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  1. The Chinese Noodle Incident 2018

    I've done this thread before. Probably more than once. This forum needs some uplifting fun and games. So let's try and construct a playlist of songs that would make for a good Axl/GNR cover album. Each person adds a new track, and so on. 1) Sue Me Sue Your Blues 2).....
  2. Does anyone else miss the blues live?

    The Blues is very obviously about Slash. Axl has claimed that he doesn't write songs about one person/situation, so I'd buy there is some lame ass Stephanie Everley shit in there, but it is like 95 percent about Slash. First off, the song is called 'The Blues'. (Yeah, he changed the title, probably because he didn't want people to catch on and get weirded out that he wrote a (presumably) heterosexual love ballad about Slash and how hard it is to find another Blues guitarist). Just read the lyrics. First verse is about Axl trying to keep him in the band, truly loving him, but Slash is a prick. Second is about how Slash stinks at music now because he'll never be able to do what he did while in GNR, and how hard it must be to be Slash because Slash has to live with the burden of lying all the time and being mean to Axl. Next few are just BS about how hard it is to recruit a guitar player and make a GNR album since he is stuck with Paul Tobias and can't find another Blues guitarist like Slash. "What I thought was beautiful don't live inside of you anyyymaaahhhhhh" followed by a guitar solo? Come on. What this means to me is more than I know you believeWhat I thought of you, now, has cost more than it should for meWhat I thought was true before, were lies I couldn't seeWhat I thought was beautiful, is only memories That is like grade A Axl persecution complex stuff. I don't know how anyone who has been following the band, listening to the type of things Axl says during the CD era about Slash and other issues, and not see how this song is clearly a heterosexual love ballad about replacing him and then coming to terms with the fact that old GNR is dead and beyond saving.
  3. Does anyone else miss the blues live?

    The Blues is objectively the best objective Guns N' Roses song. Objectively of course. When I was 16, I used to walk around listening to it on my 2GB Sony MP3 player on loop because I was sad that my girlfriend moved away, and only someone as emotionally complex as Axl could articulate a song that was relatable to what I was feeling at that time. "Everywhere I go I see youuuuu" "Holy shit, how does he know!" Tell me that doesn't make it the best GNR song.
  4. Fun fact, Axl Rose wanted to play Spiderman so badly that he tried to buy Marvel in the 90s.
  5. He'd probably tell himself to fuck off because he was trying to watch the Ninja Turtles.
  6. But then he found out killing Axl only made it worse, because it resulted in the archives of Chinese Democracy being released for decades.
  7. What if Axl was your Dad?

    I think Axl has mom-zoned Beta, but they definitely spoon.
  8. What if Axl was your Dad?

    "Dad, that Bumblehand guy is calling again, should I tell him you're not home?"
  9. GnR set to hit the studio

    Axl lays down the final vocal track on what he thinks is AC/DC's upcoming album "Obese Women Weather Report". He then turns to Angus for approval only to see Angus chuckling. Angus strips off his school boy outfit to reveal he's actually Slash. "IT'S ME AXL. IT'S ME AXL. IT WAS ME ALL ALONG" That's the story of how GNR finally record a new album.
  10. where are we at

  11. where are we at

    fuck this i want to hear cocakroach soup
  12. where are we at

    I think we've all learned that it was never about Guns N' Roses music, but the friends you make while waiting for it.
  13. What Cranberries song should GnR cover?

    I would approve of a GNR 90s top 40 cover album. Especially if it featured layered Chinese Democracy production on Tubthumping.
  14. Axl's favorite pizza in the world

    in b4 arny's pizza gimmick account
  15. Who will be Guns N' Roses in 2018?

    Axl's gonna go get Izzy Stradlin in order to boost NUGNR's credibility without Slash while they do festivals. Monster Energy Drinks presents DJ Ashba will return to the group. Axl Rose Monster Energy Drinks Guy Richard Fortus Izzy Stradlin Duff McKagen Melissa Reese Dizzy Reed Frank Ferrer (Special Guest: Steven Adler)