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  1. gunsntortillas

    Happy Birthday Mr. Dizzy Fuckin Reed

    Axl should have taken the song "Rock N' Roll Ain't Easy" from him. It'd be funny in the context of Axl signing it.
  2. gunsntortillas

    This I Love re-mix

    As a final song, the remix is far superior. I don't expect most people to like it, since it is almost an Axl Rose hip hop/R&B type song. I almost wish the remix was the version that made the cut on Chinese Democracy because it'd only make the album that much weirder.
  3. gunsntortillas

    Divorce payment settled for Slash

    You're missing the point, or you didn't read my entire post all the way through.
  4. gunsntortillas

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    Whether it was Axl's fault, the record companies for turning down versions of the album, or both, these 2001 leaks just show how foolish it was for the album not to come out. There's something "special" about the final release of Chinese Democracy, in that there'll probably never be an album that is as dense and needlessly tinkered with ever released by a major label rock band again. You can hear the music genres coming in and out of fashion as you listen to the album. It's ridiculous. It'd be one thing if Axl re-wrote the entire album time and time again, but aside from a few later additions to the album, we're talking about a possible final track list that depending on what rumours are believed features mostly the same core tracks from '01 version. It's a shame the album didn't come out in the late 90's or early 2000's. Axl wasted the rest of his musical prime on an album that was finished nearly a decade before he released it. Hopefully there are a lot of unearthed tracks that justify that time spent, but as the old saying goes if a hot dog is put in a bun and nobody is around to eat it, was the hot dog ever there at all?
  5. gunsntortillas

    Divorce payment settled for Slash

    Slash must have good lawyers or have a very low net worth, unless she got a significant amount of other assets, that seems incredibly low, especially with so little up front cash. Relatively speaking, 1.2M a year until one of them dies is chump change considering Slash is in his 50's and what the previous tour must have made him. Of course, it's a ton of money for someone who married Slash AFTER he was famous, but I'm not really commenting on that.
  6. gunsntortillas

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    Anybody have Going Down? Is it the same version with the Stinson vocals?
  7. gunsntortillas

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    Given that these aren't "new" songs we haven't heard yet in the past, and the fidelity is awful, these leaks aren't very good. It's interesting to hear, but it's not like I am gonna listen to them after the curiosity factor wears off. The tracks being mono scratch tracks missing key elements of the songs explains why they sound so bad. It also might explain why Tommy Stinson had lead vocals on 'Going Down'. The live version of Silkworms is still the definitive version that's out there. We have a studio version of OMG from '99 already. It'd be nice for something brand new that hasn't been heard yet like Atlas or the General to leak. The fidelity on 'Going Down' was just as bad as Silkworms, but it was significantly more interesting since we hadn't heard that song yet in any form.
  8. gunsntortillas

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    Can someone put more sauerkraut on my hot dog? Thanks.
  9. gunsntortillas


    Those were middle school talent show cover band level of vocals. I can't believe how bad that was. He's clearly capable of singing it, was it a lack of practice, was he sick, did he just not care?
  10. gunsntortillas

    Split the loot equally: what should Izzy's cut be?

    If you wanna talk ruthless business, Slash/Axl would have been idiots to bring in Adler and Izzy. Even Duff isn't really needed. To the majority of people who are gonna buy tickets, Slash+Axl back together are the big selling points. This reunion tour wasn't going to sell a single extra ticket because of Izzy, Duff, or Adler. It also leaves the door open to do a "real" reunion with the AFD 5 when ticket sales eventually dwindle. Then that becomes something new to sell when the novelty of Slash and Axl together wears off. If all 5 are back together doing an AFD 5 reunion type thing, it should be split evenly. That'll never happen though if Slash/Axl/Duff are still making a killing without needing that selling point.
  11. gunsntortillas

    The "Lets all bow down to Fernando 'thread

    @Fernando who is Axl's favourite poster?
  12. sex tapes werent invented yet when GNR were young in the 80s/early 90s. They are too old for sex now.
  13. gunsntortillas

    Would anybody still pay for a GNR album at this point?

    What are you talking about why would you not be interested in dropping a grand on an album that can be found lining the walls at thrift stores for 99 cents and temporary tattoos?
  14. gunsntortillas

    Would anybody still pay for a GNR album at this point?

    I don't pay for music because I am a dirty millennial, but I'd probably dust off the hipster record player and buy Chinese Democracy II on Vinyl so that Cuban Skies could really pop on my system. That's assuming it's priced like a normal vinyl record should be, and not the BS that goes on nowadays with poorly mastered vinyl albums being sold for 40 bucks. I'd want to find a way to celebrate the release by needlessly spending money on physical junk, so if the vinyl was too expensive, I might drop 10 bucks on a limited edition cassette release if such a thing existed. I'd just keep it in the shrink wrap and look at it from time to time in order to reminisce about all the good friends I've made on the forum through the years. (spoiler, I've made no friends but you are all pretty ok)