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  1. Time to accept the fact that we all backed a losing horse

    I accepted the fact that the band was over in 1996, and again in 2002, and 2004, and 2006, and 2007. I think the last straw for me as far as getting emotionally involved was Axl's no show at the Hall of Fame. From that point on, I was done with ever expecting Axl to give even an iota of a shit about anything. Set your expectations low, and you won't be disappointed. If you're still sitting around in 2018 after THIRTY PLUS YEARS of disappointment and Axl abusing his fans, and you're still expecting ANYTHING? That shit is on YOU. 100%. At this point you're the asshole, not Axl. Axl is just being the same Axl he's been since 1987. If you can't see that and expect him to magically change, you're a retard. Go bet on a "winning horse" like Pearl Jam or Radiohead that won't let you down, if it matters that personally to you.
  2. Share two odd facts about yourself.

    Not odd at all. Only mentioned it cause we were talking about Harry Anderson porking Markie Post.
  3. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Not even my legendary case of yellow fever could help me get it up for those Nork cheerleaders. I feel instantly sad looking at them.
  4. Share two odd facts about yourself.

    Odd fact: I share the same birthday as Markie Post, Puff Daddy, Matthew McConaughey, Ralph Macchio, Kathy Griffin (yuuuck), Loretta Swift, Walter Cronkite, Jeff Probst, and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Another odd fact since I can't think of a cool one: I've lived outside of the United States since George W Bush was president. It feels weird.
  5. I think I'd start a New York style pizza-by-the-slice pizzeria. I really love pizza and that seems like something I wouldn't get bored with everyday. I don't have any grand dreams for the future of mankind. It's all too fucked at this point. The system won't allow and doesn't want any real actual meaningful change. It likes things the way things are. So I'll just open a little pizza joint. and be happy with that.
  6. Best Music of 2018 (so far)

    "A Plague On Other Boys" and "There Is An Everlasting Song" by Belle & Sebastian.
  7. Best theme songs thread

  8. Share two odd facts about yourself.

    I was really enjoying that post and right about to hit the "like" button and then I read the very last phrase. Glad I didn't hit "like" now.
  9. If we can't have Adler, can we have this chick?

    I also want these chicks in our all Asian girl version of GNR oh man...where's Evader? he can combine the drums and guitars from the other videos with this one....then we'd need some terrible Asian chick singing "Wercome to the Jungerrrr...."

    No it's not. They're doing shows in Europe this summer. DUHHHH!!!!!
  11. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Miser's gonna miser.
  12. Why didn't Richard Fortus bring this song to Axl?

    I have no doubt the demo for this song is sitting in a pile in some dank corner of Axl's mansion with the 19,000 other songs composed by DJ Assba, Bumblefuck, Buckethead, Tommy Stinson, Paul HUUUUGE Tobias, DildoFace, Zakk Wylde, and every other guitarist that has ever met Axl. All unplayed of course. Damn though, tittays in the video!! Reminds me of the orginal "uncensored" video for Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry that had nekkid strippers. I may or may not have masturbated to that video. (This bitch's nasty ass tats are an utter boner killer though.)
  13. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I had the flu just this past Christmas Fucking Eve! Spent about eight hours moaning in agony like a cat in heat til I finally puked everything up. In the end it was just dry heaves. Also, the diarrhea gets so bad that it's basically just piss coming out your asshole. What a disgusting, unsettling feeling, having liquid gush out of your ass like that. At one point I didn't make it in time and sharted on my mom and dad's couch. Oops. Good news is, it was a 24 hour bug and I was fine in day. Worst I ever had was a case of the Noro Virus back in 2004. I can't even begin to tell you what all that constant shitting and puking felt like. And it lasted a WEEK. But I lost at least ten pounds, so there was an upside I guess.
  14. What are your favorite songs by The Who?

    I'm sure you could fill a phone book with people that banged her. Not only was she hot with some awesome swingin' titties, I think she actually had a great singing voice too, and I usually don't pay much attention to female singers. Remember the episode about her in Mad Men?
  15. What in the actual fuck, boys?

    I also dislike AC DC to the point of pretty much hating them. But a fucking tasty groove is a fucking tasty groove. Hate the band and the lyrics and the screechy vocals and the faggy schoolboy outfit all you want, but goddamn you can't deny this riff kicks all kind of ass, even when played by a goddamn woman: