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  1. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    It's glaringly obvious that not only did Abrams not have the story thought out, but that Rian's attempts to fix this ranged from killing characters, ignoring an explanation completely, or offering up a really really weak cop out answer. It's really fucking terrible storytelling. We haven't even got to the "humour" - which was all out of place. The rave reviews makes me really fucking suspicious that these hacks have been bought off by Disney and the announcement that Rian would be getting a new trilogy to write is another attempt at damage control by Disney. If the backlash grows, watch them quietly drop that idea.
  2. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Great find. My suspicions confirmed.
  3. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    For the sequel trilogy to work they had to get the story right from the very start. They didin't. Abrams fucked it up. And now Rian has further added to the mess. It is a clusterfuck story-wise. And no amount of bells and whistles is going to ultimately hide that. I'd go so far as to say that the sequel trilogy suffers from the same problems as Lost. One good idea but the writers hadn't thought it through, had no idea where they were going, where they came from (disgraceful in Star Wars case) and as a result you have huge problems going forward. You try to fill one hole in the story and you create an even bigger one. And when it is a sequel trilogy with 6 preceding films these problems become even more pronounced and noticeable.
  4. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    It will be about a sexually ambiguous Tuskan Raider that illegally travels to Coruscant, runs for the senate and then has to battle the evil Darth Trumpus who wants to send illegal alien scum back to the outer rim because he wants to make the galaxy great again.
  5. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I should write a Star Wars film and show these faggots how it's done
  6. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Boba Fett was a far more tangible threat in Empire. He didn't have to say anything because the way the other characters reacted to him said it all. I'll admit his death in Jedi was utter shit though, the one bad thing about him. But Phasma? Shiny armour. That's it.
  7. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Rather, Phasma wants badly to be the new Boba Fett AND a badass female (Disneys political tinkering) Unlike Fett however we got a character that looks cool and nothing more. She does nothing. She adds nothing. We learn nothing about her and then likewise we don't care when she gets, literally, tossed in the trash. I won't go into her role in The Last Jedi but lets just say they didn't do any better. Now, a decent writer could have made a great character out of Captain Phasma having learned the lessons from Fett and why he was so popular. But....no...because bad writing and a lack of original ideas.
  8. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Actually I don't think any of the criticism is political. It is based on the story this time and the decisions Rian made. Lame decisions.
  9. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    An example of pointless character and casting Captain Phasma. Useless.
  10. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    The more I read about this the more it sounds like an even bigger pile of shit than The Force Awakens. They've made a fucking dogs dinner of this trilogy.
  11. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Lol this sounds terrible from what I've read. Nerd outrage will be massive.
  12. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I think the leak is a troll
  13. US Politics, Culture and Society

  14. Respect and Dignity For All