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  1. Izzy the king of the left channel
  2. they are all shit. i'm all for new members but don't think these banned losers belong here at all.
  3. Hi Bad Apple, remove me from your ignore list.
  4. #integrity Why are these people like this?
  5. yeah, that TM spamming is really really boring.
  6. GUNNER fighting fake news before fake news were a thing.
  7. Man, everytime I browse your forum I find something weird. Did you guys sue a magazine for saying GNR was late in Rock in Rio 2011?
  8. If a woman wants an abortion, she'll get one. It would be easier to just make it safe than going into debates and discussions and morals, etc. Like I said, if a girl needs one she'll find a way to do it. That's reality...
  9. Being very well paid to do a very shit job.
  10. You were the one the brought it up Gunner, not me. Dear God, it took you like 2 posts to completely ignore my point and discuss something else.
  11. Currently GNR is not funny. Duff being a feminist is not funny, it's sad and irritating. Melissa is so pointless and so "not-GNR" I can't say anything bad about her. It's like she crashlanded on the stage and started playing. There's no history here, no controversy, she's not replacing someone important. With Ashba you could expect some hilarious quuotes, Ron would always make those snarky comments about GNR that would create controversy and heated debates. Fernando was called "genius management" by GNR partners... There were those CD2 believers that were so fun to mock. There's no controversy with Izzy or Steven, the other three don't have the balls to say a word about anything. I simply have no desire to go to Youtube and watch any GNR video, live song, audience recording, documentary, nothing. I don't care about Ron, Ashba, Buckethead (too many albums), Myles, Izzy or anyone related to GNR. I still visit MyGNR everyday and that place is so devoid of any life it makes me sad. To be honest, I believe we would be having more fun if Axl had hired a new bass player and two new leads and went to Vegas once again. I'll go watch Ashba doing SCOM out of tune now for the good old times.
  12. I'm yet to give it a full listen as well. There are like, 1500 albums I intend to llisten to before it.
  13. I'm just saying... I've been to Brazil's biggest cities too and nothing happened to me. That's not evidence to proof everything is fine in those places. Be sure that whenever an innocent is killed by a "truck" in France, it's a sign things are not fine.