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  1. I used to serve homeless assholes at a liquor store. They would buy half pints of Skol vodka for 2 dollars and/or Canadian Superior whisky. They would get pissed when I wouldn't let them slide on being pennies (or more) short. They bragged about selling their food stamp cards. They would come in and pretend to apply for a job, so they could milk the unemployment system for another few months. Often they smelled, they were rude, they were obnoxious, they scared off the actual customers who spent real money there. They had inappropriate conversations. I remember this one guy, his nickname was bag wallet. He would sometimes eat the receipts. I get that the homeless often have mental issues, but in America, we have a created a system where they have plenty of resources. From soup kitchens, to shelters, to government programs- it's tough being homeless, sure. But there are resources. It may not be as friendly as those socialist wannabes in Europe, but being homeless in america isn't bad in comparison to a lot of countries.
  2. Bout to start watching The Defenders. As I've said before, Daredevil was fantastic, which is why it got two seasons. The other 3 shows couldn't quite match DD, but they were each good in their own ways. It'll be interesting to see how the collaboration goes. And of course... The Punisher is in it to some extent to help advertise his show. Cannot wait for that either.
  3. Hey let's just find shit on youtube and make a thread about it, calling 240p great quality. At least put some effort into it.
  4. Insider references have been around for a long time. "Insiders" was merely mentioned as a one-off joke in the opening post, since making fun of insiders has once again become trendy. And total acknowledgement- I credit you for bringing it back. I'm not tryin to rip off your shit or leech off your thunder. I just threw the insider thing in there for old time's sake, since it used to be somewhat of a meme around here. Otherwise the thread is just a typical theory/premise, and one that I freely admit is not original. It's common knowledge that Team Brazil leads an extravagant lifestyle and Axl bankrolls it. I merely just revisited the topic and broached the theory once again.
  5. I think there's some confusion here. Cinema Sins doesn't do real movie reviews. They're not critics. They're Youtube guys that make the "Everything Wrong With [movie]" series. They point out plot holes, character motivation issues, bad writing, bad directing, bad editing, mistakes, errors, etc. It's their gimmick. They do it for both "good" and "bad" movies. It's sort of like a roast. Even for movies they like. But they've gained quite a bit of popularity and this director obviously was bothered by their 'review' of his movie. But as I said, it's not really a review. You don't take it literally. It's funny. The director fired off like 50 tweets. This article has most of them: What's interesting here, to me anyway, is examining the director's responses and considering his points of view. Are his accusations toward Cinema Sins accurate? Are the things he defended about his movie legitimate responses? Is he missing the point? Is Cinema Sins right about a few things that he's in denial about?
  6. Insiders confirmed TB is the reason for the partial reunion.
  7. Multiple insiders confirm, Team Brazil has grown accustomed to a certain luxurious lifestyle. Unfortunately, they drained Axl's reserves and he was forced to do the regroupening as touring with the Chinese Democracy replacement lineup was just not paying the bills. So, we as fans should be thanking Team Brazil. Without them, Axl would've never reunited with Sluff.
