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  1. Yeah, Apollo was the final nail in the coffin of the dream of having the AFD5 on the same stage together. My respect for Slash and Duff has plummeted. I know the money is good, but how they could sit back and go along with this bullshit speaks volumes about them as individuals. In a way, I'm glad Izzy and Steven aren't taking part in this farce. They have the peace of mind in knowing they aren't Axl's cucks.
  2. Where does the 2002 Video Music Awards fit into this shit pile?
  3. More thoughts: Mickey is stealing the show now. How Slash and Duff can keep a straight face on stage when Axl is doing this, I'll never know. Retire "Rocket Queen." Frank sucks the life out of this song. No fuckin' groove with this guy. Retire "You Could Be Mine" pronto. This is supposed to be a kickass rock song. It sounds like an old woman is singing it. Embarrassing. You know what? I lasted an hour. I can't take no more. GUNS N' ROSES 1985-1990 Rest in Peace
  4. Just now listening to this mess. Thoughts from the first 30 minutes: LOLEddieTrunk Where's Izzy? Where's Steven? Axl can still sing "It's So Easy" and "Mr. Brownstone." That's not saying much though. Frank is a terrible drummer. CD songs should be banned. I heard Axl do an Opera Man impersonation during "Butter." Why is "Estranged" so damn fast? I hate how Axl Mickey Ups the second half of "Estranged."
  5. It feels like Christmas Eve right now. I'm so giddy for the new Axl Rose Disaster tomorrow.
  6. Those shows were the last time "Oh My God" and "Silkworms" were played live.
  7. You....me....
  8. To survive and reproduce. Everything else is gravy.
  9. Slash is too cucked to do interviews.
  10. August 29, 2002 = The night Axl Rose's "vision" came to an out of breath and Mickeyish end. If this performance would have been a success, the album comes out in 2002-03. No doubt. To go even further, there would probably be an additional 3 or 4 new albums at this point too. Robin and Bucket don't quit either.
  11. "Oh My God" is better than every song on CD.