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  1. Agree with Miser here. An apology would be a nice gesture, but it would be a hollow one. He can't turn back the clock and right the ship. The damage is done.
  2. 15 original songs in 25 years. Sad.
  3. Disagree. You can pick out a few tracks from each Izzy album and you can hear a GNR song there. Izzy comes in with the skeleton. Then Axl and Slash put the meat on the bones. That's how it works (or should work).
  4. Izzy Stradlin IS Guns N' Roses. / CASE CLOSED.
  5. R.I.P. GN'R
  6. Matt and Dizzy look like a couple of flamers in that photo.
  7. Blood in the Wa-ta
  8. Do Izzy and Steven have kids?
  9. Drain the swamp!
  10. Obamacare survives.
  11. Dookie was cool when I was in elementary school.
  12. Penny is my #1 "what could have been" in the NBA. Honorable "what could have been" mentions: Grant Hill, Bill Walton, Bo Jackson, Terrell Davis, and Ken Griffey Jr.
  13. When is Fat Axl going to sing "Who Made Who"?
  14. I got nostalgic for the old days, so I went back and read the comment section of this article for the Brooklyn Bowl. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/guns-n-roses-pl-4/
  15. I miss the laughs nuGNR provided. Now it's just depressing.