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  1. underdog

    November Rain hits One Billion views on YouTube

    I'm glad izzy left before they shot this video.. He left at the perfect time
  2. underdog

    I'm sorry there's nothing left to talk about

  3. underdog

    I'm sorry there's nothing left to talk about

    There's nothing left to talk about
  4. AFD should been a 7 track album like how they used to release them in the 70s.. Would have been perfect then 1 WTTJ 2 ISE 3 NT 4 Mr. B 5 PC 6 SCOM 7 RQ Cut the rest of the fat off
  5. Ive never kept much track of the shit years post 2000s.. what a freakshow
  6. underdog

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    He should shave his head .. He wouldn't look like a grandma anymore
  7. underdog

    Velvet Revolver - B-Sides & Bootlegs

    This is back when duff still looked normal and his face didn't look like catcher's mitt like now
  8. 01 - Come On Come In (Fantastic Four Soundtrack).mp3 02 - Slither (KROQ Acoustic Show - 4_30_04).mp3 03 - Interstate Love Song (Acoustic) (Stone Temple Pilots) (KROQ Acoustic Show - 4_30_04).mp3 04 - Psycho Killer (Talking Heads) (Libertad Itunes Bonus).mp3 05 - Surrender (Cheap Trick) (Contraband Tour Edition Bonus).mp3 06 - Messages (Libertad Itunes Edition Bonus).mp3 07 - Fall to Pieces (Acoustic) (Contraband Tour Edition Bonus).mp3 08 - Gas and a Dollar Laugh (Libertad Japanese Edition Bonus).mp3 09 - Negative Creep (Nirvana) (Slither CD Single).mp3 10 - I Used to Love Her (Guns N' Roses) (KROQ Acoustic Show - 4_30_04).mp3 11 - Money (Pink Floyd) (The Italian Job Soundtrack).mp3 12 - Loving the Alien (Demo).mp3 13 - Patience (Guns N' Roses).mp3 14 - No More, No More (Aerosmith) (Contraband Australian Edition Bonus).mp3 15 - Big Machine (Demo).mp3 16 - Slither (Demo).mp3 17 - Fall to Pieces (Demo).mp3 18 - Bodies (Live) (Sex Pistols) (Contraband UK Edition Bonus).mp3
  9. underdog

    15 second Oklahoma leak

  10. underdog

    AFD 5.1 Stems Leaks Discussion Thread

    Lmao at axls intro vocals
  11. Demarcus Cousins to GS.. No point in even watching this next season Kevin Durant ruined the NBA by being a bitch and joining a 73 win team that just beat him
  12. underdog


    cause hes lazy and gives the least effort possible
  13. the alan niven bootleg versions are way better than these shit city sessions