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  1. I am digging these banners

    Those are some dope rhymes!
  2. Beastie Boys official thread

    I guess I gotta check that one out.
  3. Beastie Boys official thread

    1. Paul's Boutique (1989) 2. Licensed to Ill (1986) 3. Check Your Head (1992) 4. To the 5 Boroughs (2004) 5. Ill Communication (1994) 6. Hello Nasty (1998)
  4. Merry Christmas, GNFNR!!!

    I joked about this, and then I went ahead and ate too many cookies this weekend.
  5. Merry Christmas, GNFNR!!!

  6. Merry Christmas, GNFNR!!!

    If you pm me your address, I will send you something for Christmas. Sorry, U.S. residents only
  7. Respect and Dignity For All

    Here at GNFNR we believe that support for dignity and respect can make a difference. Join us in observing Human Rights Day by celebrating @GUNNER and other "ethnic" members of the forum.
  8. I wish they'd never invented fried cheese

    1. meatpuppet


      It was probably invented the same way Columbus discovered America.

  9. official MaYnard and GunNeR thread - Part II

    It's hard to watch virgins and the autistic discuss GNR, but FYI Russ, a "rubbermade baby" is a euphemism for a "cum dumpster." Duh.
  10. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Legit Insider: Will Slash tour with Myles Kennedy in 2018?
  11. Who would you rather have Remix Chinese Democracy songs?

    I was browsing the Internet Archive wayback machine last Sunday, and this was a poll on the very oldest capture of gunsnfnroses.com
  12. Radiohead Thread

    A little, 1-hour / 13-song playlist I made... Paranoid Android Weird Fishes/Arpeggi Daydreaming Everything In Its Right Place Reckoner 15 Step Nude Decks Dark Burn The Witch Jigsaw Falling Into Place Exit Music (For A Film) House of Cards All I Need
  13. official MaYnard and GunNeR thread - Part II

    The name Downzy is offensive to me because my son has Downs syndrome.
  14. JB's Grateful Dead corner

    Today, in 1965, The Warlocks played their first show as The Grateful Dead. 12-4-65 at Big Nig's house in San Jose, California