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  1. Seems Miser-ish, but he's not skilled enough to make something like that.
  2. Do they want you to look? Or not look at all? Or just sneak a peek?
  3. I'm town, so if it fails, it's one of the other idiots. Mark my words.
  4. OFFICIAL VOTE GNR LIARDS I like how Miser was telling other people to follow the rules. What a cunt.
  5. Brasky's going overboard with the gifs. I think he might be mafia sjwia.
  6. I think this game is finally starting to heat up. It's a slow burn. I think it would've been best to describe it as far as its analogies to mafia. That's what helped me best understand it. Same basic principle- trying to weed out the lying cunts who are mafia, I mean SJW. To win the game, the SJWs have to sabotage missions, but by doing so, it can potentially bring attention to themselves. Alright town twots, let's get this shit right. Some basic logic and math here, let's not fuck it up.
  7. That word... I do not think it means what you think it means.
  8. Because Gunner is smart, that's why. Also I pretty much telegraphed it. And despite my reputation as a decent liar, in this game, I'm straight vanilla.
  9. Feather, not dot. lol Thanks for the summary by the way. You forgot to add all the reaction gifs you've posted, but I'll let it slide.
  10. Oh that's right! Moleman is now a 'Murican! Good thing she got in before you Trumpeters banned all immigrants.
  11. Can someone summarize the game so far? Like, Cliffs notes. It can be anyone, or multiple people.
  12. I'm going on another mission. I'm bringing Bacardi with me. Cardi, SUCCESS OR FAILURE? YOU DECIDE. I VOTE SUCCESS!
  13. My mission was a success.
  14. I say let's just go on a mission. I vote success. Power to the people!