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  1. Brazil just found out about Radiohead.

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    2. John Bonham
    3. Facekicker


      Good, they deserve it. 

    4. maynard


      Pearl Jam is filling huge arenas down here. Grunge is the next big thing!

  2. Now at work. Still high. So far the word count is on 2, "good morning". I hope to make it to end of the day with no more than 5.

    1. magisme


      Word count for what? :lol:

    2. ManetsBR


      How many words I said at work. My boss asked me a few things, though. So I had to forget about those 5.

  3. holy shit I'm so fuckinh high. I'm in the middle of a party glued to my phone. 


    I'm totally cool, though. Which is why I should go party. Given my current state I'll be cool with whatever shit happens, and posting on a Guns N' Roses is definitely not among the best options. 


    Fucking mdma. 


    Ima go dance. 

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    2. Budd Dwyer
    3. maynard


      gotta love rich commie boys.

    4. GNS


      manets, what would your parents say? they would be disgusted in you

  4. What do you think of Discordianism? These are their five commandements:

    I - There is no Goddess but Goddess and She is Your Goddess. There is no Erisian Movement but The Erisian Movement and it is The Erisian Movement. And every Golden Apple Corps is the beloved home of a Golden Worm.

    II - A Discordian Shall Always use the Official Discordian Document Numbering System.

    III - A Discordian is Required during his early Illumination to Go Off Alone & Partake Joyously of a Hot Dog on a Friday; this Devotive Ceremony to Remonstrate against the popular Paganisms of the Day: of Catholic Christendom (no meat on Friday), of Judaism (no meat of Pork), of Hindic Peoples (no meat of Beef), of Buddhists (no meat of animal), and of Discordians (no Hot Dog Buns).

    IV - A Discordian shall Partake of No Hot Dog Buns, for Such was the Solace of Our Goddess when She was Confronted with The Original Snub.

    V - A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads.


    Also, is this you?:


  5. fora temer

    1. maynard


      foi gópi!


      gópi gópi gópi gópi gópi gópi gópi gópi 

    2. ManetsBR


      that's retarded

    3. GUNNER
  6. Why should I? I aleady post in 3 forums.

  7. I went to a Zep cover yesterday called "Rain Song'". They didn't play Raing Song! SUCKERS!

  8. Rock in Rio contacted Guns N' Roses to be the main Rock Headliner, but there was no deal. They went after Rolling Stones and AC/DC. TBA.

    1. bacardimayne


      As if GNR would headline over the Stones, especially after 2011's show.

  9. My parents and my siblings aren't home this week, so yesterday I threw a party here at home. Party was great, but when everyone left, about 4 AM or so, I filled the bathtub with hot water, turned off the lights, put Zep's The Rain Song in a loop playlist and lit a joint with the best weed in town. Apex of my existance.

  10. At least here in Brazil, GNR fans don't like Nirvana that much. But when that was played, I didn't see a person that wasn't moving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIUvSvc4ffM

  11. http://distilleryimage2.instagram.com/fc150e2e456f11e2a56722000a1f9d88_7.jpg Here in Brazil, when we are accepted into university, we go out on the street, paint our bodies and ask for money to the cars passing by. Guys shave their heads as well. A friend of mine got more than 300 reais (180 dollars)! The second phase of my test is on sunday and monday, I'm nervous ):
  12. http://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/3682_10151332997396412_32799156_n.jpg When was the last time KISS played to such a huge crowd on a single headline concert? Had to be in Brazil. Love it.
  13. Republic comes from the latin "res publica", which means "people's thing" in latin. Demoracy comes from the greek "demos kratia", which means "people''s thing" in greek. So originally, republic and demoracy, or republican and democrat, meant the same thing.

    1. deepfreeze


      Yes, and the Romans said to the Greeks, "All your base are belong to us".

    2. ManetsBR


      haha pretty much.

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    2. Broskirose
    3. Bad Apple

      Bad Apple

      Broski, you don't have a penis

    4. Broskirose


      You know what uGUsngy? I agree? Man I agree. CHRZ uo m eve vest in th;e world .

      HEY WHats UP j.. Type itu p while you nodding nina. Ahhh yeah. Autocorrect..but don't stop. just feel it . don't top. just feeling . Oh yeah. Oh easy. Bounche . Boucne . OHHH bounce.

  14. Rock in Rio pre-sale sold out in 52 minutes. 80 thousand tickets sold for US$150 each. I didn't manage to buy one. Damned...

    1. deepfreeze


      I'm guessing GN'R wasn't on the list since I haven't heard anything?

    2. ManetsBR


      Only Metallica, Iron Maiden, Bruce Springsteen, Sepultura and Ben Harper were announced. There are litereally hundreds yet to be announced. Festival takes place only on September 2013.

    3. classicrawker


      Meh, the Stones sold out O2 and Newark in 15 minutes and most of the tickets were $250 and higher peaking at $850

  15. This or next week more Rock in Rio headliners will be announced. As always, media already has some names, and they are usually correct (remember how early the media announced GNR last year): AC/DC, Radiohead, Megadeth, The Cure, Eminem, Adele and Beyonce.

    1. deepfreeze


      Ok so did they make the announcement yet?

  16. Rock in Rio announced 3 of the 6 main headliners of Rock in Rio V (September 2013): Bruce Springsteen, Metallica and Iron Maiden. The other 3 have no date to be announced yet. Tickets will be on sale next month.

    1. bacardimayne


      I thought it was once every 10 years.

    2. Broskirose


      You thought wrong asshole. You thought soo wrong.

    3. ManetsBR


      It was once every 10 years. But they couldn't don't take advantage on the recent concert euphoria on south america.

  17. The first headliner of Rock in Rio V will be announced today on TV.

    1. ManetsBR


      Rumors are that Bruce Springsteen and Iron Maiden will be the first to be announced.

  18. "There will be new album in 2012" - Axl Rose.

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    2. classicrawker


      Yeah he was right Slash did release a new album in 2012.......

    3. Bad Apple

      Bad Apple

      Personally i don't think we will get a new album from this year

    4. Daredevil
  19. Going to US in 4 months!

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    2. Venetian Cova
    3. Broskirose


      weren't you supposed to go there last year?

    4. ManetsBR


      I went to San Fran and Vancouver last year.