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  1. Brazil just found out about Radiohead.

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    2. John Bonham
    3. Facekicker


      Good, they deserve it. 

    4. maynard


      Pearl Jam is filling huge arenas down here. Grunge is the next big thing!

  2. I found a new singer for GNR

    So that Axl can fully focus on the gig of his life, I thought it would be a good idea to look for some replacements so that Frank and the rest of the guys can still keep rocking without him, and that I concluded that this is the best option so far: What do you guys think? I just hope Angus doesn't see that. Any other picks?
  3. Now at work. Still high. So far the word count is on 2, "good morning". I hope to make it to end of the day with no more than 5.

    1. magisme


      Word count for what? :lol:

    2. ManetsBR


      How many words I said at work. My boss asked me a few things, though. So I had to forget about those 5.

  4. I'm on the last party of my graduation prior to the actual grad party. Ima be a lawyer or something, guys, I don't know. Fuck. When I started posting on GNR forums I was just a dumb kid on middle school. Now I'm almost a dumb kid with a law degree. What the hell is going on????!
  5. I smoke everyday. Right now I'm high on mdma.
  6. It's crazy indeed. Is there a band out there who can sell out so many seats over such a tiny discography? We need a work released- amount of money made on tour ratio to truly gasp GNR's size. All of the current highest grossing tours are made by artists with big discographys - Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Coldplay. I'm sure these artist's fans are paying much less for the *original song* played live, specifically given the amount of covers on GNR's set.
  7. holy shit I'm so fuckinh high. I'm in the middle of a party glued to my phone. 


    I'm totally cool, though. Which is why I should go party. Given my current state I'll be cool with whatever shit happens, and posting on a Guns N' Roses is definitely not among the best options. 


    Fucking mdma. 


    Ima go dance. 

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    2. Budd Dwyer
    3. maynard


      gotta love rich commie boys.

    4. GNS


      manets, what would your parents say? they would be disgusted in you

  8. Absolutely not. Axl is a cool songwriter. He's bad sometimes, rhyming "me" with "me" and "you" with "do" way too many times, but he's honest. I agree that what comes out sometimes is utterly lame, but that's because whatever poetry is going on on Axl's mind is indeed lame. But he still tells us about it, though. Once every 15 years, of course. But still - a supposedly GNR song without Axl's lyrics wouldn't sound as genuine. Wouldn't sound GNR-ish. I like his lyrics. Even when they are bad. It's always an interesting part of the music - to discuss how good they are (that's rare), how bad they are or just what the hell he tried to communicate. His lyrics are one of the most genuine parts of him that he shows us, I belive. Just look at Oh My God. In my opinion it's among his best lyrics, and it's awful, what is says. Completely genuine, though. Same for One In A Million. Genuine content. And that goes both ways. Genuine content, genuine sound. Take a look at, let's say, If The World. Fucking dumb lyrics. Cool theme, but badly executed. He still sang us that shit, though. I don't know if he knew how stupid those lyrics are, I don't know if he realized he was rhyming "me" with "me" on that song or that he rhymes "do" with "you" - the easiest rhyme on english language - on a whole bunch of songs. But maybe in that song it was all about the sound and he couldn't think of more clever ways to pronounce this song syllables. Which makes him simultaneously dumb, of course. Or he didn't notice it, which is either cool because he doesn't care about that shit during the lyric composition or dumb because he doesn't see it. It's very unlikely that he didn't see it, though. We noticed it, so of course he - the actual composer - noticed it. So, if he noticed, he just let it there because. In case you're wondering, yes, such logic does justify all of Axl's moves since he's either too cool to notice, or too cool to change once he realized it ,because... rock n' roll. Also, I'm high as a kite, right now. Have to drop the phone or ima glue in this useless discussion - as I already did. Love you all. Edit: just realized that "he was being genuine" works for almost everything almost everyone writes. Still. Edit 2: fuck this, I have to go. We won't get to a consensus. Is there even a discussion? Axl is cool though, know that. So are his lyrics. Or they are utterly shit and I simply happen to love the man and his minuscule work. The effect is the same, though. Doesn't matter.
  9. Chinese Democracy iii

    Skeeter, would you mind telling us which are those facebook groups? I'm curious. Also, I honestly believe Guns N' Roses minus Axl has been recording non-stop whatever shit they came up with since Axl reformed the band, with an occasional voice layer here and there. I believe every tour generates at least an EP worth of refined jams. I have no reason whatsoever to believe that. I just do. Faith.
  10. In 15 days this will be the longest gap with no new music we've had so far. The previous one was 09 years and 14 days from Oh My God (09 Nov 99) to Chinese Democracy (23 Nov 08). On the 08th of December we reach 09 years and 15 days. Fuck you, Axl.
  11. Artists's death Thread

    David Bowie and Louis CK. I hope they comeback, though.
  12. Do you think those are pieces of GN'R's songs?

    These are probably among the hundreds of pieces these guys have worked on hoping Axl would lay some vocals and put it on his next album so they could live off the royalties of having a song on a "Guns N' Roses" album for the rest of their lives. I think they sound cool.
  13. CD, How Do I Loathe Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

    Some songs really bother me because you can hear an actual cool "ghost" underneath. Chinese Democracy is one of the main - the original Brain drumming had some groove, and so did the Pitman keyboard line on the verses that are very promeninent on the 2001 live versions and can still be heard on the 2006 version. Also, Axl had a single voice layer on the verses. This made the leap from the chorus to the verse, back to the chorus and again flow very well. On the 2008 version, though, Brain was substituted for Frank's much louder and flat drumming, Pitman was completely removed from the verses, Bumblefoot shred all over the verses, fucking ruining it, and on top of that, for no reason whatsoever, we have an extra layer of vocals. Axl must be fucking dumb. The song worked and then he ruined it. The resolution from the quiet-groovy verse to the loud-heavy chorus and again was now gone since on the final version the whole is a complete mess, going from loud-heavy verse to louder-heavier chorus. Dumb. Same for Catcher In The Rye. The 1999 version is beautiful, it has an elegant flow. Then again, Axl removes Pitman and adds Bumblefoot, turning the whole thing into a fucking mess. Sad.
  14. CD, How Do I Loathe Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

    Which is why they should have finished it as soon as Buckethead recorded his parts.