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  1. Time to accept the fact that we all backed a losing horse

    the RNRHOF is one of those things where everyone knew axl wouldn't show up but they still pretended to think he would so they could pretend to be mad when he didn't
  2. Greatest Cucks of all—Nominations

    Brian Jones
  3. Were The Beach Boys a good band?

    this thread brought to you by the letter S
  4. That's why I don't really like indies in mafia. They're a wildcard and finding them sometimes seems more like a lucky guess than successful detective work. If Nate hadn't been Finn Balor in his first life he probably would've won.
  5. Pretty sure we already did win. Do you think Conor would just not do a Wrestlemania day?
  6. someone @ me when something happens
  7. Because I believe both of us are town. But if one of us isn't, it's you, because, well, I'm town. #endgameindyhunting
  8. Log into Bernadette and vote me on there too
  9. Note that Ragnar has a vote on Callo. Do people really want to vote alongside Ragnar?
  10. I have a feeling this is going to go on for a while
  11. @GnRLiars@hotdogman help
  12. But yeah, I'm fairly confident town wins regardless, I just want that God damn belt
  13. @magisme @John Bonham I'm feeling a little betrayed guys I saw us as the town power trio
  14. Yeah I killed shitdogman. If that's enough for you guys to vote against the person who bagged every mafia member and two indies in favor of king flipflop idk what to tell you As for Mayhem I imagine he's trying to make me look guilty by association with the false investigation claim. Cute play but as far as I'm concerned all the dead people can fuck off. I already dealt with all of you. What is this, a lumberjack match? And yeah, Mayhem would have no idea if I was Indy or not to begin with. I was actually fairly confident that the four of us (myself, mags, JB, Callo) were all town and I still think that might be the case. Would Conor really end a WrestleMafia game before Wrestlemania regardless of who was left? Would he really put THAT many indies in a single game? I mean, we got absurdly lucky killing all those indies late game. I really thought the last one was it.