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  1. @Conor do I on you the team or post it here?
  2. We really need to pick a leader.
  3. yes they can't talk outside the thread, but they do know who's on the team. like i said its a risky move that some SJWs may be willing to take. I think its common assumption that whether you're SJW or TWOT, you're first instinct is to win. Therefore, SJW will almost instinctively vote failure. Some may opt to risk the mission seeing theres more than one SJW on it and vote success.
  4. SJW have the opportunity to vote success or failure. If more than one is on a mission, it's a risky move that could pay off
  5. @GnRLiars @Bill Brasky @Apollo i need one more TWOT
  6. First mission that's gonna be a success boys. @Conor how many go on the mission?
  7. What's the vote count?
  8. This is not the bet. You're out. SJW
  9. Ok. So if either you, myself or @Apollo turn up SJW, our name will be changes to the agreed new name? Alollo proposed until 2018, I'm proposing until at least the end of 2018
  10. You want in on the name change?
  11. @John Bonham & @arnold layne are sitting back in their SJW bunker laughing at us Are we believing @bacardimayne on his reveal that him and @GUNNER are also SJW? At this point, my team of SJW are the 4 mentioned above and possibly @Bill Brasky Bonham for obvious reason of 2 failed missions Arnold because according to his own admission, he's made it past Day 1 (Mission 1) and that only happens when he's scum Not sure theres any reason not to believe Bacardi And like I've said before, Brasky seems to target me as scum when intact its him. Its a weird tell he does
  12. I'll be honest, when I see them in August, I'll be drunk. And I'll probably come in to this forum and say how awesome the show was and how great they sounded. Cucked
  13. Don't be so fucking defensive. Hey @Budd Dwyer thanks for posting. Although ive said it before, let me say it again. I appreciate whom ever posts these. I dont have the time to search for them, so I'm grateful someone takes the time to post on a forum about my favourite band some rareities and unreleased stuff. @Miser @Budd Dwyer @EstrangedTWAT @MIA thanks for your posts over the years. If I missed anyone, don't get emotionally wrecked like Budd did and search for gratification. Sometimes its it's good just to take the compliment and carry on.
  14. My name will remain GnRLiars