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  1. ManetsBR

    Upgrade to IPS Community Suite 4.3.3

    Hoorray! Thanks for keeping up with us, man.
  2. ManetsBR

    Split the loot equally: what should Izzy's cut be?

    Well, it doesn't matter. As Axl said, GNR is his thing, whatever it is.
  3. ManetsBR

    Split the loot equally: what should Izzy's cut be?

    Slash was playing to much smaller crowds than Axl before they reunited.
  4. ManetsBR

    Split the loot equally: what should Izzy's cut be?

    That's up to him and Axl. If he wants to show up and play a few songs every other night with the spotlight on him, I guess it's fair he receives some value along those of the hired guys. Though if he wants to be in the band, play every concert and be part of the creative process (lol), I guess he should receive at least as much as Duff and Slash. It doesn't matter that he can't play, Axl doesn't do his job most nights either and he gets the biggest slice of cake always.
  5. ManetsBR

    Adler reveals who could make a reunion happen.

    Guy is a genius. Axl should call him back just for those brilliant words.
  6. ManetsBR

    Would anybody still pay for a GNR album at this point?

    Yeah, man, holy shit Matt Sorum albums?! I didn't even know those existed. On topic: of course I would.
  7. You're a genius, GUNNER.
  8. ManetsBR

    Adler reveals who could make a reunion happen.

    hmm idk, managing GNR seems like a really cool job.
  9. ManetsBR

    Adler reveals who could make a reunion happen.

    When Fernando was just a child his mom moved to the US in search of an unregistered job. Twenty five years and zero job experience gone and he manages the biggest band in the world. The coolest part of Guns N' Roses is really the story of imperialism going it's full cicle and bringing back the uncivilized to steal your best jobs.
  10. ManetsBR

    Axl/DC ACTUALLY confirmed

    Unwrite that.
  11. After that Alex Ross article, I'm pretty sure our meme magick is working.

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    2. ManetsBR


      I know about that guy, but still.

    3. EstrangedTWAT


      Meme magic is real.


      Can we make the next one me getting laid please??

    4. maynard



  12. ManetsBR

    GnR announcement coming?

    This was literally written by Alex Ross, what a coincidence: Are You a Enough of a Rich Asshole to Buy this $999 Guns N' Roses Box Set? The Locked N' Loaded collection includes skull rings, temporary tattoos, and 49 previously unreleased songs. The shame you will feel upon purchase comes at no extra cost. http://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/evqjnm/guns-n-roses-box-set-appettite-for-destruction-locked-n-loaded-rich-assholes Now, obviously, you have to be a rich asshole to buy this. It'll set you back $999, an amount of money that I'd really like to think would make the idea of 10,000-copy worldwide limit redundant. And you, reader, will look very silly if you spend that money. When—or if—you welcome guests into your home, you will have to hide this box, because the shame will overwhelm you. But all you will find to cover it with is a large Guns N' Roses lithograph. One day, you will inadvertently leave your Izzy Stradlin thumb ring on when you leave the house. But, purely from a conceptual standpoint, this is an excellent idea from Guns N' Roses who, in 2018, are the physical manifestation of a $999 box set. If Radiohead can sell people $200 vinyl copies of Kid A that carefully exploit vinyl holograms to make it seem like the listener has friends who aren't on message boards, then one of the world's most comically ostentatious rock bands—middle-aged men who still conjure up images of hot pants top hats and drunken brawls—should be able to do this. I implore you: Do not buy the Locked N’ Loaded box set. But do stand back and admire the the people who thought the world needed skull rings and temporary tattoos with their faces on them." LOL
  13. This band will tear our forum apart 😭
  14. o shit, that's true. First thing since that one. Horray!
  15. If you think about it, it's the only thing GNR has done since Lies.