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  1. I was sober at Slane and he sounded better than in 2006 in Dublin.
  2. You mean you haven't seen the photos...
  3. The manner in which so many Americans are triggered by Putin is fucking hilarious.
  4. Don't get the Kim love. She's very average.
  5. Glad you had a good time. Seeing Slash on that big stage blasting out solo after solo of GNR material is sublime.
  6. Good thread @Miser More of this kind of thing please.
  7. Both have promising parts let down by bullshit. TWAT at least seems somewhat Illusions era ambitious. Better breakdown is terrible. Intro is terrible. TWAT intro is terrible. It's awful live.
  8. The late 80's and the Dream team stuff was entertaining. Saw Shaq play in Denver. After the initial excitement of attending my first NBA game wore off...after about ten minutes, I got bored as shit. Basketball really is a boring fucking game. It's just ping pong, end to end shit. After about 50 points I wanted to kill myself with the boredom, so I wandering off and got drunk. Even the cheerleaders were a let down, they looked like trannys with make-up applied with a builders trowel. Probably had cocks. Don't even get me started on the shitfest that is baseball.
  9. Axl having a moment of clarity and sending Beta packing.
  10. Kim Wexler is ....old. Nearly 50. Ugh.
  11. A good war is the only thing to wipe this bullshit from the face off the earth.
  12. The fuck is that ...thing
  13. Axl in Slane 2017 sounded a thousand times better than Axl in Dublin 2006. He also sounded better than the first half of that shit show in 2011 in Dublin. I was at all three. However when he stood still onstage after the bottle incident he apparently sounded great. Can't say as I had left.