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  1. He abuses the same ideas AND the same guitar scales. But yeah, he had at least 4 or 5 albums where he diversified his stuff.
  2. The average would never sue a magazine for saying Axl (a millionaire celebrity who doesn't know you exist) was late for a concert
  3. The Conspirators play the GNR stuff much better than Fontus, Ferrer, Dizzy and Melissa.
  4. Buckethead himself would laugh at this.
  5. Didn't say another guitarist was better than Ashba. I said Ashba sucks. And to quote my friend Gunner, THIS IS A FACT. Yeah but people usually don't compare guitarists as persons. They compare their skills/creativity and there's nothing wrong with it. He never joined GNR. He was hired to play in Axl's band. I don't know why he was hired but I can't call a guy who can play only the first half of the SCOM solo 'excellent'.
  6. TIL sucks Ashba sucks They were born for each other.
  7. Yeah well, it's a terribly bad song to begin with. Let's say the remix is 1000x less shitty than the original.
  8. The remix of This I Love is 10000x times better than the original.
  9. maynard

    The Best Drum Intros - GNR is #3

    But the list contains lots of bands besides GNR and VH was one of them. YCBM is a cool intro. RQ too.
  10. maynard

    The Best Drum Intros - GNR is #3

    Ugh I hate Van Halen.
  11. Just read an article saying Ashba was 2 hours late for a concert. The show wasn't in my country and Ashba doesn't know I exist but I'm considering suing the magazine, he was only 1h and 30min late. Should I proceed?