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  1. It's almost like we're not 100% banana republic.
  2. I'm down with GnRLiars as leader. Official Vote: GnRLiars
  3. The greatest trick the Axl ever pulled was convincing the world reunion rasp exists.
  4. I figured he was safe since he was on the mission with bacardi.
  5. I understand what you're saying, and I agree to an extent, but let's not pretend that we don't put prices on people's lives every day within the health care industry, and let's not pretend that the insurance industry is or should be primarily about the ethics. They are a business built on risk/reward analyses, but certain risk/reward scenarios are allowed while others are not, and when the difference depends on an ethics that has nothing to do with business, you open the door for all sorts of favoritism and political shenanigans, hence the current state of most insurance industries and the skyrocketing premiums for your average person. If they can't charge a certain riskier group more when that group is in fact riskier, you can bet the farm that they won't eat those losses, they'll transfer those charges to other customers and everyone loses. See Obamacare.
  6. I'm officially the best leader we've had so far.
  7. Didn't Conan call him fat during the 2002 tour? Didn't Axl do a joke with donuts or something at the MSG show because of it? Also, the media didn't call him fat, but most reviews for the 2002 tour mentioned something along the lines of a "huskier" Axl Rose iirc.
  8. Does it really matter that it's beyond their control though? Insurance companies aren't charities. They exist to make money. If insuring one type of person inherently runs higher risk than insuring another type of person, why wouldn't/shouldn't an insurance company charge the riskier person more?
  9. The rasp is totally there, guys. He's just doing some next level shit that the human ear can't perceive. Dogs at the shows are treated to the finest rasp Axl has produced since 1989. It's not Axl's fault that human hearing hasn't evolved at the same rate that his voice has.
  10. lol GUNNER
  11. Only an SJW would say some shit like this.
  12. Why do you say that? He wasn't on my first list, but he took bacardi's place after DS protested bacardi's inclusion. He's definitely the one I feel least solid about. This is exactly why I wanted to have a fucking conversation about the mission list. Too late now. We'll see.
  13. Her boyfriend sounds like a good guy.
  14. I voted for Back Off Bitch. It has 1 vote. What have you done?
  15. Brazil ruins everything. Thanks a lot, Manets.