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  1. Oh yea I forgot to. Official Vote : DS
  2. Hmm I would send myself, Arnold and Ds I don't know about the others yet
  3. I am torn between voting for someone who never went on a misson like Miser or someone who did like Mags. But we also have to remember that the Sjws don't know who is on their team. That's why I don't think DS is one cause he didn't send himself. I think like 2 of the active people are SJW but idk who
  4. Idk this is tough we also have to watch out for who we vote for because the leader chooses whoever right?
  5. Probably, I don't math
  6. If you put me in another mission it will be a success!!
  7. We gotta come back!!
  8. Mine as well get this day over with I'll vote for gnrliars next time. UNVOTE VOTE: GUNNER
  9. VOTE: GNRLIARS Let's see how this goes. If it's a failure I think we should send all new people on the 3rd maybe
  10. Sorry for the late reply but I think maybe JB is SJW for reasons people stated. But if it's not him and we send almost the same people they're probably gonna vote success right?
  11. Do you guys think a SJW would vote failure for the first mission. Cause then everyone on this mission won't get chosen again probably right?
  12. Oh so we won't know who voted for what?
  13. I don't wanna go but take Gunner
  14. Hmm let's end this round UNVOTE: Gunner VOTE: DS