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  1. Tracii Guns: What Would GN'R Sound Like Had I Stayed in the Band

    Proud to say I never heard a LA Guns song
  2. Rare Axl Pix 1994-1998

    What the hell happened from 98 to 01
  3. Two in the Pink, One in the Stink

    Axl sounds more like a girl than Pink lol
  4. AXL ROSE Blasts U.S. Vice President MIKE PENCE

    Oh Axl
  5. TV Party

    Does anyone how the second season of Mr. Robot is? I watched the first and kept forgetting about the second.
  6. Tried watching that show and I just couldn't do it.
  7. John Lennon Cultists

    My favorite Beatle is George Michael
  8. The Guttery- Sign up thread

    In. Hopefully I got better.
  9. #GnFnR The Machine Is Back At It In 2017

    Let's hope they don't try there was a time again
  10. The Mandela Effect & Glitches in the Matrix

    The two Matrix sequels.
  11. Is Metallica Objectively Better Than GNR?

    Hardwired is definitely my favorite album they done with Rob... not saying a whole lot though.
  12. What are your Top 10 or Top 20 GN'R songs (any album)?

    All of CD, TSI, and Anything Goes.
  13. RIR 2017 Audio Full

    Not going through this again
  14. Basketball

    Rumor has it that Wade may go to OKC... Don't know if it'll be enough though.