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  1. How does The Simpsons football team fit in?
  2. Jack Nicholson wore his sunglasses at night. I always thought he looked stoned.
  3. "I'd never hurt you Danny"
  4. I eat egg sandwiches or usually nothing for breakfast. I like apples, and I eat one almost every day. I have a can of soup for lunch, and otherwise I drink, drink, drink -- coffee, booze, water, whatever. I can't tell you the last time I had a hot dog or fast food. At home I microwave a paper plate with shredded cheddar cheese and tortilla chips and I eat that if I get hungry.
  5. Eateries and banks seem to be the only stores that can survive downtown.
  6. the next time one of my kids brings home a bad report card, I am going to make him watch Rock in Rio 2001 (full)
  7. If people listened to more old Iron Maiden albums, they would have a better understanding of Modern European History.
  8. Millennials are The Worst
  9. I ate ALOT of LSD in the Nineties
  10. Just a few years ago, Slash was playing all these sweet clubs -- the dome at oakdale, hampton beach casino ballroom, house of blues, etc. for $20 a ticket and you could easily get right up in front. Rock concerts in football stadiums? I quit that habit 20 years ago.
  11. Rich white guys paying black guys to fuck their wives, "hotwives," etc. How is that a thing?
  12. We are in a weird cult.
  13. Always? I was born Day Three of the Watergate hearings and I grew up reading MAD magazine and watching George Carlin specials on HBO.
  14. Get in their way, they'll put you on their shelf