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  1. Favorite pizza toppings?

    I like my pizza topped with salami, pepperoni, bacon, tomatoes, extra cheese and onion plus it should be crunchy.
  2. TV Party

    Weak ass finale of "Godless" ruined potentially fantastic mini-series. As it is, I will give it 7 out of 10.
  3. Spiders or snakes?


    Stumbled upon this. An extensive interview with Sean Beaven. He talks in details about his stint in the band and what a terrific jokester Axl is. He used to do 45 minute stand up comedy routines as a warm up.
  5. I will settle on your sister then if she is decent looking.
  6. Too bad no one raped your mother.
  7. using big words. So, besides being an useless, worthless, oxygen thief piece of shit, you also fantasise about banging your sister ? holy shit, this is something new. Why don`t you do everyone a favour and hang yourself ? No one will give a shit I assure you.
  8. You did not strike anything, dipshit Someone should have squashed you in your fucking cradle.
  9. @Brian you are right, you do not live in trailer park You are probably a street bum and you scavange food in trash cans.
  10. I can not understand you gayser, remove your boyfriends`s dick out of your mouth
  11. Shit, man, you have been traumatised by watching your old man molest your mom every day who also happens to be you aunt. I understand you. By the way, how is life in trailer park, enjoy it ?