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  1. Guns n Roses are falling apart from the inside out. Can't say I'm surprised. The Wizard of Axl couldn't pull strings behind the giant screen forever. If it's really over, good. Axl should have ended it 2 decades ago but his inflated ego got in the way Goodbye Axl, go ruin AC/DC Fuck off Slash, go make another shitty record with Myles.
  2. Clearly there was 1 Mafia left in the game. I thought a vote for myself would make you guys see I wasn't scum. You guys are fucked
  3. Nobody listened to me. They just lynched me. Losers
  4. The fact that they are so blatently fake and poorly done makes me want to jizz on em more
  5. Gear down big rig. I wanna jizz on em not marry them
  6. I can't stop looking at her wonderfully fake tits
  7. Who is this broad with beautiful fake boobs? Axl is such a wiener
  8. If he's lying, and I don't believe he is, it's pretty elaborate. Very difficult to maintain. Hes telling the truth. I'm pretty sure. Good times on GNFNR. Fuck you Downzy
  9. Slash is to blame.... this isn't completely surprising
  10. and clearly I'm Mafia because I'm voting for myself, thus potentially giving the game to the townies ridiculous