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  1. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    That was an intentional lie. Not him being "oh golly gee i'm gunner huck huck huck, gee whillakers i'm portuguese guys we count in different numbers." Honestly, Gunner is like the original statue bust they made for ronaldo.
  2. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    Falling back on your same tactics, eh gunnao? It's very simple, you're trying to dissuade people from verifying your claims (lies). I bet you've also figured out the search feature has been downgraded from past versions of the forum software, so it's harder to use certain search algorithms. But let's just come back to reality. It was day 1. How many people did I vote for ruggner, I mean gungner? I know you can count you portuguese gypsy. THREE PEOPLE. KFC Bucket (who i'm still suspicious of), Arnold, and you. 3 people. On day 1. It's a well established technique to put votes on people to help move the game along and gauge their reactions. And just because I know you will try to spin this, yes I did flip flop between you and KFC Bucket twice. Oh let me guess, that's what you meant by "changing my vote so many times." Fuck off.
  3. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    I didn't vote for Ragnar in day 1.
  4. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    Oh shit, I forgot to mention(I wanted to edit, but I'm not an idiot like gunner who fails at basic fundamentals of mafia)... But one thing Liars used to do fairly frequently was accuse people, repeatedly of being mafia, with a lot of gusto. I remember one game I was sure he was mafia because he kept putting heat on me and people who got voted out, all who were townies. But it turned out he was town, and my mind was blown. And then I noticed that in a few other games as well. Strong, confident accusations, with a lot of verve. He doesn't do it every game, but he's still off this game. He's not as robust with his posting. Again, it might just be because his close bromance buddy Lance is not here. But I find it strange that in a game dedicated to Lance, GnRLiars is not playing in the spirit of Bill Brasky, his close associate. Ultimately, I think it's clear that the portuguese twatcake is dirty. He's been real slick, but not slick enough.
  5. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    Exactly! My moving day was a nightmare, so I haven't been on much. Earlier you asked me my thoughts on Liars. I guess for me, he's been laying exceptionally low. In previous mafia games, he's way more boisterous and licking Lance's balls at every turn. But this game, he's been way more reserved and withdrawn. Regardless of Lance's absence, that is out of character for him, so I'm definitely suspicious. I'm sure he'll have some readymade excuse, but it just seems like he's staying off the radar so he can float on through. But you're dead-on about Gunner. His excessive spamming makes it hard to read the thread. And I think that was intentional on his part. But he's not acting the same either. I think you're right though- he's a mafia cum bag, and that's why my vote stays on him. As for DS, he's always an angry contrarian cunt who tells you you're wrong no matter what you say. And in this game, that's been the case the whole time. I don't really see him out of character. I think Gunner is trying to force a narrative there. Conor.. not sure what to think. The ol' "i'm too busy" shtick. Ok fine, whatever. Enjoy your little island and being England's bitch. I mean, the Irish terrorists are worse than the towel head terrorists. LOL catholics vs protestants. How primitive. Arnold... he's being weird. Usually he's the "i'm tooooo busy guys! TOOO BUSY!" But this game, he's "i've got a hunch and my 6th sense is telling my spidey sense that I'm right." Shit like that. I dunno, but to me, after having to sift through gunner's spam, he's a dirtbag. Fuck him.
  6. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    @John Bonham Gunner edited this post. It is clearly stated that this is against the rules. ...says the guy who's been shitposting the entire game. Oh I get it, are me and DS the new ragnar and skeeter? Allow me to elaborate My day one vote on you was simply to remove the spam nonsense. Now I've been prepping to move to a new apartment, so I'd been skimming the thread during this week, and I'll be honest- I was not reading a lot of yours' and ragnar's and skeeter's posts. At first, it just seemed like you were doing your obsessive schtick by riling them up. I've seen it elsewhere- you get fixated on people and stalk them and troll them. But I found it increasingly annoying and I felt like, if we got rid of you, then skeeter and ragnar would calm down and chill, and it would be fun to play the game with them. Ultimately however, those two people ended up getting shitcanned. Interesting that the two people you were bickering with end up dead and end up being town. Coincidence? Happenstance? Frame job? I mean it was day 1, sometimes poor decisions are made. I can't base an entire rationale on your dumbassery. Except, is that hwhat it was? Dumbassery? Upon rereading the thread, I'm not so sure. You're a dumbass, but you're also like an idiot savant in some ways. Like a retard who can recite the whole alphabet. I wonder, were you spewing all those filler posts in order to water down the thread and make it more difficult for townies to read through it and get clues? If so, that was a brilliant job. Honestly, it's all inference, but I would say your play is definitely different this game. I think you're mafia or indy, that's the bottom line. OFFICIAL VOTE: GUNNER
  7. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    Well that sucks. What would conor call you people? Twat wombles or something. 22 fucking pages of review. I'm moving today so i wont be around much. When i have time i'll spend the fucking hour it will take to parse through the thread. Gunnao is a retard and ds makes some salient points. You wont have to twist my arm to vote for gunrar. But I wanna read the thread again. I need to confirm some things.
  8. ...said the guy who used "quickly put out an album" and "did a world tour" as examples which somehow are exclusive from being a junkie. Yeap, people still talking about that album even to this day. lol
  9. I already mentioned that he OD'd multiple times. And his personality changed. And Axl mentioned his addiction at Rock in Rio. You can live in denial all you want. Slash was a raging addict and basically ceded the band to Axl because he was more concerned with his heroin. http://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/appetite-reconstruction-guns-n-roses-landmark-debut-album-30-years-later-063630123.html And that's just a taste.
  10. Slash's heroin use affected the band more than Steven's. Several times turning blue, several times going to rehab, massive denial about his problem.
  11. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    And i'm not trying to be hypocritical towards gunner. In previous games, I unleashed a few shit storms on people. But they were like half page shit storms every now and then. Not a sustained gale force wind of shit for 17 fucking pages. lol ragunar
  12. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    NOPE, page 20 here we come!
  13. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    Oh please. I put a few votes on people to see what kind of reaction I'd get. I've maintained since the beginning that I don't like KFCBucket. Neither does Conor. I think I've voted for 3 people, total? I put a vote on arnold because I think he is lying big time. In fact, we know he's lying because he initially went after one person, said they were dirty and said he was convinced they were dirty, then he changed his story and said almost the same thing about someone else. If he's the cop, then it's pretty stupid to boast "hey i'm the cop" on day one before night has even began. I get that he's probably just fucking around, but I don't take kindly to him entertaining himself at the potential expense of townies getting voted off because he's bullshitted people into believing he has daytime investigative abilities. Which he very well may have. But then that goes back to "why has he implied and even directly accused multiple people with an air of certainty"? But again, he's probably just doing it to be edgy. His generation tends to do things like that. It's day 1. Maybe if you weren't spamming the thread and ruining the game, I wouldn't vote for you. I mean seriously, I know you get your jollies tweaking skeeter and ragnar, but we're coming up on 20 fucking pages of that shit. Round and round. Circles and circles. Gypsy this, gipsy that. Gypsy, fag, gay, retard, whatever. Over and over. I suppose at this point, I just would like to get rid of you and keep skeeter and ragnar. I think the game will be a lot more enjoyable. I could vote ragnar off I guess. Or skeeteer. But for now, it's you. Fuck you.
  14. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Bill Brasky - NIGHT TWO

    Okay okay. I'm tired of gunner's nonsense. He is acting weird this game. UNVOTE KFCBUCKET OFFICIAL VOTE: GUNNER