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  1. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Pretty sure everybody's ancestors raped women if we go back far enough.
  2. What do you guys think of this new song?

    Complete and utter shit.
  3. Captain Cuck Sparrow

    It's based on Gangs of New York, not Pirates of the Caribbean. Duh. FAIL!
  4. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Who the fuck loves Dominicans?
  5. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    I still can't believe he's OK with that Meegan chick being on tour with him considering she took the stand at the Erin Everly trial and called him a disgusting "pig" among other things.
  6. Fuck you, Cleveland Indians

    Well he had a good fucking point. That was Major League 2, I believe. Doesn't matter. I'm never watching any of those movies again. I'm done with this shit club forever.
  7. Fuck you, Cleveland Indians

    Yes, thank god for LeBron. He gave us what the Indians never could and never will. And I will always be grateful to him for it. But he's leaving after this year, and nobody's gonna beat the Warriors for the next few years anyway. I am done with basketball too, but in a good way. After last year, I got everything I ever wanted as a basketball fan. Then there's the Browns. Maybe they'll actually win one this year. Maybe.
  8. Fuck you, Cleveland Indians

    They fucking lost to the goddamn Yankees. Were up 2-0 in a best of five, then went out like complete bitches losing three in a row. Lost on their own home field. AGAIN. This is the team that broke a record and won 22 in a row. Hey, assholes....don't peak in September, dumbfucks. October is the only month that counts. Fuck, I'm gonna pop a blood vessel.
  9. Fuck you, Cleveland Indians

    My parents could have gone anywhere, but they decided to stay in Cleveland. So through no fault of my own, I was born in the single shittiest city in the world when it comes to sports. My dear old dad just turned 70 this year, and all he's ever wanted his entire life was to witness his beloved Cleveland Indians winning a World Series. Just one. In my lifetime I've witnessed some incredible chokes from our football and basketball teams, but nothing as gutwrenching as the chokes pulled off by the Indians. 1995. 1997. 2001. 2007. 2016 blowing the Worlds Series up 3 games to 1. And now 2017. Fuck these cunts. I'm done. I'm out. I'm never watching another baseball game. I'm never watching "Major League" again. I'm gonna take a giant shit on my Chief Wahoo hat and then burn it. Fucking LOSERS. Goddamn ball-less pussies. Their dicks are as limps and useless as their bats. Fucking inexcusable to be this bad at their job. If I was as bad at my job I'd have been fired years ago. These fucking cunts can't hit a fucking ball? Something they get paid millions to do?? Fuck them. I only wish this loss was an away game so that there would be people waiting for them at the airport to pelt them with dog shit and tell them what losers they are. I hope every member of the Yankees and the Cubs double teams their fucking wives while they watch, the spineless cucks. Fuck you Indians. This is the last time. Fucking die. I wish the stadium would just burn to the ground and some other city could get a team that actually gives a shit. Fucking. Losers.
  10. John Lennon Cultists

    I was never a fan of the beatles or Lennon. I just find all of it incredibly depressing. I think it's sad that the four of them couldn't continue to work together. And I think it's really tragic that Lennon was murdered when he was only 40. I don't care about his music or politics or any of that. I just think it's sad he died so young.
  11. 2018 Rock Hall Nominees

  12. 2018 Rock Hall Nominees

    Who the hell is Sister Rosetta Tharpe? Or Nina Simone? Eh. Don't tell me. I honestly don't give a shit and can go the rest of my life not knowing. Good for Rufus to get his dues though, loved him in Bill and Ted.
  13. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    I thought gag orders lasted in perpetuity. Why have one at all if he's just gonna blab first chance he gets?
  14. Are you disappointed in Slash for being a nuEmployee?

    No, I'm not disappointed at all. I got to see Axl and Slash play live together. It was fucking awesome. I don't give a shit if they hate each other or not, or if Slash is legally bound to say nothing about Axl for the rest of his life. They still went out and played together. That's all I ever cared about.
  15. Who knew that Axl Rose is slowly morphing into Benny Hill?

    New cover song for the next leg??