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  1. Time to accept the fact that we all backed a losing horse

    They weren't pretending to be mad. They worked themselves into a shoot.
  2. Favorite pizza toppings?

    You get back in your closet right now.
  3. TV Party

    Where do you watch it?
  4. TV Party

    What is it? Documentary or scripted crap?
  5. Fuck the police.

    Yeah, on second thought they probably should have shot her. She should have just listened.
  6. Favorite pizza toppings?

    Just one question. Why in the fuck do you know that that's the worst pizza ever? Were you feeling like you had a vagina that day?
  7. US Politics, Culture and Society

    They couldn't do anything when the CIA had claims on him for their patsy.
  8. Jackie Moon Presents: They went to the fucking moon!

    Gunner is right. Gravity had better CGI. Hell, Terminator 2 had better CGI. When did Earth lose all land masses other than Australia?
  9. Spiders or snakes?

  10. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Only pussies take the blue pill. That's why.