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  1. Windows 10

    I bet this thread didn't go as you expected
  2. School me on Buckethead

    He wears a bucket and plays guitar
  3. Grunge vs GNR

    Music is a fun thing to argue about it's not like it's based on personal taste!
  4. NFL - 2017-2018 season.

    rip Packers
  5. Stephen King

    11/22/63 show with James Franco was pretty good heard it's different than the book though. Want to read that after It.
  6. AXL/DC album or Chinese Democracy II album

    I wanna hear AC/DC's first piano ballad.
  7. Merry Christmas, GNFNR!!!

    George Michael did not die for this
  8. How will FCC Net Neutrality affect this forum?

    We will have to pay $10 a post
  9. Why won't Axl use an autotune raspinator 9000?

    It is finally happening.
  10. official MaYnard and GunNeR thread - Part II

    Rain Man is a great movie if anything it's a compliment
  11. Melissa and Brain performing sorry

  12. Melissa and Brain performing sorry

  13. Merry Christmas, GNFNR!!!

    23 days
  14. What Are You Listening II

    Hendrix's sister is terrible.
  15. Philly 2012 is still Axl's best GNR show since 2010.