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  1. I've never given a solitary fuck about lyrics. As far as I'm concerned, every GNR lyric ever is shit. Riad is easily the most complete, solid rocker on CD. The only thing I'd change is the guitar tone, to make it sound a bit less industrial. Scraped is a complete fucking mess. It's like they needed a 14th track to meet the quota and had absolutely NOTHING left so they just took a bunch of assorted shit clips and blended them together into a Frankenstein song.
  2. Bad Apples, Garden of Eden, LALD, YATF
  3. Riad has much better vocals and is a much better song than Scraped.
  4. If Axl, Slash and Duff put out an acoustic EP right now I'd forgive all of their sins on the spot.
  5. His Seeker voice is so cool, I wish he was a real musician with a side project where he used it.
  6. cannot wait to end this "he sounds better live" meme in august
  7. Scraped really needs an extra P.
  8. This had better lead into a combined tournament with the top 3 of each album.
  9. GNFNR's group cover of Estranged
  10. Hmm, let's see. Internet bill or giant hot dog. Bun me.
  11. That incubus one is horrible
  12. I expect multiple zoomed in photos of Big Show's extremities.
  13. tiger woods 2004 > rory mcilroy 2014