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  1. Who is making decent rap music these days?

    It's symbolic because they're black rappers writing about white devils.
  2. Who is making decent rap music these days?

    The Death Grips are the most talented group ever and they are so meta and so deep and so rock n' roll and so profound. -according to a fat neckbearded heroin addict who played clubs that only had one type of women: fat black chicks
  3. This I Love music video?

    lol This I love. Axl's 7th grade rhyming opus.
  4. Shitcoin is a fantastic idea.
  5. We've always hated Myles Kennedy

    According to you, it's Izzy's fault.
  6. We've always hated Myles Kennedy

    He's a mythical poster that used to post on mygnr and once or twice on htgth. Was somewhat of an insider.
  7. We've always hated Myles Kennedy

    I've always hated Myles' voice. I just don't think singing is for him.
  8. US Politics, Culture and Society

    "Space force"
  9. 1985 GNR radio interview - Axl, Izzy and Tracii

    It's just not the same without Matt Sorum.
  10. US Politics, Culture and Society

    So... about Tillerson getting shitcanned... Any of you Trump nutswingers care to smarten me up on that whole deal? He found out via tweet, lol.
  11. Mclusky

    Honestly Bono's best sunglasses were those big bug eye ones from Achtung Baby. Everything after that was hipster shit.
  12. Mclusky

  13. Jimi Hendrix still more prolific than Bill

    Hendrix has some gems that have up until this point only available on bootlegs. Not sure what's on the new release.