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  1. MSG videos

    One of my new favorite Axl voice excuses is....he's conserving his voice
  2. Stephen King

    Not sure. If it's not, it's right up there. He does have a few 1,000 pagers. Filler? I would say less than a lot of his longer works. The Tommyknockers, for instance, is a prime example of him writing to excess with no payoff
  3. Stephen King

    Absolutely. It's about as good as King gets. Go for the updated version...it's even longer!
  4. Meryl Streep is a cunt

    Was talking to a 51 year old woman at work. Weinstein came up and she said she feels sorry for him.... Fuck me.... She then mentioned the President, in terms of rape and sexual assault...to which I responded...Bill Clinton? She took great offense to that and said she "likes" him and she believes every woman he had sex with consented Fuck me twice.... She then was visibly upset and said, FUCKING TRUMP!!! Fuck me thrice....
  5. Live Era 2

    Not a fan of the studio version of Bad Apples but the version on this is very good and Axl nailed it. Wonder why they didn't keep it in the set?? The Garden live improves on the studio version as well, big time
  6. Live Era 2

    Never understood why Civil War and Live and Let Die weren't on Live Era since they played them at damn near every show
  7. John Lennon Cultists

    And he was a cunt himself Shit songwriter to boot
  8. The Mandela Effect & Glitches in the Matrix

    I had a pound of salami in the fridge. Went to make a sandwich but the salami was gone. Of course, I immediately thought that we are all part of some computer generated blah blah blah and just chalked it up to a glitch in the system. But then I realized that no, I'm just a fat fuck and ate it a half hour before
  9. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    Am I Savage, Confusion, Manunkind are among the worst songs they've ever released. I could do without the song Hardwired but it's short enough without offending my ears that much. The bonus disc was originally suppoaed to be called Riff Origins and was to be early versions of the songs and/or the progression of writing them. Instead, they changed it late into the game and it has a re-worked Lords Of Summer and that version is infinitely better than the demo the released of it. It also has 3 previously released covers and some live stuff, including the first ever live performance of Hardwired (yay?)
  10. Top 10/Top 20 Favorite Stones songs?

    It's constantly changing but right now..... Plundered My Soul Coming Down Again Connection She Was Hot You Don't Have To Mean It Laugh, I Nearly Died Hand Of Fate Walking Thru The Sleepy City Shine A Light The Worst Fingerprint File Let It Loose Silver Train The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man Tops I Am Waiting
  11. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    From the first song thru Halo on Fire, the album is good. Then it takes a giant ol' shit until being redeemed by Spit Out The Bone. The bonus disc with the re-worked Lords of Summer and the 3 covers is decent too
  12. 2018 Rock Hall Nominees

    Radiohead is a lock Would think MC5 finally gets their due Kate Bush is a solid contender to get in Depeche Mode and The Jover will round out the inductions with The Moody Blues a possibility If I had a vote though, The Zombies would be inducted
  13. War Games match set for the next NXT Takeover Sanity vs The Undisputed Era vs Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong
  14. Your experiences with déjà vu

    Yesterday afternoon, I was eating a salami sandwich and thought that the whole thing felt eerily familiar