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  1. Whoever is in charge is completely opposite of the campaign he ran. Makes his supporters cucked by association.
  2. It's great how they're kicking the shit out of each other in Berkely and the cops are sitting there watching scared. “To Serve and Protect“ as long as no bravery is required.
  3. Oh sure, when he asks you raise it.
  4. So you're trying to excuse child molestation because there is more than one retarded religion?
  5. Really? Times have changed. Well still, fuck mainstream media.
  6. I sort of agree with Gunner on the racism front. Not that it's wrong of the mainstream media to report it, it's that they don't report it when other races and species do the same exact thing every day. A muslim does something, automatic headline to stir up the fear and the divide. Go to something like bestgore.com if you want to see unbiased reporting on the true depravity of humanity. They'll let you know what the muslims, christians, rednecks and various other retards are doing in their spare time. Fuck the mainstream.
  7. So why don't you spare the world the torture and just interview him?
  8. Who (besides Brasky and yourself) would ever want to see MSL naked?
  9. I know it's tough to talk about, but we're family here. Now, show us on this chart where the bad people touched you.
  10. Close enough for me, actually. I rotated that.
  11. Sort of.
  12. No it can't. It can only be exactly what it is.
  13. Yes.
  14. True, but not all parents deserve to be parents. Not saying that's true in Arnold's case though, because I don't know enough about the situation.