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  1. Remember to PM the right account. That being Madison BTW.
  2. Bottom left is the villa in Malta that I stayed in Broski went apeshit over that
  3. My girlfriend is Muslim (not practising) and she thinks what is happening is crazy. She said those Muslims that want to obey Sharia law should go back to their own countries She can't understand liberals trying to support Muslim women who choose to wear a headscarf as if it is normal. She thinks they are dumb. A lot of secular and moderate Muslims in the west feel this way but are too scared to speak out. Which says it all really
  4. Go home, say hi how is everything, let's have a good weekend. See how it goes. If someone gives you shit for making an effort then walk out the door and go do something else.
  5. A lot of Muslims like rock music but they are "bad" Muslims Western music is banned in Iran for example. Anyone that listens to it generally doesn't have much time for Islam.
  6. I hope Le Pen wins.
  7. Read Hunter S. Thompson's letters collection. The Proud Highway Volume 1 and Fear and Loathing in America Volume 2 A third Volume The Mutineer is also due to be published. They are one of the best letters collection anyone can read, simple fantastic from start to finish. You'll never look at him the same way again.
  8. There is really only one solution Arnold in a situation like this and that is to take a good long hard look at your life, then burn the house down.
  9. Like we said - Freddie
  10. It all depends on the public perception as to who the face of the band is - and that public face having the ability to deliver the goods. With GNR the face is Axl and Slash. Sure Axl could just about deliver the goods without Slash but nobody accepted it as being "real GNR" Likewise the Stones are Mick and Keith. Lose either and it is over. Queen was Freddie
  11. Emboldened every dipshit imaginable who were told they were special all through their childhood only to discover that real life didn't agree in the end. Continued to drone the shit out of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East but got a free pass because he is eloquent and the media's darling Made us endure 8 years of the media fawning over how beautiful Michelle Obama is when the reality is she looks like the back end of a bus. Helped push Russia relations to their lowest point since the Cuban Missile Crisis for what exactly? The cesspit that is Ukraine? Because Putin didn't cave in to the homo brigade? Let ISIS grow and spread and take over vast areas of the Middle East Dethroned Gaddafi and let Libya become a failed state leading to hordes of migrants flooding into Europe. etc etc A disaster of a President. So fucking bad that Trump beat Clinton. Let that sink in. It's his legacy.
  12. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/cia-fbi-on-manhunt-for-leaker-who-gave-top-secret-documents-to-wikileaks/ It wasn't the Russians surprise surprise, it was another Snowden. How embarrassing
  13. Should build a moat instead of a wall. Fill it with alligators and piranha.
  14. shithardrock