  8. The director of Kong: Skull Island is none too pleased over Cinema Sins' "Everything Wrong With" review of his movie. He fired back on social media, and among other things said Cinema Sins has lost its touch from its early days, is siphoning money from other people's work, reeks of a failed filmmaker, and is just mean spirited. Here is the video which drew his ire: Various articles: Kong: Skull Island director defends film against CinemaSins takedown Everything Wrong with Cinema Sins, According to ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts ‘Kong: Skull Island’ director goes on massive Twitter rant after criticism of film 'Kong: Skull Island' Director Pinpoints the Problem With CinemaSins Kong: Skull Island Director Tears Into CinemaSins I hate to break it to the director, but the film had a lot of issues. And many of those issues stemmed, well, from his amateur-hour directing skills. The premise was good- you know what you're getting into with Kong: Skull Island. I remember watching the film and facepalming (figuratively) when all the helicopters continue to fly close to Kong after he effortlessly swats one after the other down. I got over it pretty quick, but it was a major fuckup, and one that could've been easily avoided- have Kong grab one, then have him hit one with a tree as it's fleeing, and just for giggles, maybe have that one knock into another one. I could've dealt with that scenario. But instead, like 20 helicopters just get massacred while staying within range. This example is representative of the general directorial tone. To be fair, I don't always agree with Cinema Sins' sins. TThere's been a few times I've scratched my head wondering why they sinned something that isn't really a sin-, like something that isn't really a plot hole, or something that was actually explained properly or otherwise makes sense. Not all the sins are "accurate", if you will. Though, many of their sins are spot on. For some sins, I don't care that it's a sin, and it might be funny how they phrase it. The point here is, their critique style has been their gimmick for a while now, and it's a mix of fact-based logic, and intentionally petty trolling for lols. Ultimately, this director guy, who has a snowflake hipster hyphenated name- Jordan Vogt-Roberts, is perhaps too impressed with himself to realize that Cinema Sins was actually right about a lot of what was wrong with the movie. The bottom line is- the movie was a letdown. It may have had good parts, and indeed it wasn't as awful as I thought it was going to be. But it missed the mark by a significant margin. Cinema Sins' review bullseyes most of the problems with the movie fairly accurately. And as I mentioned earlier, a lot of the film's problems are directly attributable to the director. It pains me to say it, but Michael Bay and watsisface, Uwe Boll, among others, could've done a better job. TL;DR- Director of Kong Skull island butthurt about Cinema Sins' critique of his movie. Is he right? Or did he do a shit job on the film?
  9. What about Sonic the Hedgehog?
  10. The opportunity Axl missed with Buckethead is mind blowing. Axl actually thought he could be the master or employer of Bucket and make him his bitch. Turns out Bucket gave him a chance and Axl blew it. They could've created something special together. But instead, Axl Elton Joel Mercury got caught up in his grandiose delusions and the end result was Chinese Democracy. I honestly like the song Chinese Democracy. It gets a lot of shit, but for whatever reason, I dig it. I like that Axl sings in the lower register, so no rasp required, no danger of mickey. I like the lyrics and I even like that cheeseball riff. The opening minute or whatever is lame, but you can always cut the track with free software so you don't have to listen to it.
  11. It looks like a fun ride, but I've seen some... I don't know what you'd call them... deathwish purists saying how it's lost its original meaning. I think they take issue with him cracking one liners and quips while going around being a mysterious vigilante. Whatever, no reboot will ever make everyone happy. Then of course there's the criticism that it's an alt-right fantasy. I have to admit, when i saw the trailer, I was like "oh shit... he's killing black criminals, this ain't gonna go over well in our current society." So it'll be interesting to see just how "offensive" it really is.
  12. Just watched episode 6. Some shit goes down. I'll have to go back and see who the writers and director were. I really liked the director's style. One thing that's getting annoying is Arya. I'm sure people around here will just explain it away like it was some grand masterstroke, but for me, it's incongruent with her character a little bit. I get it, I get it. I know why she's acting like that and doing what's she's doing, but I still think it's an abrupt change in the character that they didn't properly lay the groundwork for. I'm sure I'll be told that I just don't get it (like when I was nonchallantly told that the iron fleet was completely rebuilt from making people pay the iron price, lol), but Arya all of sudden being super mysterious bitch spy is just a bit much. Her busting Sansa's balls over the fucking note is melodramatic and painfully dumbassed to watch. I'm sure it's all so Arya can fulfill some special role, but they could've written her into it a LOT better. Not that big a deal, but it's just sort of silly. Without the books as an anchor, it's like Axl making Estranged and November Rain videos. I dunno, fuck off. Cool episode though.
  13. Probably someone from the forum, if we're being honest.
  14. I love when they say "I'm not panhandling!"
  15. lol maynard All Axl is doing is yelling in AC/DC. Man it makes me hearken for mickey and all the ballads. /s