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  1. magisme

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    Did he? Jesus fuck, these people.
  2. magisme

    MLB 2016 Discussion

    "Hey, let's see what's going on in the All-Star game." *turns channel to Fox, immediately sees players taking selfies on field, immediately powers off television*
  3. magisme

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    In idyllic small town USA, man says to wife, "Honey, I'm taking Billy out back to teach him how to cornhole."
  4. magisme

    Who Is America?

    It's not. That's just how the media portrays it. Most people don't like either, but the two parties are so established and well-funded that no one has a chance against them really.
  5. magisme

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    I guess we can add pedophile to the list. GUNNER was brave enough to run with it.
  6. magisme

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    We need a full list of what they've tried so far. It's incredible. I'll start. Misogynist Rapist Racist/White Supremacist Insane Traitor Morbidly Obese Nazi Xenophobe Stupid Fascist .... Pedophile when?
  7. He's kind of Out Ta Get Axl with the bouncer comment, but then he's nice about the current tour. I can't decide whether I've always loved or always hated The Darkness.
  8. magisme

    Who Is America?

    Yes, because no one is actually actively advocating for bearing arms at 4. It's a fake issue.
  9. magisme

    The Best Drum Intros - GNR is #3

    PC drum intro is better.
  10. magisme

    Who Is America?

    Remember when we were teenagers and movies with teenager sex and nudity were awesome? Remember when we became adults and all of a sudden we realized it was creepy as fuck?
  11. magisme

    Who Is America?

    Meh. At this point, it's a win for the right every time Hollywood or the mainstream media goes after them. Everyone knows that the most SHIT people in the room are Hollywood degenerates and fake news fags.
  12. magisme

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT THREE

    I'm a sucker for a Damn_Smooth wall of text. Official Vote: GUNNER Let's complete the deshittening of the game.
  13. magisme

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT THREE

    If all three of the SHIT contenders turn up town, we got dealt a shit town.
  14. magisme

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT THREE

    "Hey, guys! I'm active in the game! Look at my contributions!"
  15. magisme

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I thought you were in favor of government corruption, GUNNER. You're always defending Lula with "They all do it!! xD".