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  1. A cook, a gardener, a nanny and a maid walk into a bar....
  2. fuck me, that's one of the worst live performances of any song by any band ever and possibly the worst singing ever attempted by a human
  3. All they need to do is re-release Better as a single
  4. My pee pee was harder than her cast
  5. Live IRS > everything on CD, by far
  6. Top 10...probably top 5
  7. Top 10 for sure
  8. Fan myth #21: releasing Better as the first single from CD would elevate GNR to being the "biggest band in the world" again. Fan myth #114: re-releasing CD with Better as the first single would elevate GNR to being the "biggest band in the world" again Fan myth #151: re-releasing CD with Better as the first single would result in millions of people to discover the album and appreciate all of its layers Fan myth #2: GNR were once the biggest band in the world
  9. Better flops
  10. Maybe she found happiness in doing rails of blow...
  11. He's been doing this frogshit thing since 2006, 2009/2010 being the froggiest
  12. Wasn't Get In The Ring one of the last 6 songs recorded?
  13. I voted for those that I wouldn't trust if I left them in a room with my salami
  14. I didnt get to this yet....definitely will next weekend