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  1. He's missing the point. The guy takes himself too seriously.
  2. The Belko Experiment. I don't know why or what made me watch it but it got me so pissed off.
  3. I don't mind Jon that much ngl. But Jorah, I always found him annoying. Euron is ok. The only guy I like is the Hound to be honest. I want to like Jamie but idk.
  4. Arya is annoying now. Bring back Jaqen!!!!
  6. I certainly hope they don't do it.
  7. If the hound dies, I die.
  8. I thought there would be a live dvd out at least
  9. Beta, how are Axl's cats doing?
  10. 3
  11. Slash should kill someone again
  12. Nevermind theres a thread on it here it's fake and hgh is gullible.
  13. Wait doesn't all the pinch harmonics sound like Zakk Wylde??
  14. hgh is confused
  15. Give your uncle a kiss