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  1. but do you have the merit to stop looking at my gut
  2. Yeah, it's the lack of drugs that's making them shit now. Not the fact that they're fat, old and don't have a fuck to spare anymore.
  3. Guns N' Roses 2017: The Live Experience (2037) Are you ready for the 50th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction? Well so are we at GNFNR Records! Come see The Live Experience at a stadium near you, featuring lifelike holographic projections of your GNR heroes as they appeared and performed on their historic 2017 Not In This Lifetime... Tour. See the spitting images of the late Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer and more as they are joined by legendary Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba, who will appear in person at every tour stop playing lead guitar. Don't miss your last chance to get the true Guns N' Roses experience! Tickets start at $3,500, with VIP packages including a meet and greet with DJ Ashba and Izzy Stradlin starting at $15,000.
  4. Yall still won, fuck off
  5. Simultaneous GNR shows all over the world, each containing one real member of the band performing alongside four live hologram feeds from the other continents.
  6. fuuuuuug
  7. as if there were ever any trannies in the military anyway
  8. yeah nvm I can't do this anymore out
  10. did i say i was in?
  11. If it's anything like his leak thread turned out, expect this game to not have a single town/mafia player, everyone to have three powers, and for it to end with Lance's character winning.
  12. speaking of the comic, it's fantastic right now best it's been since the governor arc
  13. brian johnson is and has always been complete shit
  14. it'd be their best since highway to hell
  15. or they could do chidem2 in 2022 and make it 14 years between releases all over again i wonder what we'll get in 2036! hopefully silkworms