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  1. Not you. The ones who think The Blues is about Slash. Jesus, GNR fans are dumb.
  2. Maybe but I don`t think Axl would have done it if he had n`t seen a prospect of more cash.
  3. What kind of a faggot would think The Blues is about Slash It`s most likely about one of his women. Sorry, on the other hand, is entirely about Slash.
  4. From the looks of it, DJ was Axl`s right hand man rather than Ron from previous lineup. For right or wrong reasons, he put more trust in DJ perhaps because he was more marketable and mainstream than Ron.
  5. I see moslems have switched from goats to donkeys
  6. Brian is, most likely, finished for good. Angus seemed energised with Axl. It all looks like King Dick lended a permanent gig in AC/DC. Which is surprising because Axl always wanted to evolve and challenge himself. He did n`t want to be defined by one album and make riff Rock all his life. He spent years upon years trying to create this mythical " Led Zeppelin meets Pink Floyd with Nine Inch Nails loops thrown in " masterpiece while never missing a chance to shit on Slash for supposedly refusing to evolve and leave his comfort zone. Years later he ended up fronting probably the most one dimensional and straight forward Rock band ever. What a mercurial motherfucker he is.....
  7. I sign up. Give me Chinese follow up.
  8. I like 2010 Rose Bar sessions.
  9. I can`t say the review is n`t warranted. It`s ridiculously bad. Worse than Jackson`s version.
  10. It will continue untill the globalist scum that have infiltrated Europe are neutralised.
  11. Buckethead was forced to play second fiddle to Robin Finck. For fuck`s sake Axl, you doofus
  12. I like Sorry. In fact, I think it`s a brilliant song. I was n`t a a big fan in the beginning but then I started to appreciate it. The way crescendo builds into chorus is amazing. This is my favourite live version of Sorry I also started to appreciate Shackler`s and Rhaid.
  13. Compared with Bon, Brian and especially Angus and Malcolm Axl is Byron. Are you fucking kidding ? Accadacca lyrics are beyond generic. Rock or bust, rock or bust, dirty deeds done dirt cheep dirty deeds
  14. Fucking Communist Network News is slightly turning into Soviet " Pravda ". They completely brainwash people. Bullshit many Americans believe makes me drop my fucking jaw
  15. Beta`s Shed would be a better tittle.