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  1. I know when I see them in November Axl will be Mickey. I've accepted it. I bought a ticket because this will probably be the last time I'll get a chance to see Axl and Slash on stage together. These guys aren't getting any younger. One of them could go in cardiac arrest at any moment.
  2. Toronto 1991
  3. UYI Tour Opening Night
  4. UYI Tour Warmup Gigs
  5. I have a morbid curiosity to hear the track, "Daddy, Can the Devil Do Mommy and Me?" From Chinese Whispers.... "[Oh My God was demo], only at the time having just got it together. Only Jimmy Iovine knew that who wanted it to sell their soundtrack. I saw segments of the movie which were good. As a whole, later, not so much, but it wasn't ready yet then. I did write an experimental piece inspired by the bits I'd seen, called 'Daddy Can the Devil do Mommy and me?'" (Axl, Chinesedemocracy.com, 12/13/08) "The instrumental I wrote for End of Days [is] more a solo effort at least presently." (Axl, MyGNR, 12/14/08)
  6. Hear me now, quote me later. The same thing will happen with Guns N' Roses after the tour.
  7. - Demo with Steven Adler playing "You Could Be Mine" - Use Your Illusion tapes without the Axl Rose fuckery (Slash talks about in his book) - 08/03/91 PRO Shot video (The 4 hour show!) - Demos from the 1996 recording sessions - 2000 Intentions (1999 IRS, 1999 TWAT, Oh My God, Catcher w/ Brian May, Checkmate, ect.)
  8. Yes, it was the 'plastic surgery' era. You couldn't go a day on the forums without discussion about facelifts, botox, and hair transplants to mask baldness.
  9. Well, this looks like the end of the road for "Madagascar." We'll always remember the good times.
  10. Tragic. We've been subjected to a fat, shit doppelgänger for the last 27 years.
  11. I will. Vote changed from "Dead Horse" to "Right Next Door To Hell."
  12. You could tell the old Axl was gone in this September 1990 interview with Kurt Loder. White teeth, new wardrobe, shampoo & conditioned hair, flaunting his wealth, and very pretentious sounding. #NotMyAxl
  13. "Get In The Ring" is listenable until the rant starts, and the only thing "Shotgun Blues" has going for it is it isn't "My World."
  14. UYI2 has so much shit on it. I count only 7 songs that aren't bullshit in some way: Civil War, 14 Years, Yesterdays, Pretty Tied Up, Locomotive, Estranged, and You Could Be Mine. The rest are tainted by Axl Rose fuckery, are total filler, or should have never been recorded in the first place.