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  1. Do Izzy and Steven have kids?
  2. Drain the swamp!
  3. Obamacare survives.
  4. Dookie was cool when I was in elementary school.
  5. Penny is my #1 "what could have been" in the NBA. Honorable "what could have been" mentions: Grant Hill, Bill Walton, Bo Jackson, Terrell Davis, and Ken Griffey Jr.
  6. When is Fat Axl going to sing "Who Made Who"?
  7. I got nostalgic for the old days, so I went back and read the comment section of this article for the Brooklyn Bowl. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/guns-n-roses-pl-4/
  8. I miss the laughs nuGNR provided. Now it's just depressing.
  9. Sounds very Spinal Tap.
  10. Axl/DC is the only way we'll get anything new from Axl.
  11. Trump gonna deport Beta.
  12. I enjoy listening to Izzy's solo stuff more than the other guys' solo projects.
  13. Keep speakin' Stevie! Don't let the fat ginger silence ya.
  14. Izzy has the peace of mind knowing he didn't take part in these embarrassing music videos. Everyone else should be ashamed of themselves.
  15. I loved the 2006 "Better" that leaked. I had that bitch on repeat for hours. It was just fuckin' cool to hear Axl's voice again on a new song. It seemed like all the years of bullshit were over and it was a new beginning. Little did we know.