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  1. Officially released songs would also include Shadow Of Your Love, Don't Cry demo, Whole Lotta Rosie live, Yesterdays live (this ended up on Live Era though), Live And Let Die live, Knockin' On Heaven's Door live at the Marquee (I think)
  2. nobody knew who the fuck he was and then when he asked them do you know where the fuck you are, they all knew where they were and responded as one does when asked a stupid question...with crickets
  3. If you're going to be a gringo, you might as well go gringo all the way
  4. Has Axy changed the lyrics to Atlas? The original version was a jab at Salsh, more direct than Sorry Ooooh, he's a cancer baby And he does lots of drugs yie yie owww He tore out my soul...oh oh oh MMMMMMM Atlas Shrugged
  5. is Russia still a thing or no?
  6. a salami a day keeps the doctor away
  7. last I read, he's in a medically induced coma
  8. Check out The Dead Zone, if you haven't read it. Old school Steve
  9. Safe to assume the "songs" with vocals are.... Silkworms Oh My God This I Love Thyme Atlas Shrugged Going Down The General Checkmate Oklahoma Ides Of March ?
  10. Long answer: yeah Short answer: yes
  11. Stones all day
  12. speaking of local will not find a better restaurant than this....yes, they serve sauerkraut... and they also have opened a place next door so you can buy their sauerkraut among many other things, including meat...meat....and more meat
  13. Yep. I grew up in an area heavily populated by Germans and then later Polish. Sauerkraut was everywhere! The streets smelled of it!! This was a local establishment that made and sold it along with meat..meat...and more meat...