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  1. You've explained somewhere why you defend him whenever given the opportunity? I must have missed that.
  2. For not loving him, you sure do a great job of defending him and taking personal offense when somebody insults him. Hell, you started a thread to mock Gunner over him. How does that not look like you love him?
  3. Integrity. From any member of the band.
  4. Nope. I find talking reasonable about Trump to be just as stupid as talking reasonable about the idiots that came before him. You can feel free to worship him if you want to, no sweat off my balls, but he's not the god you pretend he is. I've told you before so I'm not sure why you're struggling with it now, I will nitpick the shit out of the orange moron's administration just like I did his predecessors. Btw, what is your obsession with Trump? “He pisses of libtards and he won't let people cross an imaginary line on a space rock.” are pretty fucking stupid reasons to support anybody, but I haven't heard one other thing. Did you like The Apprentice and decide that that's the guy you should follow?
  5. I didn't go enough in depth here, or ever apparently. I have been a complete anarchist in the purest form (let's not destroy shit, let's fix shit.) since the mid 90's. Nothing on this earth will ever correct my perspective that “goberment is bad, mmmkay?” My belief that we should hang every left or right wing piece of shit in existence would actually be the best thing for this planet goes beyond worship for a puppet. You have nothing to teach me considering criticism. Thanks for the effort though.
  6. Every issue is a federal issue in the nanny state.
  7. Well then, let's go back to what I'm asking for. How about rescinding the rule that let men wrestle women?
  8. The survivors of Benghazi hold Clinton accountable for abondoning them. They didn't talk about the weather to cover up her betrayal. You guys are cucks.
  9. Not if you don't look at his executive orders as passing laws, I guess. But I do, because spades are spades.
  10. So no backup has arrived? Lucky this warfare isn't serious, because Nosaj is looking like Benghazi Clinton right about now.
  11. He's passing laws about everything else he can think of, what will one more hurt?
  12. Thought Trump was supposed to fix this shit?
  13. I doubt it. The right wing media would have been on it like a dog in heat if he had.
  14. Yeah, you're right. Once the sheep elect another dipshitocrat the republitards go back to crying. Got my hopes up for a second there.