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  1. Would be hilarious. It`ll be a pinnacle of cucking Slash
  2. Stephen King

    Finally, after long, arduous and and daunting reading finished The Stand uncut version. @sixes I did n`t like it as much as I hoped I would. It`s kind of inconsistent. There are brilliant moments and then there are some filler pages. Ending seems rushed to me. Personally, I prefer The Shining. It`s more focused with less filler.
  3. What Are You Listening II

    I like me some fucking Eagles.
  4. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Good thing it never happened.
  5. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    The whole Star Wars franchise should have ended long time ago. Each new movie will be worse pile of SJW shit than the one before.
  6. 10 songs out of 14 could easily have made UYI III with Slash, Izzy and Duff.
  7. GNFNRs Film Thread

    Dunkirk sucks balls too.
  8. GNFNRs Film Thread

    Inland Empire. What a load of pretentious, self-indulging and pseudointellectual pile of shit. Lynch is fucking overrated.
  9. Better than all tear jerker ballads combined.
  10. Fuck this shit. What`s next ? gay Batman and tranny Superman ?
  11. DJ was tolerable in 2010. Robin, on the other hand, was horrific live, good in studio though.
  12. I like Sorry. it`s an awesome song. Cry your fucking hearts out.
  13. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    You should get your ears checked.