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  1. Yeah, I think Axl told Bach to fuck off when he told Axl to like, just release Chinese Democracy, man, what the hell are you doing?
  2. Keeping Up With The Lebeis, with special guest (sometimes) Axl Rose.
  3. Whose voice is shittier nowadays? Axl or Sebastian Bach?

    I saw Bach on 2010 and he was pretty good. But then Axl came onstage and well, he fucking nailed it. That was... 8 years ago, though. Jesus. Today, I don't know.
  4. This I Love music video?

    Billboard posted this on Facebook: Between Since I Don't Have You and Better they show what would supposedly be part of the This I Love video? Weird. And it looks bad.
  5. Here Comes Tomorrow

    Bumblefoot's sex tape scandal.
  6. Here Comes Tomorrow

    I miss the rants and the late starts. As JB pointed on other thread, Axl is just a shadow of the asshole he once was. First GNR concert I saw, in 2010, he threatened to leave the stage, ranted about some previous night incident and then got the whole stadium to yell fuck you at him. Shit like that doesn't happen anymore. It was one of the most honest fuck yous I ever said I think despite what we might think, Axl is very self aware.
  7. He should play Charles Manson on the new Tarantino movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.
  8. Trent Reznor has an Oscar too. And even Louis CK has a Grammy, and Axl doesnt.
  9. Greatest Cucks of all—Nominations

    I had no idea about this Stones story. Interesting. I guess we can include Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, then. Paul is still alive, though. Supposedly.
  10. Apparently... http://themusic.com.au/news/all/2018/02/16/guns-n’-roses’-dizzy-reed-joins-this-weeks-the-music-podcast/ From MyGNR, I didn't listen to the podcast: Yey! Edit: By the way, in case you guys don't remember, Dizzy is the 2nd keyboard player on Axl's side project.
  11. What in the actual fuck, boys?

    AC/DC has no groove
  12. Axl to record new music w Angus

    A The Conspirators album possibly better than an AC/DC album with Axl Rose on vocals
  13. What if Axl was your 8th grade Science teacher?

    My 8th grade Science teacher once played Spore with us during class. That's the only thing I can remember.
  14. What if Axl was your Mom?

    At least The Stone Roses had the decency to retire once they realized how shit their reunion was.
  15. What if Axl was your Mom?