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  1. Just listened to the vegas one again and not gonna lie Axl doesn't sound too hot.
  2. This solo is weird too
  3. Don't Cry should beat It's So Easy
  4. Why is this band hyping up announcing the same show they been doing for 8 years lol. Kill me now
  5. I remember they played that a few times it's so terrible
  6. joking
  7. Probably a live dvd or new shows. Maybe both if we're really lucky!
  8. lol I was joking look at that terrible thing on his head
  9. Axl looking good (at U2 concert yesterday)
  10. I am starting Big Little Lies a bunch of people like it I also like Alex Skarsgard.
  11. TSI is easily the worst thing they put out. More than half the songs are tough to get through.
  12. Hmm I thought it would beat out It's so Easy, Civil War, and Don't Cry at least.
  13. How is Paradice City already gonna be out????