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  1. That would be like asking a parent to do an elimination tournament of their children
  2. These elimination threads have made me realize that I don't really like many GNR songs and in fact, think most of them are utter shit
  3. Did he go to the wig store and say, "Can I please have the absolute worst looking hairstyle on a wig you have?" or did the wig salesman sell him that horrible looking thing on purpose so Axl can chalk it up to another out ta get me moment?
  4. My birthday is this weekend. Last year, I did a mountain of blow as a celebration. Not the best idea I've ever had. A month or so ago, I was diagnosed with shit lungs and a shittier heart so this year, the mountain will be split up into hills.
  5. Having 1 scoop of ice cream is akin to having 1 slice of salami. Completely Un-American. And it surely has something to do with abortion
  6. needs some salami
  7. great show that has gotten better with each season...2 more seasons to go and they are finished
  8. Beyond The Wheel Searching With My Good Eye Closed Slaves & Bulldozers The Day I Tried To Live Let Me Drown Limo Wreck Birth Ritual Blow Up The Outside World Times Of Trouble Call Me A Dog Show Me How To Live The Last Remaining Light The Curse When I'm Down Ghosts Before We Disappear
  9. I might put Don't Cry 2 in the top 5...gotta think about it I'll post a list when I get to work...that is, if I don't get run over by a fucking nut....I was about 50 feet away from the craziness yesterday....good thing I always carry salamis in my pockets...if the car would have hit me, they would have cushioned the blow and still have been delicious after saving my life
  10. The announcement is that Axl will now wear jeans with an elastic waistband so he can do his patented sideways leg over leg over leg walk without threat of busting the button
  11. But like I said, it lost all its soul and swagger. Its just Axl screaming. Blah. Surprised he didnt try to slip it in on the Rocks N' Thunder Tour
  12. As a fan of the New York Dolls, I despise GNR's version of Human Being. Total screechfest with no soul or swagger
  13. My first favorite band was The Doors. I used to wear Doors t shirts to school in Kindergarten. Rarely listen to them nowadays but every once in awhile, usually when drunk and reminiscing on my life, I put them on. I even like The Soft Parade album ...