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  1. I think family is more important over in Europe into adult age. Here people disperse and move far, far away and left along to judge (and care) for themselves. Couple that with other vices and societal ills and people get discouraged from the American dream.
  2. Jeff Goldblum and Denzel Washington should reprise their roles.
  3. What is In This Grave? Legit?
  4. I envy the literary prowess to boast like that but I never the organization to read books. I have a SK book lying around somewhere.
  5. Look at yourself and the situation existentially from the outside. People make mistakes. Maybe it will have a long lasting effect. Maybe not. Worrying about it isn't going to do or change anything. Don't give up but embrace and accept whatever happens. Just keep moving. Looking for opportunities is always a good idea. If the future is really uncertain then weigh more time looking for a better opportunity. My two cents.
  6. What's the solution to all this?
  7. Valerian. It wasn't a good movie but I liked escaping from reality for 2 hours so I'm not complaining. @Bobbo, Dunkirk was a good movie, wouldn't you say. Not great. I like existential dramas. Apes was good. I haven't seen the first few but now I'm interested. It's like having my own prequel. I watched the original Ghost in the Shell finally. I watched it like 20 times. It really turned me on to other anime. Unfortunately, I've found that other anime is just not as good. Akira? I could have written a better movie. The ending was just disgusting and disturbing.
  8. I liked Demon Wolf's cover of If The World a few years ago. Budd asked for a reupload a while back. I find the lyrics to be the most cohesive and accessible on the album. I listen to this from time to time. I much prefer it over the original. final version unmastered version Smooth jazzzzzzzzzzz
  9. It was about as good as a tv movie with exaggerated seriousness. I liked the build up but after that it was slow moving. I was bracing for the SJW moment but I thought it would was okay.
  10. I used to get up at 7:55 but more recently at 6:30 or earlier. I'm usually up to midnight or 1am at times.
  11. I'm going to watch Arrival and try to finish a painting. I have no idea what it is about.
  12. Tamara de Lempicka I'd change my avatar to this
  13. Is anyone here actually betting real money on this? I'm getting very interested. Where's that Belgian guy?
  14. This indeed is a disturbing universe.