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  1. I hope you think the same way when your teenage dagughter brings home a brazilian monkeyman to your house and you can listen to him banging her from your bedroom.
  2. Why does Axl always fuck up on TV? Even a fucking scream?
  3. Hopefully Slash joins them too.
  4. Nope, I've always said he sounds great but the songs are shit, the constant yelling annoys me very quickly. Why are you lying? It's not even for funny purposes. It's just to be annoying. Why are you doing it? Aren't we past the point of annoying other users? Won't even comment the Slash bit. You became an unfunny poster saber and that's really sad.
  5. His ACDC voice is great but the songs are terrible. I know you're trolling but when you make up stuff it's rather silly. Should step up your trolling a bit. I don't mind being trolled but I really dislike unfunny stuff and you have been unfunny for a while now.
  6. Is it me or is the forum a little boring lately?

    1. Conor


      No, you've always been boring.

    2. GUNNER


      I think it's just you ... Maybe you are getting old or something :/

  7. This is pretty much what I expected yeah.
  9. Leave your stupid comments in your pocket.