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  1. So you think there were only two mafia in the entire game? Because otherwise wouldn't I have just told my partner to vote for someone and we would have taken care of it immediately, and not hours after the day opened. I'm pretty sure we got you, scum.
  2. If you support any politician, you're an idiot tbqh.
  3. 1. Get our militaries and military wares the fuck out of the Middle East. 2. Say thanks but no thanks to their refugees and immigrants. You're welcome.
  4. This is what you're saying: 1. mafia made a shit mistake at night 2. the very next day magisme mafia wins What?
  5. Anyone mafia kills is almost guaranteed to be town at this point, unless there's a third indy, which would be a fine kill for mafia too at this stage in the game. I don't understand your point. Why would killing Conor in the night be the obvious play for mafia. Besides, even if you had a point, your point would stand for anyone who might be mafia, so by your logic no one is mafia, we're all town, and we won the game.
  6. Don't you think he's the best choice? He went after you when he saw that arnold and I were suspicious of your character shenanigans, and now he's out ta get me because mafia wins if they eliminate a town double vote. Out of bacardi, Budd, and arnold, probably 2/3 are mafia. I think it's a solid lynch.
  7. What? I'm clearly town. If I was mafia the day would have ended long ago. I've been giving you the benefit of the doubt, but it's a little convenient that all of a sudden you think I'm mafia now that you know I have a double vote. Official Vote: bacardimayne Lock it up.
  8. I haven't seen anyone report that.
  9. Chances are that it is Islam related, though. It's just what these things tend to be. Entire country got blowed up? Chances are America did it. Civilian gatherings blowed up? Chances are Islam did it (unless it's a drone strike, in which case that'd be us again).
  10. If Netanyahu gets two scoops, I'm out.
  11. Secret double vote power for the win! Conor, who do we take down? We only need our 3 votes to bag scum.