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  1. It's a coincidence.
  2. I believe he was offered the princely sum of zero dollars and zero cents.
  3. I think they did. When you see the documentaries about all the old NASA crew members talking in very specific details about all the stuff that had to happen to make it all work...I believe they really did it.
  4. Are Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake the only ones under 60?
  5. I think the reason they went on late in Melbourne was actually out of courtesy to the thousands of ticket holders that couldn't get to the show due to the massive traffic jam. I'm sure Axl was indeed holed up in his room eating his special lamb dinner and awaiting a police helicopter escort, but this is one case where it was actually a good thing they went on late. And then McBob went and yelled "Sydney!" Man. I bet his face is red. Wonder if he'll acknowledge his blunder in Adelaide.
  6. The only thing I could possibly see them doing is release "The Seeker" as a single. And not even a studio version...just a live track. But they'll hype it up as the first new Axl/Slash GNR song in over 20 years. I am way too realistic to ever believe Axl will record studio vocals ever again.
  7. McBob got booed cause he fucked up. GNR didn't.
  8. Well I still have bragging rights that I was at the 2009 show which might still be the longest show ever, but certainly one of (if not the only) shows where 13 of the 14 Chinese Democracy songs were played. As of this writing, the show I saw in 2012 was also the last time Street of Dreams and Madagascar have been played, so that's potentially historic if those songs are never brought back. Not that I actually like Madagascar.
  9. Yeah I was actually on skype with Miser the day of the Troubadour shows and the Vegas shows. By the third show he was like "eh, I'm bored. I saw it already." And I couldn't believe he considered watching it on periscope as anything even remotely the same league as being there in person. Must be a generational thing. Like I said earlier, I saw the show and it blew my mind, but I'm done now cause as much fun as it was, I don't see any need to see the same show in exactly the same order twice. I know there are people that go to multiple shows and that is something that I don't get for a band that plays a fixed setlist. Pearl Jam? Yeah of course. But GNR is like KISS when they did their big reunion tour in 1996...same songs in exactly the same order every single night. And people went to as many shows as they could!
  10. Well for me personally, it wasn't about them hugging or laughing or any of that shit. I was just jazzed to see them performing together. Although I did see Axl reeling Slash in with an imaginary fishing rod during a solo...I thought that was "cute" and didn't feel manufactured to me. It was my first time ever seeing Slash in person and he did not disappoint. It was insane to be that close to the guy and watch him shred and play his voice box thing and stuff. This guy has been a rock n roll icon to me since I was in junior high. Finally seeing him in the flesh was a big deal to me. And the fact that the guy singing was really Axl Rose and not some asshole off the street named Myles or Ben Dover just made it a million times better.
  11. I certainly don't like everyone I work with. Do you? Any other job you can work alongside people you don't like without being best buddies. Why is being in a band different?
  12. I really did have was such a good time. But I've been a fanatic about this band waaaay more than I like to admit in public. I was still wearing GNR shirts in high school in 92-94 when everyone had moved on to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, NIN, Green Day. I was like "What? Axl's so guys don't like him anymore?" And as unfashionable as it's been ever since, they remained my favorite band, even through all the dark years...the silent years...the braided jersey years....the DJ Shit years...the Fat Shit years. I don't know if it's battered wife syndrome or what but I still love that crazy asshole! I get it though. I roll my eyes when people try to get me to come to their church. But they must get some kind of happiness out of it that they want to share. I sure as shit will never feel it. Seeing GNR's nostalgia cash grab was an awesome experience for me, but that doesn't mean it's for everybody.
  13. You became a fan in the CD era though right? I guess it wouldn't do anything for you then.
  14. As some of you may recall, I'm from Cleveland. Last year the Cavs won the NBA championship and ended a 52 year title drought for the city. (Please don't mention the World Series a few months later.) Anyway, talking to my folks lately and they say "Did you see the Cavs game?" and I'm like "No. I'm done with them. They won. It was fucking amazing. I cried. I'm retired now. I never have to watch another basketball game again." Cause what's the point? Even if they win again it'll never be as thrilling as last year. It would be cool I guess but I have no more emotional angst about it. And two weeks ago, I finally finally finally saw Axl and Slash. It was a little bit like the Cavs championship, and yeah, I cried like a bitch at the concert a few times, just like Game 7. I feel like there's a weight off my shoulders. My fandom is "complete." Now, I'm not gonna retire from GNR like I did from the Cavs, but the angst is gone. I no longer care about no new music, changing the setlist, Mickey Mouse, fat shit....none of it matters. I finally got to see what I wanted to see. My point of all this rambling is I hope you guys go to at least one show. I know everyone here likes to have LULZ about what a fat shit cucked sellout mess the reunion is, but goddamnit, if you were enough of a fan of the band at some point in your life to sign up for this website, then you should go. Just once. Just go see the fat old bastards together and have dumb 100% nostalgic FUN for 2 and a half hours. Let go of the cynicism and angst and just have FUN!!
  15. In the two clips posted above he clearly sounds better with AC DC. It's not even close. I'd like to think there is some medical or scientific reason for it, but it doesn't make sense. The only explanation is laziness.