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  1. I have no love for Hannity or O'Reilly but this fake news fake sexual harassment witch-hunt needs to stop.
  2. Vanilla ice cream is the new milk. I'll be the guy in the corner double-fisting PURE vanilla (none of tat speckled bean shit) cones.
  3. Triggered GUNNER is such a dumb GUNNER.
  4. Patriot Act: Man, these guys are awful. We need to fight this bullshit. This is not what the USA is about. Iraq War 2: Fuck it. We had a good run. Burn it down.
  5. Someone hand me a blanket and a vial of smallpox ASAP.
  6. Remember when I said this? Can we put this on millennials too?
  7. My boyfriend (you might have heard me mention him, his name is JT Miller) drives me nuts every game with it. Him and Zuccarello. They love to change during transitions going against the Rangers, and when they hit the top of the circle they shut it down and glide the rest of the way.
  8. Why is coasting to the bench for a change so prevalent? I don't know for sure that it's a recent thing, but I never noticed it until the past few years.
  10. Goodnight, sweet prince.
  11. Trump is basically Slash tier cucked at this point.