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  1. I hope The Mountain skull fucks Brienne of fucking Tarth!
  2. Some of the male characters are ridiculous too to be fair.
  3. Arya, Brienne and Dragon woman are all ridiculous characters. Arya should be dead after the waif stabbed her in the gut and she fell into a filthy canal The Hound would have destroyed Brienne in reality. Dany would have been gang raped by the savages. Khaleesi my ass.
  4. It will keep happening until the politicians get real and admit it is a war on our streets from an enemy within. I like how the Guardia Civil reacted. One officer issued a warning and when it was ignored he shot dead four of the bastards. The fifth fucker got back up and the rest of the officers riddled the cunt
  5. 2 days is all it took for them to go full retard http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-17/lets-blow-mount-rushmore-says-vice
  6. "Gunner, we need to build a wall."
  7. Barcelona is full of thieves
  8. Odds are its another diversity incident
  9. Soros, McCain, Clinton Twisted fucks. The quicker we see the back of them and their ilk the better.
  10. If I was living in the U.S. right now I'd legit be arming myself both at home and looking for a carry permit. I never thought I'd even remotely consider that.
  11. To any thinking individual it has long been as obvious as tits on a bull that the Republican Party and the right in general are not to be taken seriously. The Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Fox News at its worst etc etc But I never thought I'd see the day when the Democrats not only descended to that level, but vastly exceeded it and took it to a whole new low. Not only that, but nearly every single person on the left would go galloping over the ledge with them, including almost the entire media apparatus. It is fucking unbelievable. I wake up each day to news that makes me say - "Fucking hell they've jumped the shark this time, it can't get any worse surely?" But it does, nearly every fucking day.
  12. Would be good to troll these retards by beating them at their own game. Start petitions to remove all statues of Washington, Jefferson, rename all places named after them, remove every aspect of them from society, call for the changing of Mount Rushmore etc etc Just accelerate this to its inevitable conclusion so everyone can see what a bunch of dumbfucks these cunts are.
  13. http://ddotomen.co/2017/08/15/game-of-thrones-season-7-episode-6-leak/2/ Shit quality but there ya go.
  14. Best episode yet. The Night King delivers again.
  15. HBO Spain accidentally aired the next episode last night Images are popping up all over the place.