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  1. Oops
  2. Buy Low, Sell High
  3. I think Arya will kill him next week, but when does Sansa die?
  4. That looks really good.
  5. ??
  6. [x] This thread does not deliver.
  7. AC/DC are so good. When they come on the radio in the car, I leave it. The guitars sound like car engines revving, and tires squealing. "Back in Black" is 96 Beats Per Minute, like the human heart. Reminds you of when you were in the womb.
  8. @Budd Dwyer Sauerkraut is clean! LOL, I know. I thought he was hotdogman or sixes, but he is a unique account.
  9. You use both hands to jerk off?
  10. <-- Bruce Willis fan
  11. The homeless are gay. If you really wanted some pussy you would get a job, a car, and a house, yo.
  12. MTV is on the Enemy List @Bill Brasky
  13. On the TV/HBO version of this story, The Hound is absolutely the best character. Fact. Tip top.