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  1. comedy enthusiast

    Trading leaks / unheard material

    I love when leak hoarders duke it out on the internet.
  2. comedy enthusiast

    Trading leaks / unheard material

    Will one of you assholes please trade him? Morans.
  3. comedy enthusiast

    The Mafia (sign-ups)

    Ban any players who aren't playing this game.
  4. comedy enthusiast

    NBA 2017-2018

    That was before he was on the 'roids.
  5. Mygnr only allows that version to be posted because the original version is highly offensive, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and violates over 17 of the rules of the site. If you post the original, you are suspended immejiately and the kid whose mommy and daddy bought his modship will send you a stern PM.
  6. comedy enthusiast


    Don't be a dick gunner. I like Brain's drumming. This mix, of which I'm not familiar with all the zillions of mixes, sounds a little muddy, I'm a little wary that some gnr fan has added in their own shit, but it's got verve, it's got some energy, it's got some authenticity. Any experts/historians care to define exactly what version of silkworms this is?
  7. comedy enthusiast

    The Mafia (sign-ups)

    You have time, you twat waffle.
  8. Slash is half black and he played on One In a Million. Checkmate in terms of cuckitude.
  9. comedy enthusiast

    The Mafia (sign-ups)

    I'm in. I'll be waiting for dab smoov and cardi bmayne to come in and tell us multiple times how they aren't playing and don't want to play and will not play.
  10. comedy enthusiast

    House of Blues 2001

    warchild got it taken down
  11. Axl's a fat bloated cunt who can't sing anymore.
  12. comedy enthusiast

    God Bless Slash

    People have accused me of "hating" Slash over the years, but the truth is I never have. And now more than ever, I respect the man. He's going out there and trying to make the best out of a situation he has no control over. He's out there trying to inject some energy into a lifeless machine of which he has become apart of and absorbed himself into. Axl's so far gone, there's nothing Slash can do. Other than put on his game face and try to give the fans what they want. He's taking one for the team. If it weren't for Axl, Steven would be there. And I'll tell ya hwhat, Slash, Steven, and Duff plus an Axl impersonator is sounding really good right now. I can't say if Izzy would be there, but I bet Slash would've compromised and payed Izzy what he wanted. So, the original 4 plus an Axl soundalike. Could it be called Guns n' Roses? I digress. Good on Slash. Good for him man. He's trying his damndest. He's showing up for work and going for it. He has to deal with Fernando and god knows what other glorified hangers on. He takes it in stride. He puts on a show. He gives a laudable effort. He was one of the original members. He owns a piece of the GnR name in the hearts and minds. And that's all that matters.
  13. comedy enthusiast

    Requests, Issues, etc.

    ragnar hacked u, noob
  14. comedy enthusiast

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I don't understand what you mean. Like I know what I'm talking about, I was drunk as fuck when I wrote that. And actually, it's apparently reactive oxygen species, I just brushed up. Best way to think of it is this: you've heard of anti-oxidants? Well meth causes oxidants. That's my 2 dollar answer. Oxidative stress.
  15. haha cm punk, wat a little bitch I hope he returns to the wwe and vince orders a match where he loses to ronda rousey.