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  1. Day 1405 since Axl said he was looking very seriously into releasing a new album. Day 3381 since Chinese Democracy was released.
  2. What is your favorite law?

    Kirk Douglas, Scalawag
  3. Boston

    Some cities I have lived in or spent considerable time in: New York: Awesome. Like a scene from all those movies. Would not want to live there. Too intense. Love that I can visit anytime I want. Philadelphia: Artsy. Filthy. Bohemian. Dangerous. Too sprawled out. Useless downtown. Love South Philly, the rest can suck a dick. Trenton, NJ: A shit-hole. Good Italian restaurants. Camden, NJ: The worst part of Philly. Basically Bosnia. Phoenix, AZ: Basically a mall. Fake city in the desert. L.A.'s strip mall. San Diego, CA: Paradise on Earth Boulder, CO: Love it. Would go back and visit anytime. The way life should be. Denver, CO: Kind of a shit-hole and a boring town. Air pollution. Dusty and dirty. Hartford, CT: Duck, motherfucker New Haven, CT: Duck, motherfucker x2 Chicago, IL: A great city for food and music if you don't mind horrible weather. Hot chicks live elsewhere. Washington, DC: Great restaurants, but don't get shot. Albuquerque, NM: Most under-rated city in America. Great climate. Lots of great outdoors. No flying insects. Sunny. Cheap. Great food. Friendly people. Albany, NY: West Boston North Carolina: All the cities are great. Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Greensboro, Asheville, etc. Take your pick. Beautiful, easy women, great climate. Cheap houses. Jobs. Eugene, OR: Dark, cold and moldy. You will want to kill yourself after 2 weeks. Portland is at least more fun. Providence, RI: College girls here are rich and privileged. Good restaurants and great beaches nearby. Vermont: Has a couple of cities, but not really. Go visit Montpelier and see what I mean. Vermont is a good place to ski. Otherwise avoid it. LOL Brattleboro, etc. Virginia: Awesome state with fun cities and college towns. It's all good.
  4. Winds of Winter or Chinese Democracy II

    Jesus Christ
  5. We all know the dangers of smoking, but what could really happen to you if you follow Guns N' Roses in 2018? Doxxing, loss of job, income Legal lawsuits, Web Sheriff, Lulus dotcom regrettable tattoos weight gain questionable party affiliations
  6. Banned/Suspended Members Discussion Thread

    Miser/Brian put on break for a month
  7. What is your favorite law?

    My beautiful lawn
  8. Boston

  9. Best Advice You've Ever Received

    The fear that something is missing somewhere in you or in your life is the greatest illusion of all.
  10. Time to accept the fact that we all backed a losing horse

    My goal is to keep this place around long enough that we can hop on here and shitpost each time one of the AFD5 dies.
  11. Boston

    I'm nearby. We could drink