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  1. We've always hated Myles Kennedy

    Oh yeah? I don't recall blaming Izzy for anything except for forgetting how to play a guitar and when to shout NIGHTRAIIIINNN!!!! when "playing" with Axl's solo band for easy money.
  2. I havent's listened to Sebastian sing since 2010. It was ok back then for My Michelle. Is it bad nowadays?
  3. We've always hated Myles Kennedy

    While destroying Guns And N'Roses in the process!!!! Is it worth it??????????????
  4. 1985 GNR radio interview - Axl, Izzy and Tracii

    I emailed Dowzy with an offer to fuck his wife dressed as Axl Rose while he watched us. He offered me a mod position but I said that was too much.
  5. 1985 GNR radio interview - Axl, Izzy and Tracii

    You guys are still interested in shit like this? Seriously i can't waste 10 seconds of my life nowadays listening to Axl, Izzy, Slash or whoever talk. Some days ago someone at mygina made an enormous post filled with Izzy quotes (mostly from SoulMonster autistic website) or quotes about Izzy, etc, etc. I was like... damn... All the effort to discuss YET AGAIN why Izzy left. Amazing. I love history, old recordings, time capsules if you will, that capture a certain moment of our and others lives. But with GNR... I'm fucking done.
  6. We've always hated Myles Kennedy

    Who is Myles Kennedy? Lol the guy is a nobody now attacks Alex Ross to create tension inside GNR so Slash can return to Constipators. This is the kind of passive-aggressive bullshit that makes my blood boil.
  7. Axl's twitter is for yelling

    Axl enjoys yelling, that's why he got the DC gig.
  8. Here Comes Tomorrow

    The last wave of leaks (Atlas, General, Silkworms) was pretty awesome.
  9. Izzy vs Slash: You must choose

    Who's better, Noel Gallagher or John Petrucci?
  10. What pissed off Izzy during the NITL soundcheck he did?

    Who is this Brian guy? Am I missing something? Barely visiting this place the last few months. WAS being the keyword here. I never denied he was excellent during his GNR stint. ACDC bores me to death just as much as The Conspirators. But with GNR, VR and some of his solo work, Slash covered so many different music genres and experimented the best he could within his limitations. We can't say the same about AC/DC. Let's be reasonable. It's not even fair to compare them. Angus never wrote solos like those in Estranged, NR, Anastasia (which I don't like), NIGHTRAIN!! etc. Or do you think Izzy wrote those parts too? Or are you one of those nutters who say Slash was only able to create those solos thanks to lol Izzy chords lol progressions lol? Izzy was a great songwriter and ok at rhythm guitar. Slash was a great soloist and riff maker. Now Izzy is a lazy-ass nobody who writes Rolling Stones rip-offs once in a while and Slash is a lazy-ass hard rock dude who shreds and shreds and writes the same songs over and over again once in a while. If you disagree with this and still think Izzy is so awesome ultimate badass true last real rock guitar legend, fine. Just don't deny Slash's quality. It's silly for a grown ass man like you.
  11. What pissed off Izzy during the NITL soundcheck he did?

    They told him that some songs had more than the C D and G chords.
  12. Metallica offers cool deal

    GNR should release an album too.
  13. What do you think GN'R are doing during this break?

    Recording new music while Axl gets vocal training. Obviously.
  14. Last time I checked mygnr, there was a crybaby saying NuGNR was a real band because other guys got credits for the songs, not just Axl.