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  1. Why won't Axl use an autotune raspinator 9000?

    Even thogh it's a lil robotic sounding, this is the best version of these songs, vocals-wise.
  2. Why won't Axl use an autotune raspinator 9000?

    Damn he sounds great on Catcher Axl should NEVER EVER sing with the clean falsetto voice. It's just weak and annoying. And that Brian May solo, my god. I'll have to download this one.
  3. US Politics, Culture and Society

    It sucks that muslims keep wishing to go to america but they hate when americans go to their country trying to make them stop acting like savages (and steal their oil so they can have money to buy reptilian tech from the iluminati that hide on the moon, a place never ever visited by mankind)
  4. There's a big difference between having years to come with an epic solo in studio and playing a solo done by other person 5 times a year. I agree he does a bad job and is clearly not interested in improving any of his CD solos. But the songs and solos are not that good to being with excepto for Better and TWAT.
  5. I think the Axl songs sound nothing like GNR and none of the CD crap would fit into UYI or whatever. Another fan myth in my opinion. There are good ideas in Prostitute. The genereic piano is catchy. The vocals, lyrics and messy/pretentious mix of instruments and layers ruin the song. Just compare it to NR. There's orchestra, there's cheesy lyrics and all trademark Axl pretetiousness. But there's also Slash and an Axl at his peak taking it to another level. Prostitute was done by hired musicians and a sad parody of Axl Rose.
  6. Some bullshit to get more youtube views I guess.

    WTTJ and LALD screams compilation
  8. official MaYnard and GunNeR thread - Part II

    AG was never my cup of tea. It seemed like a place for SoulMonster, Len, McCoy and other nerds to show how awesome they were, each in a different kind of autism/virginity. Whatever people say about alfierose, downzy, etc. I can tell for certain we could never get along regardless of how nice people they are (which I truly doubt). They are all a bunch of snowflakes. I just can't get along with this kind of people.
  9. Slash fucking Prostitute

    This song is a mess not even Slash can't save. Especially when he is not giving a single fuck about Axl's solo songs.
  10. official MaYnard and GunNeR thread - Part II

    I've already contacted my lawyers but since you have much more experience than I do, I'll accept your help. Let's shut down that shithole.
  11. official MaYnard and GunNeR thread - Part II

    Last post I made about Axl's voice was about how terrible it is and how Axl should find a coach to improve it. Then this faggot called Real McCoy or something like that told me to start posting here "with other trolls". Then I asked him if he was a snowflake who couldn't tolerate different opinions and called him a pussy. Someone removed my post and his. Now, with the post already hidden, I was banned by this piece of shit called alfierose. Guess this is the end of my stint over there. Won't bother creating another acc. I won't miss it one bit. @russtcb if you're reading this. You and Nosaj are cool guys but the rest of your forum is utter shit. It's been years since it was remotely interesting. It's just a bunch of asskissers doing what they do best. Please tell this alfieidiot that the post was already hidden and wouldn't hurt anyone's sensitive feelings anymore. Funny how we can't call other users "pussies" in a GNR forum. My opinion was negative but not trollish in any way. I see no difference between MyGNR and Warchild's nuthouse.
  12. Really glad for all the Dizzy fans out there. The guy who is a rock legend whether you like it or not. Definitely buying this one on vinyl.
  13. Yeah, listened to Estranged and the piano parts annoyed me a bit. And yes, the show seems very well mixed, Slash kills it in most songs. His guitar is so heavy and yet so crystal clear sounding. SLASH THE LAST TRUE REAL GUITAR GOD!!
  14. This was a great opportunity to debut Atlas live. It fits Slash style except for the solo.