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  1. I've been thinking I should have got a STEM degree but I read on Reddit today that it's hard to get an EE job these days. That's a little unsettling. Everything's going to India.
  2. Saw John Wick 2. I haven't seen the first one. I don't really like movies without a believable story, so most movies in general. I don't get why he was called Jonathan. John isn't short for Jonathan. Maybe the character's name is really Johnthony.
  3. The next GN'R album will be a bunch of covers. It's title will be an allusion to a falling out with a former drummer.
  4. Okay I won't then. I wasn't being that serious. I'll just peruse online.
  5. I think I'll go house hunting soon. I have no cash and no intention of buying anything but maybe I'll learn something from the experience.
  6. I'm agnostic about it all. I did have a pessimistic attitude but now I just don't think about it and accept the world as it is. I've tried to be more compassionate but realistic too. I just try to avoid looking at things personally. Someone gave me the right away in the traffic the other day. I'll never be able to repay him/her.
  7. Can't you see a specialist? Get an actual biopsy? If it's pain, have you looked into gallstones (rate in 20s but so is this). I once went into the hospital for appendicitis. It turned out to be nothing.
  8. Maybe Roger will get Axl into shape.
  9. At this point I'm even drawing a blank. What else do that to write about that is interesting? Divorce? 8 covers. 3-4 Elvis 1 Portuguese language song. 1 Nazareth song 1 Piano instruemental 1 Lady Gaga cover
  10. How can you tell if it is chronic vs. acute? I had a relative that had the gallbladder removed for something similar, that person is still around. Don't die.
  11. I'm just one person but I'll try to figure out how to change things over there.
  12. He needs to get more sleep. He claims to sleep 4-5 hours a night. Some people can do it but others can't. I think it explains moments where he doesn't sound coherent or makes brash decisions.
  13. This snow storm gives me a feel of what marshal law would be like. Lots of police patrolling around.

  14. Internet has been cutting in and out. I know that's not a leg hurt or dying but I still want to complain.
  15. He needs to pick his battles. This is getting counterproductive. The Washington judge rejected the order because Trump's side didn't supply evidence to support the danger. If they had done that then things could have been way different.