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  1. They only do that in Denmark
  2. It's my favourite one of all
  3. Remember when Madonna said she was going to blow up the White House? Nothing will happen to her. Theres mothing more powerful than a white woman in the public eye these days
  4. Axl is secretly gay and wanted a relationship with Slash, but that never happened so he fired him
  5. The gym is for Duff. He's the only one who takes his health seriously. Axl will use the hot tub to take sad Axl pictures with fans. Slash called dibs on the blue mat so he can practice "handstands" Fortus demanded a pec machine
  6. i don't think Yesterdays is a "Deep Cut" it has an official music video, therefore released as a single. Can an album single be considered a deep cut?
  7. i honestly don't think Axl will be alive in 2029.. He just seems like an unhappy man. Deeply sad. that can't bode well...
  8. Wtf? She looks like the cat lady from Its Always Sunny
  9. Angus could always get Artie Lange to front his band
  10. I was just about to write something very similar
  11. Isn't Sebastian Bach putting out a new album anytime soon?
  12. I listened to the Mirch Larson interview with Adler a few days ago. Its refreshing to hear some real stuff. I actually believe 95% of what Adler is saying here. He got what he wanted, a chance to play with them again. The one part in the interview that stuck with me was when Adler flew to Brazil, and backstage Axl said "what the fuck is he doing here?" Man, it seems the guy has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Adler had a stroke and can still play the drums, what's Axls excuse for not being able to sing anymore? Its easy to shit on Adler for whatever reason, but Slash hasn't said a word, only posted some cartoon horror garbage to his Instagram account, Duff only posts thank you's on his Twitter and the rest don't say shit. Fuck Axl Rose.
  13. Best post of the thread
  14. bucketheads work on TWAT is simply amazing