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  1. I did just that - held up my hands and said "My fault entirely, no excuses I got the time wrong." They pretty much just said it was a bad mistake but that they would do the interview tomorrow instead. I think my honesty and instant apology saved my ass. I just hope my otherwise good track record and relationship with them will do the rest. Christ almighty though, of all the fucking days
  2. It's tomorrow morning instead. I'm fucking mortified.
  3. She had her ass whupped by two amateurs with zero experience. She hasn't a hope in hell thank fuck
  4. Happy Birthday old bean
  5. I was three hours late to a job interview today. Fuck me
  6. I forgot I had a ticket to see GNR this year
  7. That's where DS stashed jarmo's rotting corpse.
  8. Always thought Nintendo sucked ass and still do. When I was a kid my friends were playing bullshit kiddie games on the SNES while I had the pleasure of bottling whores in Streets of Rage on the Genesis. It wasn't even a contest in my eyes.
  9. I'd like to see someone throw their shit at Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.
  10. I drink a lot of green tea with honey
  11. I used to but not anymore.
  12. Ireland is a nation of tea drinkers. We have the highest consumption of tea per capita in the world after India. But we drink black tea. Even we dislike that hippy flowery herbal shit.
  13. I loved the libtards hissy fit over Trump making that comment. "How dare he imply that the United States is morally equivalent to Putin's Russia! We have tranny bathrooms after all! Putin doesn't even like the gays. It's outrageous!" Etc etc If you take the bodycount over the past 15 years between the U.S. and Russia in terms of innocent people murdered it is not even close. But hey who cares, those are foreign brown people, have you seen our tranny bathrooms! Fuck off and die slowly libtards