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  1. GUNNER approves this. Muslims are always welcome.
  2. It sucks but it's amazing how easy it is to bang chicks using the zodiac signs stuff.
  3. lol manets.
  4. Speak for yourself, moron.
  5. " It was a long time with you, It was a long time with me" This is one of the worst parts of the album. The notes, the overdubs, the whiny voice. Better will win this.
  6. VR > Axl Solo
  7. Better has the best solo no the album. TWAT is a mess with a hilarious choir intro, dated hip hop beats, layers of Axl bullshit. Better is the only truly good song Axl has made as a solo artist.
  8. Axl Rose Solo =/= Guns N Roses
  9. 87-93 was the best. Even its worst moments (backing vocals, horns) were acceptable because Axl and Slash were killing it every night. NITL lineup - it sucks but at least Slash is back. 2001-2007 - Interesting freak show. Love Finck and BH. Axl ruined it by not releasing anything and by playing AFD + covers and hits instead of giving them a chance. 09-14 - despite Axl singing well from 09 to 10, the Ashba+BBF years are just pathetic. It is THAT bad. It includes all the Axl Rose disasters though. Thanks for the laughs.
  10. I don't know man. People change a lot overtime. Axl has always been a diva, that I can agree on. But I do think he aspired for more than just playing AFD + covers and having a Brazilian nanny protecting him from evil people.
  11. Course not. Just thought the video footage was actually cool. It made GNR look exciting.
  12. They should release the video and add Slash, Duff and Melissa to that sitcom-like intro of all the members. I'm sure Lars would sign it off right away.
  13. If they gave more fuck about what they are doing, this could've been a kickass tour. It's a shame they are all on autopilot. These guys have talent and charisma. GNR could still be a respected band.
  14. Seriously, seeing that picture... What a bunch of unlikeable faces. There's something about the Lebeis that just doesn't seem right. I'd bang Wanessa though.