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  1. Gunner please start ironing his hair again.
  2. But who says that "media giving them attention" is still more important than the terrorism itself? What do you mean by important? I'm trying to understand what you are saying here.
  3. What's your suggestion then? Media should stop covering terrorist attacks?
  4. Well, you are the 'man didn't land on the moon' guy here so... won't bother discussing. Gunner, are you a member of David Icke's forum?
  5. Gilby rides a Corvette in Hollywood. Izzy rides a van in the middle of the desert. Gilby is a TV star. Izzy is a recluse. Gilby was at the HOF. Izzy was drinking from Axl's ass. Gilby looks great. Izzy looks 80 years old. Gilby was interviewed by Manets and the Axl Rose Fa Clube. Izzy still can't use Twitter. Gilby doesn't give a fuck about MYGNR. Izzy thanks MYGNR. Gilby would do the reunion for free. Izzy wants unfair loot-splitting Gilby played with Axl in 1999 for free. Izzy joined NuGNR to get Russian money. I could go on and on but I think I've made my point here.
  6. Not a big fan. Rancid is awesome though (both from the same era).
  7. Yeah, what's with that British circle jerk in AG @ mygnr? I never ever ever had any good discussion with Lenny or whatver his name is and he seems to be like a God in AG. AG was never my cup of tea in mygnr.
  8. What else were you expecting from Gilby Clarke? I mean, he was a hired rhythm guitar player. It's not like he had songs like SCOM, NIGHTRAIN!! or YCBM in his CV... The problem is you expecting too much from a nobody. Now take Izzy for example, who wrote huge hit songs when in GNR and compare to his solo songs. Now that's a huge quality drop. Gilby is a nobody. Making fun of him is pointless because nobody likes him. All my posts here are just to make bacardi mad, which I know he gets when people say anything positive about Gilby. I understand the criticism towards Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy.... They were important. Making fun of Gilby is like making fun of Alex Carapetis or Rich Fownes in a NIN forum.
  9. 'Die with envy of your shit' should become an English expression as well, IMO. I miss Matheus Davanso.
  10. The flying piano + rotating drums could have been something. I miss NuGNR, I miss Pitoman and all that pathetic bowling alley, casino and weddings era.
  11. My comments about Slash are always the same. He looks bored, on autopilot, never takes off the tophat and looks silly, plays too fast, shreds too much but you still think I'm a fanboy. Just because I say Slash returning is the best thing to happen to the band since 1993. It doesn't bother me, I just want to know what motivates you? I'm clearly not a fanboy. My favorite guitar players ever are Finck and BH. You're missing your target, troll better, mmmk?
  12. thanks for the invite but i'll pass this time