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  1. maynard

    Split the loot equally: what should Izzy's cut be?

    For someone who developed speech after adulthood I think Ragnar's doing well in his English endeavors. He still makes up words like Shitnor, obession, Pulsipher.... but it's not easy learning English while taking care of goats (if you know what I mean) and stealing stuff for his tribe.
  2. maynard

    1993 footage (neither rare nor hd 😂)

    Duff was more bloated and in a bad mood. Jesus.
  3. Ragnar's children (also cousins) before taking a look at Ragnar's browser history (bestiality, axl rose pics, english-savage dictionary).
  4. maynard

    Duff’s Lifestyle

  5. Ragnar and his kids. Wife not seen in the picture, busy fucking her brother (Ragnar's father).
  6. It seems you're very OBESSED with NIN, man. As for incest, it's not something we do or approve around here. But I'm curious to know for how long you guys have been doing it in your tribe.
  7. In @Ragnar's case, unfortunately there isn't a translation available for his savage rage-fueled non-sense. Shitnor Pulsipher must some kind of insult in his tribe.
  8. I love how you write all of this in a serious tone. Literally lol'd here.
  9. Trying to understand you. What is obession? Shitnor? Bill Pulsipher? What are you trying to say?
  10. Ragnar and his family at work. As for the guy, no idea who he is.
  11. Wat Wat I think Ragnar is trying to communicate with me in some way but his made up words don't make sense. It would be a great experience to interact with a direct descendant of the Homo neanderthalensis but I just can't understand his made up sounds and "words".
  12. maynard

    Split the loot equally: what should Izzy's cut be?

    Very convenient isn't it? I wonder how the Axl Defense Force would react if Slash had decided to go on using the VR name. Posting "It's not really VR without Scott" while masturbating to a picture of Ashba and B. F. Thal holding GNR signs in Vegas
  13. What? Being a fan of an artist is called "obession" in your gypsy village? What's an obession, savage Ragnar? I will live him alone. Glad you're back. Don't give up on us, we are the best. His significant other who is about his same age is his "mother".
  14. - Axl beating woman Gunner: - A magazine writing about Axl being late for a concert in another country Gunner: - Evil magazine removing stuff that triggered GUNNER Gunner:
  15. maynard

    Split the loot equally: what should Izzy's cut be?

    ~~~~~Lo Maynard