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  1. If he had actually posted a link to the multi tracks, that would've been okay.
  2. I use the word "cunt" around my male friends, like when we're playing a game and talkin shit, etc. One of them acted like it was sort of a taboo word. Now this guy, he says all kinds of shit that could be considered offensive, but he thought cunt was a little over the top. He's gotten used to it now, but I just thought it was funny how certain words carry extra weight. I know a few girls who say cunt, and I love hearing it uttered from a woman's lips. As for "bitch," it's probably nearing "cunt" status as society becomes heavily influenced by SJWs and politically correct enforcers.
  3. I'd like to hear the demos he sent Axl that Axl rejected, then unrejected (i'm not being literal here, so the autistic people on the forum please don't go into a lecture, it was a joke)
  4. Oh whoops wrong thread. Meant to put that in the SJW thread.
  5. The current game has rules. It just doesn't have some classic mafia rules, that's all.
  6. I think the videos are interesting as fuck. I'm glad Miser made this thread. I bet Axl sues to get them taken down.
  7. I know you are, but what am I! Pulling the classic MSL "you have no life"? Classic. By all means, have fantasies about who you think I am. I don't attack "everybody." In fact, I haven't attacked anyone recently. Where are all these people I'm attacking? I goof with maynard. I goof with DS in mafia. Apollo and I are cool now. At least 3 other people think you're bad apple. Although with this last post, I'm thinking MSL. The sad thing is- you are obviously a banned poster from here. It's funny how you often accidentally reference things that you shouldn't know according to your narrative. Oops! Yeah, you're not as clever as you think you are. But by all means, keep being in the "high end" of posters here. lolllll ON TOPIC: Now, where can we watch these videos the thread is about?
  8. Oh please, shut the fuck up. Everyone knows you're bad apple, and, if in the off chance you're not: you behave exactly like him. It's uncanny. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you do a bunch of shitposting yourself, so step off your little pedestal. Although with you, you don't even realize when you're shitposting most of the time. You write excessive amounts to almost any topic just so you can prattle on and on and on with what is mostly drivel and obvious statements masked as faux profound revelations and opinions. You act like you're a fucking high end movie reviewer of all things GnR. So quit pretending you're some upper echelon of GnR poster. You're not. You're an attention whore who likes to create redundant topics and autistically respond to threads.
  9. Alright, in an effort to not participate in the very spam I was criticizing earlier, does anyone have anything to say, other than "I'm town"? I think this game has a very major twist, but I'm not concrete on that.
  10. Honest question: do you masturbate thinking about vince mcmahon?
  11. lol tweedle dee and tweedle dum over here
  12. I think we should vote off Lance or Gunner. There will be less spam to read.
  13. I wouldn't lie about something like that, but I was worried I wasn't gonna be able to find it. To be clear, even though I goof on Slash, I think this is hilarious and pretty rock n roll.