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  1. bacardimayne

    Finally a new single!!!

    if you think this is his final form you're in for a surprise
  2. bacardimayne

    Finally a new single!!!

    i wonder how sweaty axl's forehead got when he found out she was in attendance
  3. bacardimayne

    Social Justice Warriors, Feminists and Other Retards

    kendrick lamar stopped his concert because the white fan he brought on stage said nigga (along with the song) lol
  4. bacardimayne

    Adler reveals who could make a reunion happen.

    If they're going to milk AFD as hard as they are and basically tour it, why not bring Adler back? He's been playing AFD front to back in shitbars for 30 years, it's not an Izzy situation where his performance might be bad. The only possible issue is drugs but if he misbehaves just put Frank back.
  5. bacardimayne

    How much does Izzy deserve, monetarily speaking?

    Axl 40 Slash 20 Duff 15 Izzy 15 Melissa 8.5 Dizzy 1 Frank 0.5 Axl gets 40 because he's in charge and anyone who doesn't like it can fuck off Slash gets 20 because he's the biggest side attraction Duff and Izzy get the same - Duff for his showmanship and Izzy for being Izzy Melissa gets 8.5 because she deserves it more than the other two
  6. bacardimayne

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    it had potential until he started shitmoaning
  7. bacardimayne

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    haven't listened to the new one but if it's worse than the last one it must be pretty fuckin bad
  8. but the old version sucked. as far as i'm concerned, with the incredible vocal track and the production this version has, it might as well be a brand new song. i got as much enjoyment out of it as i would a new song at least. that said, one pseudo-new song is not enough to build a box set around and i suspect they don't have much else
  9. bacardimayne

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    at least he has new releases unlike a certain gut goblin
  10. I love it. Like Mags said, it's 100% real GNR and that's great.
  11. bacardimayne

    Help name Axl's new rasp

  12. bacardimayne

    The "Lets all bow down to Fernando 'thread

    *urge to shitpost intensifies*
  13. bacardimayne

    Mark Hamill shits on new Star Wars movies

  14. bacardimayne

    Mark Hamill shits on new Star Wars movies

    they've gone and made lando "pansexual" in the new solo movie that's apparently terrible by all accounts i'll be over in MCU land enjoying capeshit until star wars gets its shit together and brings lucas back
  15. bacardimayne

    Would anybody still pay for a GNR album at this point?

    fuckin hell m8