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  1. That looks delicious.
  2. Bill, does Axl and co. post around sometimes? I doubt Felix, the Housecat and Dexter were his only accounts.
  3. I'm still very suspicious, but - This is not the first time a person appears with what is supposedly inside info. Some even made it much bigger of a deal. This is the first time such act has generated responses from now two confirmed insiders (I know it's a stretch for downzy and maybe mysteron too, but still), though.
  4. I'm not sure. He provided us a lot of non-obvious information, like that Axl/DC will return next year and that there's an imminent GH/Live CD.
  5. Come on, Bill... First MSL is definetly darknemus and the main man behind the leaks. Then it's actually Madison. Then it's Merck. Now it's Axl and MSL is no longer darknemus. Pick one, man. Or tie the knots and explain to us how all of this makes sense.
  6. Axl knows what he is doing and is just fucking with us because.
  7. His best, in my opinion. Or my favorite. The movie is awful, though. I wish someone would remake it. I've read The Shining and it's spectacular, but the movie is far superior. I think the main difference on the story is that on the book is much more clear how he is struggling with the lack of alcohol on the hotel, and leaves the doubt of whether the hotel is indeed haunted or if he is in fact just hallucinating. But the movie is incredible. One of the best ever made. Watched it on acid once, holy shit. I can't recommend this experience enough. If you know what you're doing, of course.
  8. The first two seasons were among the best TV I've ever seen, specially the second. Then, the first episode of the third season was the best on the series so far, in my opinion, only for the following two that were already released to suck big time. I hope they get back on track. But yeah, brilliant show.
  9. MSL back then read what was supposedly a letter from Axl to Robin in which he said the leaks did not hurt the album, the opposite of that, actually.
  10. Yes. I fully expected them to tour the shit out of the reunion novelty, for at least 3 or 4 years, with a total of zero new songs and zero Izzy. Adler was a surprise, though. I now expect a live DVD and probably another greatest hits with no new songs.
  11. From Axl to himself?
  12. Oh, God. Unwrite that, man.
  13. This article nails it, he got pretty much everything right. Funny how some of you go into Axl apologist mode as soon as someone outside of our circle starts shitting on our man.
  14. Well, according to Freud everyone is bissexual on some level.
  15. Great thread, JB. I've read the book and seen the film a couple of times too. It's hard to compare, but I think I'll go with the book. It's King's first book and I rarely saw him write that way again. In some parts of the book he leaves the regular fictional prose and instead the chapters are like, reports from the Carrie Comission, snippets from newspapers etc. It's a really interesting way to tell the story, made the whole thing feel much more real. And yet, when he gets back to the "normal" storytelling, he also manages to make us feel a lot of empathy for Carrie. The first movie is great, but even though I already knew how things were going to end when I read the book, the ending was far more devastating in paper.