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  1. Fuck off asshole. Use your real name if you have something to say. Faggot.
  2. So no idea who "Demolition" was on heretodaygonetohell who had the lyrics to Sorry years before we heard it?
  3. Brasky already described what he alleges Atlas sounds like earlier in the thread. Andre's obviously not paying attention. Granted, it's a pretty easy thing to fake. Here, let me have a go: Atlas Shrugged is a 7 minute face melter....Axl sings really clean over this grinding mean rhythm. It's like fire and ice. It got stuck in my head...can't wait to hear it again.
  4. Ooooo. Another new alt account chiming in from outta nowhere. So brave. So brave.
  5. I gave up on ever hearing new shit years ago. I gave up on ever seeing a reunion too. So this year I got to see the three old fucks on one stage and it was amazing. Honestly, I couldn't ask for more. Anything at this point is just icing on the cake. If we get ONE new song, it's more than I ever thought I'd get. Lower your expectations to the level that Axl has established and you'll be a lot happier. I saw the "real" band. I don't give a fuck about Izzy or Adler, so I'm happy. If this really is the last hurrah of the entity we know as Guns N' Roses....I'm OK with it.
  6. Uh, good for you I guess? I hate AC/DC so kinda hard to give a shit about it, personally.
  7. I'm not saying I LIKE it. I'm just being realistic.
  8. They make more on tee shirts and towels and shorts and posters and candles than they would on music. Music is an afterthought. It's nothing. There's no profit there. Money. All that matters is money. In Axl's pocket and Slash's and Duff's....not a record company. Merch sales go to them. Record sales do not.
  9. Andre, quit being such a pussy. Nobody is going to call those numbers and nobody cares. "Hope".....fuck off. If you've got something to say, say it. Stop hiding like a fag behind alt accounts and throwing your cryptic two cents in every now and then. I'm not impressed.
  10. Yeah. Is that supposed to be funny? Edgy? Dumb and tasteless....even for this gaggle of degenerates.
  11. I still don't buy it. Dude was paranoid and protective as fuck. Still is. I can see him playing it for people in person to watch their reactions. But I can't imagine him being OK with any of it getting out there the way it did.
  12. I don't believe Axl leaked his songs himself. Not to us. I can believe it was him that sent IRS to Mike Piazza. Or that he played the CD at a strip club. But I don't believe he leaked them online.
  13. I don't think Izzy has a goddamn thing to do with it. He wrote several songs solo on UYI without Izzy.
  14. In other words, you're just wishing really hard for something you think would be really really neat. There's no evidence in the 30 years that Axl's been in the public eye that anyone can motivate him to do jack fucking shit that he doesn't want to do.
  15. Why? Even if all AFD 5 were in, or Gilby and Matt and Tracey and Roberta....why would that change anything? This has been Axl's show since the mid 90s. All it means is Slash and Duff are finally playing ball and doing what they're told. If Izzy and Adler were in, they'd be doing the same thing. Same setlist every night, same order. Blackhole Sun. The Seeker. The End.