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  1. Yeah, it's kind of a no-brainer that the AFD lineup was the best. Illusion lineup was fine by me too; I never care on bootlegs whether it's Izzy or Gilby. Of the nuguns era, I actually liked the Ashba lineup best cause they did what they were supposed to do: covered GNR. I hated Finck in the band cause the fucker butchered everything he touched with his shitty bent notes and out of tune guitar. Bucket was cool but never was a good fit with GNR in my opinion.
  2. The Apollo huh? Guess that means no "One In a Million"....WOCKA WOCKA!!!
  3. IRS and Madagascar have been hands down my least favorite songs on this CD for years before it was released. Such a snoozefest. And you guys want them in the Top 4? I don't get it.
  4. It's a perfect storm of gross incompetence, not giving a fuck, and pure greed. All of the above, definitely.
  5. Wiser men than me have compared them all. Besides, just listen to the multi-tracks....it's all the same takes. I'm glad you're gonna see the real band soon. I fucking loved every second of it...you're gonna shit your pants seeing Axl and Slash and Duff on the same stage!
  6. I used to have the MP3 but lost it. It was the same ad but extended, for the Boston show. It had a clip of the Blues too. We all examined the fuck out of it back in 2002 and it was determined that those three were definitely studio, not live. Now considering every single iteration of the demos/leaks/final album had the EXACT same vocal tracks, you really think there's an alternate vocal track out there of Chinese Democracy that has never surfaced? I don't. Also, I asked in another thread but you might have missed it....have you seen the NITL lineup yet?
  7. The vocals on those 2002 bits were exactly the same as we got on the CD.
  8. Yes, yes I do. Cause the only way we'll ever get a new GNR album will be when Beta's grandchildren and Dizzy's and Duff's daughters inherit the name, and I'm sure that's the kind of shit that will be important to them.
  9. You're welcome. Boo hoo, now millionaire rock stars aren't multi-millionaires a hundred times over. If you're trying to get me to feel sympathy for musicians cause they can only afford the second best cocaine now after Napster, you're barking up the wrong tree.
  10. Yes, that's certainly one of the stand outs of the Europe leg!
  11. Imola: Madrid:
  12. I love the GNR lithographs they are selling at every show. It's something I have loved since I first saw Pearl Jam doing it back in 1998; to sell a specific poster for a specific city and venue. Usually the art kind of ties into the city in some way. Some people have complained that it's a shitty tour if the most exciting thing about each show is seeing the new artwork. Well, I'm not here to argue about that. I just wanna talk about some of these gorgeous concert posters! A while back I got really obsessive and attempted to make the definitive archive of all the images, based on the best available shots we've got. You can see my work in progress over at myvaginer here: http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/217652-not-in-this-lifetime-lithograph-archive-no-discussion-just-pics/ Almost all of the posters so far have been done by a guy named Arian Buhler, and I really like his stuff. A handful have been done by other artists and I don't know who they are. Now isn't it very premature to declare a top ten while the tour still has such a long way to go? Yeah, I guess so. I was bored at work and started making a list. So let's get into it! Honorable Mention: Lisbon (Arian Buhler) This one had so much potential. It combines two things I love: GNR and the artwork of Alphonse Mucha. But he drew the skull of the woman in profile and I think it just looks ugly as hell. It looks like the barrel of the gun is coming out her nose. I get that they want skulls in all of these but I just feel like it could have looked better if the skull wasn't so gross looking. Very disappointing. OK....on to the Top Ten! Number 10: New Orleans (artist unknown) This one has a gimmick in that it glows in the dark, but I also really like the artwork. It definitely has that "voodoo" vibe associated with New Orleans, and I think it looks good in black and white. Number Nine: Detroit (Arian Buhler) I like this one for a few reasons. The muscle car ties it to Detroit, I like the unique take on the bullet logo by showing it from a different perspective, and I like the overall cartoony-ness of the design. Number Eight: Nashville (artist unknown) This one is pretty simple and straightforward, and sometimes that's best. I just like how direct it is. Just a cartoon skull on a suited body and the band's name in big letters. Simple but effective. Number Seven: Orlando (Arian Buhler) A lot of people think this one is boring but I really like