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  1. Like I said, if that's what you think at this point, there's nothing to chat about. I'm not going to make another longwinded post explaining myself just so you can forget it in a couple of hours and play make-believe. This has become boring. Peace.
  2. If at this point you think I love Trump, then I give up. Forget I said anything.
  4. I think it's this.
  5. OUT TA GET ME!1!
  6. Jesus Christ, man. Nowhere do I say you should like any politician. My only point was that criticism against Trump should be accurate and precise if it has any chance of being effective. "Trump has passed a bunch of laws, so he's definitely gonna pass more bad ones, and he should eliminate the federal laws that let a tranny wrestle girls" doesn't fit the bill. We really can't speak reasonably about this stuff here, can we?
  7. I love how it's a pic of two white kids looking slightly mischievous.
  8. Exactly medium rare is my ideal steak. Pork: medium Poultry: just make sure it's cooked, brine it overnight to avoid dry, bland birdie Lamb: medium rare/medium
  9. When I want beef, i just walk up to a live cow and take a bite.
  10. Intelligence signaling is the new virtue signaling.
  11. I need some new underwear soon. I bought some Hanes boxer briefs a year ago and the waistbands are already losing their elastic. That's some bullshit.
  12. With all due respect, if you think that, you know nothing about the US economy. Unfortunately, people have bought the stock market and unemployment rate memes. God damn it. Posts like that from intelligent people really depress me.
  13. It's local and state bodies that allow this as far as I know. I don't think the feds have anything to do with it. Y'all don't see it, but I'm trying to do you guys a solid here. I'm trying to sharpen your anti-Trump swords. Right now it's just throw outrage at a wall and who cares if anything even sticks. That's not gonna work. That's SJW shit. You gotta tighten your game to stump the Trump.
  14. What brand?