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  1. So, Liars is captain. Who's the team?
  2. Yes, but they couldn't know what the other one was going to vote. I just don't think we could have picked 2 sjws and then they got lucky enough to vote the same on such a small mission. Him and Mags are my safest bets. I could be completely wrong and have everything fucked up in the end, but my spider sense is telling me I'm right, and that's all I really have to go on right now.
  3. Why do you think JB is sjw when he went on the mission with Bacardi and only one fail vote was cast?
  4. Yeah, but if everybody else gets to pick their name, so do I. I think The Ultimate Cock Gobbler has a nice ring to it.
  5. They were okay with me. I didn't suspect them any more than anybody else did. Again, you're only proving just how retarded you are. I still don't have psychic powers. I couldn't read the mind of my team to know that Bacardi was an sjw either.
  6. No, dumbass. I suspected you because you and your partner Bacardi came up with this absolutely retarded idea that I could somehow control the outcome of a mission that I let you guys pick the members for. How in the fuck would I know if you picked an sjw or not? I do not have psychic capabilities. I haven't been on a mission, dingus, I forgot voting was automatic for twots. I would vote for success if the option was given to me.
  7. Not like that's suspicious after the last page or anything.
  8. Only when he confirms what I suspected the whole game.
  9. I guess you would vote for Liars if he's sjw. Maybe he's been letting us know all along. Is he your partner, Gunner?
  10. How am I panicking? By pointing out the holes in your own retarded logic?
  11. Why are you voting for Liars to lead then, stupid? He's been saying he votes for success the whole game.
  12. That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.
  13. Would I say yes when asked if I would vote for success? Yes. Even if I was sjw I would say yes. The only reason you say that you wouldn't is because we already know that you're scum.