the subtlety of it. It's a very unique way to make the skull, and I like how the logo on the branch is in its own plane. Nice colors too. This isn't a flashy design, but I think it's one of the best. Number Six: Yokohama (Arian Buhler) At first this design didn't jump out at me, but the more I look at it, I think it's a classic. It's very clean. There's only the smallest hint that it's related to Japan (the traditional fan and the cherry blossoms) but the skulls and revolvers have great lines and colors. The composition is striking and not overly busy. And of course, the classic logo is dominant in the image. I think this one is a really great throwback to "metal" looking imagery from the 80s and 90s. It could also be repurposed for t-shirts, album covers, and other merch cause it's not overly specific to a theme or city. Number Five: Perth (Arian Buhler) I like this one simply cause it looks like an old comic book cover. (Which in itself reminds me of that old Def Leppard t-shirt that looked like a comic book.) I don't know what a Bunyip is but apparently it's an Australian thing? I love the lines and colors here, as well as the comic book-y text and the AFD skulls on the side as if they're the cast of the comic book. Number Four: London (Arian Buhler) I think this one is gorgeous for it's starkness. Black and white linework accentuated by a vivid red outline. There's a Jack the Ripper theme to tie it to London, but also has a bit of a "vampire" feel with all the deep reds evoking blood imagery. (Not to mention Slash's top hat and guitar.) I think this would stand out really nicely in a collection because of the contrast. What a gorgeous poster. Number Three: Tokyo (Arian Buhler) This one is fantastic because it evokes monster movie posters of the 50s, as well as tying it in to Tokyo with a Godzilla theme. Also, the lettering is very comic book-y. Has qualities of rock posters, movies posters, and comic books. It's big and bold and also fun. Note the "distressed" creases worked in to give it an authentic vintage feel. Number Two: Kobe (Arian Buhler) This image is pure badass. Awesome intricate drawing of a samurai wearing a wicked demon mask, but smoking a cigarette with bullets lining his helmet. Simple but detailed, great composition and color, and unmistakably tied in to the country of Japan. Number One: Cincinnati (Arian Buhler) The perfect rock poster. An instant classic. Buhler apparently chose the astronaut theme cause so many astronauts came from Ohio. This image invokes loneliness, doom, tragedy. I love everything about it...the weightlessness of the astronaut and the pistol and the flowers. The detailed linework. The masterful use of color. The big, bold, clean GNR type across the top. It tells a little story, it's unforgettable, and it just screams rock and roll. I absolutely love this poster. I wish I could own one but it's way too fucking expensive now. What a masterpiece!! OK....that's my top ten (SO FAR)....what are yours?
  13. Fuck record companies. They've squeezed the last sheckle out of me years ago. I'll steal everything from now on. If I like a band enough to see them live, then I'll pay what they're asking and maybe even buy merchandise too. At least I know the majority of that money should be going to them. Also, I thought of a really lazy musician: Jeremy Enigk/Sunny Day Real Estate. He has released more music than Axl over the years but his shitty attitude in regards to his fans is the same. He disappears for years at a time with no updates. Sunny Day reunites and breaks up and never releases new music and never bothers to tell fans what their status is. Of all the musicians and bands I follow, Sunny Day is second only to Axl is lazy, shitty communication. He's apparently finally releasing his first new album in about ten years but he crowdfunding the goddamn thing. And even then, it's been well over a year since he got his money and no album. Crowdfunding an album. How embarrassing.
  14. In terms of releasing new music, no. Axl is the worst of all time. He does do a lot of shows, when he's in the mood to tour. But he plays the same setlist every night. But so do a lot of bands. I used to rag on the setlist thing a lot. I want all bands to be like Pearl Jam and change it nightly. But I finally just accepted it. Once they added Estranged back in, I've been pretty happy. I actually love the NITL setlist. It's not perfect but it's got a little something for everyone. The only drawback is that there's simply no need to see more than one show. So really, they're only hurting themselves. But until it starts affecting attendance, it won't be a factor, cause most people that go are satisfied to see them ONCE and that's it.
  15. "Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we're the imagination of ourselves" . . . "Here's Tom with the weather."