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  1. spot the fuck on this also makes MSL Mr Krabs which is very fitting
  2. This. It'd be like me going back to an old workplace to pay full price for a meal I used to eat every day over a garbage can for free.
  3. AndreCC is literally one of those incompetent cartoon comic relief villains who has a wacky new scheme to get leaks every episode and ends up falling off a cliff.
  4. Is this video the origin of the bouncy fat gif?
  5. New Rose is good in spite of Duff, not because of him.
  6. anywhere the spashitty incident is being discussed, I will arise to proclaim the testament "That which is vocalized by Duff cannot possibly be good"
  7. lol, as if I'm going to waste my valuable shitposting time listening to a shit song
  8. Ive never heard the original, but I imagine it doesn't have the same shit AIC wannabe production sound as GNR's cover
  9. "I will not be the only girl at yoga without a trans son! Come here Ralph, look at this Tumblr page.. "
  10. I don't understand what people like so much about Ain't It Fun. Terrible terrible dreary shit wannabe Alice & Chains track
  11. Cant stop rewatching this and laughing The way he sneakily waits and quickly moves the last piece of paper there
  12. I never did get around to finishing the Fat Axl Murder Mystery trilogy
  13. >crib Is that hotdog slang for bun?
  14. Funny you'd say that, I just worked my first shift at a transfer location since my normal place is under renovations atm. It was a fucking nightmare, all of my shit was nowhere near where it should have been.