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  1. The Guttery- Sign up thread

    You playing @John Bonham?
  2. The Guttery- Sign up thread

    i can't play. sorry bud
  3. serious question: What is Le Vodka Juice? I've seen it mentioned on this site, never understood it
  4. Gord Downie

  5. Gord Downie

  6. Gord Downie

  7. Gord Downie

  8. Gord Downie

    Gord Downie of the band Tragically Hip died this morning. The Tragically Hip were Canadian Music legends. They made great music that made me happy. He had terminal brain cancer. This makes me sad today. #RIPGord
  9. MSG videos

    i will never listen to this. i can't believe someone actually took the time to do this. how did they manage to sit through this without burning their ears off?
  10. Slasher Films: Nothing Left To Fear

    i have a signed copy of the LP. it was a gofundme campaign to raise $$ for the movie. i pledged and got a signed copy in return. Basically i bought the album saw it on eBay going for a nice price a while back
  11. The winds of shit are in the sky

    I have tickets to the live show next month. i wonder if if it’s still happening. It was supposed to be Bubbles, Julien, Ricky and Randy & Lahey. Too bad.
  12. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Why do I still follow this “band”
  13. Chess

    I deserved that loss. We had a great game going on yesterday. I made a dumb play
  14. #GnFnR The Machine Is Back At It In 2017

    At the 7:25 mark, I was kinda hoping for a Mexican Standoff then at the 8:00 mark, there’s 2 guys that can’t stand the sight of each other. Its comical
  15. #GnFnR The Machine Is Back At It In 2017

    2:55 mark... is that Axl or Vince Neil?