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  1. Sure.
  2. Sounds to me like you're a bit salty because he sacrificed you for the greater good. I
  3. It was actually you that won the game. I don't think people would have trusted me as much if we didn't go at it before you quit. You're still a faggot hoarder though.
  4. Don't encourage him. Brasky is the only legit insider.
  5. I have retired from the cock gobbling business.

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    2. magisme


      Welcome back, buddy.

    3. GnRLiars


      It was fun. But welcome fucker

    4. GNS


      They were shoes left unfilled since Broktard retired.

  6. I wish they'd go through with the duel.
  7. Who cares about WFA having anything when you could just give it to us?
  8. Slim to none.
  9. Exactly what the faggiest type of hoarder would say.
  10. Nope. You and Bacardifag hoarded them.
  11. No, you're a hoarder. Fag.
  12. That's a fucking oxymoron. Leaks are widely circulated or they're not leaks. There is no middle ground there.