4. The Band The Rolling Stones (ex Angie, Ruby Tuesday, Honky Tonk Woman) Bob Dylan (ex Blonde on Blonde) Eric Clapton The Clash (absolutely everything)
  5. I got a flyer for BJs free 3 months. Upon closer inspection BJ's is a membership bulk sale retail outfit. Anyone buy into these membership clubs like Costco? Thing is I don't really buy anything ever. My grocery bill is probably like $100/month. With internet sales there doesn't seem to be as much of a reason to buy from these places as in the 90s so the only possible advantage is buying food in bulk. Even then, I've glanced at price and they aren't that much cheaper.
  6. Straight up honest I thought this was going to be about Kim Kardashian at first.
  7. I think they were in the right place at the right time. I used to think that they were something special but I sometimes encounter smaller bands that make great songs but never make it big. GN'R were substantially better and more interesting than the status quo at the time. I would compare UYI with how the public lost its love for Queen after Hot Space, only there was still Queen after 1981 and some hits too. What made them interesting was passé. I think this was do to them simply not touring or being around. I think they could have been like Zeppelin and the Stones even without touring if the political baggage of Axl Rose went away. Nirvana did a good job of making that kind of rock star a lot less cool. The 80s music does feel more commercialized and pompous with MTV videos as a vehicle. That made them big at the time but also quickly dated since you also have a visual representation of the music you can compare to present day. Stones' and Zeppelin's music are both a lot more timeless I think for the lack of videos. Make a Richard Simmons / Axl Rose comparison thread. If we're dumpster diving for topics then this could be like some delicious leftover donuts still in plastic wrap cardboard and expired Chai tea packets still in the box.
  8. I agree, especially with the stories of Brain re-recording specially made transcriptions of Josh Freese's drumming.
  9. Don't they sell your info? It was something on Reddit but I didn't bother reading. I used TurboTax in the US.
  10. I wonder if the world would still be a dystopian environment if there really was world peace. Wait and see.
  11. I think NR went to #3.
  12. He was an accomplished guitarist but like Tracii Guns / Mickey Ratt giving the band's name was his most important contribution.
  13. I would stay away from sick people. And see a doctor.I think you should read up on sinus infections I remember there was something you said you did as a remedy I recall that didn't work. I think it was this: