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  1. Who is the biggest shitposter on this board? If someone isn't listed, please request, and I will add them.
  2. I think Axl's got low T.
  3. Shut the fuck up retard. You're a disgrace to the military and you're a joke.
  4. He's sorta like Axl running GnR after he got the name.
  5. I agree, Thomas Meadow should've been aborted.
  6. I'm sorry, but you're a fucking idiot Miser. Quit spamming the forum, dipshit.
  7. Say hwhat you will about Chinese Democracy, but somehow, some way, Salsh is playing those songs on the tour. Checkmate indeed.
  8. Why don't we just make miser and thomas meadow mods at this point.
  9. I can tolerate Stevia, although it tastes weird. What I can't deal with is sucralose, which is in tons of stuff. It gives me the weirdest headache that'll last for 12 hours. It's not even really a headache, but that's the closest I can describe it. So I hate that shit. It's literally sugar that has been altered to include 3 chlorine atoms. No thanks. Tastes good though.
  10. Adler's drumming shaped the sound of AFD in every single song. Replace him, it sounds different. Replace Duff, no one blinks an eye. You people are confusing his retardedness with his musicianship. His stamp is all over AFD and he owns more of its aural real estate than Duff. So, Duff "by a country mile".
  11. Okay.
  12. Paul Huge saved Guns n Roses.
  13. It's it. What is it?
  14. "Let's see, how can I fuck up Guns n Roses even worse than the Spaghetti Incident? How shall I count the ways?
  15. Axl/DC isn't cool to the uber hipsters around here.