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  1. If GNR die, does that mean we get a ghost Axl playing AFD start to finish on the next show?
  2. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Did anybody else get a PM containing "Obese_Women_Thunder_Storm.mp3"? Axl's vocals sound a bit autotuned in it, but otherwise pretty good for an AC/DC song. Def Tommy Stinson on base, so I guess that confirms that.
  3. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Axl sounds fantastic with AC/DC. I have heard the "he's just yelling" meme, but is there any credible reason that someone who knows about singing technique can tell me why he is able to sound like a man with AC/DC but then sounds like Mickey Mouse 90 percent of the time with GNR?
  4. Best Guns N Ross guitarrist got cucked

    Bread Crumbs? There are only x amount of Tuesdays left in 2017. #legendofthecubanpandastartsnow
  5. Where do you rank Atlas?

    sounds good, thanks.
  6. Where do you rank Atlas?

    I gave my opinion on the leaks being a hoax based on some pretty firm reasoning. If that makes the people involved "Liars" or "trolls", it is what it is. But don't frame this like I am approaching guys like Damn_Smooth aggressively calling them liars. He interjected into the post, not the other way around. I PMed two people on the day this all went down a few hours a part asking if it was a hoax, or if there were links. Let it be after that when it became clear that I wasn't involved. Not to mention, read my past posts regarding the matter. I'm hardly jealous or freaking out about either not being included in the hoax, or not being included in the leaks.
  7. Where do you rank Atlas?

    Because you seem to be so concerned with a random poster thinking the leaks are a hoax, I'll gladly apologise if it turns out I am wrong since it seems like you need that. Remember, I never approached you, this was a completely unrelated chain of posts you interjected in getting defensive about me calling you a liar (something I never did). They aren't delusions. I am making a conclusion based on things that have happened. If I end up being wrong, that's fine. If it is a hoax, you guys did a terrible job, if it is not a hoax, it's unprecedented that people have been PMing it to what amounts to dozens of people by now, and it hasn't gotten out in the wild. I don't have much more to add to this.
  8. Where do you rank Atlas?

    There's a big difference between me PMing you or publically posting saying "Damn_Smooth" is a liar, and you feeling the need to interject into a completely different conversation not directly involving you discussing the "leaks". Very defensive, what does that tell you? If you want me to answer your question directly, I'd be pretty understanding of people's scepticism when every other leak has spread like wild fire and despite some member sending out "10 PMs a day", this one has been contained. Not to mention, conflicting reports about song lengths, nobody posting lyrics, etc, etc. Face it, you guys did a bad job. It was a great idea, poorly executed. At the end of the day, I'm not sure why you'd care that much that a random poster thinks it's a hoax/troll job.
  9. Where do you rank Atlas?

    You got me. Why are you guys so defensive if the leaks are real?
  10. Would Axl be a good country singer?

    That's where all the money is because people who listen to country music don't know about the internet so they still buy albums. Axl should do it.
  11. Where do you rank Atlas?

    Anybody who was on the fence should observe how this Madagascar leak went down, and that should tell them whether or not these previous leaks were or weren't a hoax. Very obvious. A bit more tact, maybe they could have pulled it off.
  12. Roy Thomas Baker Madasgar Leak

    It sounds like an unmastered demo. The biggest difference between this leak and the final version is that the final version is more of a dense wall of sound, where as on this leak, you can actually hear the separation of each instrument. Maybe the 99 demos were like that as well, but the fidelity on this leak seems to be a bit higher where as the 99 demos of TWAT+IRS sound a bit muddy.
  13. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Axl opened a pandora's box by reuniting....oops regrouping (TM) with Slash. There's no way he could tour with NUGNR and have it be accepted.
  14. Angel Down

    Axl should have asked to use 'Love Is A Bitchslap' as the lead single for Chinese Democracy. Weird a song with a chorus is kinda catchy.