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  1. I'm with JB.....I never trusted those fuckers. I was woke as shit when I was a kid.
  2. I thought I read that despite raking in cash hand over fist, amazon hasn't actually turned a profit yet. That it's a gigantic pyramid scheme. I'm not an economist though so don't quote me on it.
  3. I know this is a joke thread, but I'll answer. No. It wouldn't make me feel better.
  4. Maybe it's time to.....stop discussing them, then? Meaning, if you have nothing new to say, maybe there's no NEED to say anything. The activity on this board has it's ebbs and flows. When the band is active, there's more people here posting stuff. During a lull, or during a tour with the same exact setlist in the same exact order every night...there's nothing to discuss. So we don't discuss stuff. Obviously, you can post what you want, but don't be surprised to just get eye rolls and snarky asshole replies if it's stuff we've read a thousand times.
  5. I'm a hardcore fan and I like UYI more than Appetite. So that sweeping generalization isn't valid. I'd agree that most people that are aware of GNR are only aware of the tracks from the Greatest Hits CD. But the bigger question what? Why? Why are you asking this? You already know the answer. You don't really care what other people are going to reply. You've made this topic probably a half a dozen times in your tenure here or at mygnr. Yet here we are in 2017 and you're still pondering this stuff, or daydreaming about "what could have been" with this band. Why? GNR is what it is. It's never going to be anything else. What's the point of all this meaningless speculation about their "legacy" or "impact" or "wasted potential" or any of it? It's been endlessly discussed to death, particularly during the silent years when Axl wasn't doing shit. What can you possibly hope to write or read about this that you haven't already said or thought or agreed/disagreed with, with all the same posters no less, a thousand times already?
  6. I personally never cared who was drumming. It makes no difference to me. Don Henley, Fred Coury, Brain. Whatever. Was it "justified?" I don't know...who did they have to justify it to? The fans? I don't think a lot of fans cared at the time. To each other? To Steven? Who knows. Only they can say for sure.
  7. In the US, "Gold" means 500,000 sales right? But I think I read somewhere that they count the actual discs, so if Live Era went Gold, it had two discs, so maybe they only sold 250,000? I don't know. I could be remembering wrong.
  8. Here's another song that Jane's Addiction totally OWNED over the my opinion of course. JB, ever heard Janes' take on Ripple?
  9. That's a good seat! Sorry...I have no idea how to go about such a thing. Isn't there a website called stubhub or something?
  10. Yeah, this is a hard question to answer cause it kind of went in stages. I was in 5th grade or so when they onslaughted Top 40 radio with the big hits....Sweet Child, PC, Jungle, Patience. I loved them. We all loved them. But I was still a casual fan then. It wasn't until You Could Be Mine for T2 that I started really digging them more than the other stuff on the radio. And when they did that world premiere simulcast of the November Rain video, that's when I really got into it and thought I need to hear MORE. A friend gave me a tape of UYII (with November Rain tacked on to it) on a 90 minute cassette tape. This was probably the end of 8th grade or so. I was HOOKED. I'd never heard anything like it. All the FUCKS and SHITS and SUCK MY ASS. And the grandiose epics of Estranged, Locomotive, Breakdown....and I hadn't even heard Coma or the rest of UYI I yet! I made copies of all their records....Lies was awesome and I particularly liked One in a Million. And there was some good stuff on UYI I too. But UYI II remained my favorite. I was in GNR overdrive. They were now my favorite band. The riffs and melodies and Axl's crazy screeches were better than anything I'd ever heard. This must have been about fall of 1991-summer of 1992. By the time I got my hands on the Live in Tokyo VHS tapes I was in heaven. I fucking loved the UYI era band.
  11. Hell yes. I'd even pay money for it. Nothing crazy. But like $20.
  12. But NuGNR also gave us Dildoface, so it all evens out.
  13. Welp.....thanks a lot. I made it this far in life relatively healthy but that was the video that finally gave me AIDS. Shit. Someone tell my parents that I love them.
  14. Maybe he's shooting blanks.