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  1. While you think about it, listen to this: Good trip.
  2. Chinese Democracy II: Flop Harder.
  3. The Stone Roses have broken up again after a 5 year reunion round after their UK tour last week. This was posted by a member on a Stone Roses forum: "[after the Wembley gig] Mani has confirmed after Saturday's gig on Wembley that the Roses will split, he's off to Primal Scream and also said "Reni is a cunt and needs to grow up". Mani is the bass player and Reni is the drummer. And today NME published this: As the gig at Hampden Park drew to a close, Brown reportedly told the crowd: “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened.” Sad. The Stone Roses is one of my favourite bands ever, and I never had the chance to see them live. They broke up on 1994 after the release of their masterpiece album Second Coming, 6 year apart follow up to their debut, The Stone Roses. There was a tempative album in between that the label eventually released as an EP, Turns Into Stone, in 1991. It's one of their most unique sounds. On The Stone Roses they still sind like The Smiths on MDMA, while on Second Coming it's like Led Zeppelin on LSD. Turns Into Stone though is simply a unique eletronic psychedelic dancing jazz album, made with classic rock instruments, pulling inspiration from even more brilliant artists like Kraftwerk and CAN. One of a kind. But they had some issues with the record label and went to live in the camp. They came back three years later with Second Coming. And then after they broke up there was a tempative release for a live EP called Crimson Tonight, which it's out there, and it's a completely different take on the whole thing. They pull again this jazzy touch from Turns Into Stone, but now with a different take, it feels and sounds more like a rock n' roll band, and their synch is absurd. Never heard a band sound so tight. It's like a really rock n' roll fusion jazz. They were working on a third album, supposedly called Third Eye, but unfortunately the whole thing fall apart, just as it did back then in 94, because of Reni, the drummer - and best musician in the band, IMO. Still, they released two good singles and their live performances were incredibly good, so there's that. Let's all roll a joint and take some time to honor this brilliant band by listening to this seven minutes of splendid shuffling psychedelic monster acid rock funk which is their last ever release: And if you're into the groove, eight more minutes to the best outro ever made - an aesthetical expression that things can not only be reborn, but reborn bigger and better:
  4. We're onto something here.
  5. Yep. Exactly 9 months later, in Brazil, the new Axl was born:
  6. Of course: to live is to die, and to live healthy is the slowest way to die. But still, if you consume products from the system - as in not self-made - you're ingesting a pile of toxic shit. But yeah, relatively it causes more harm to smoke than to drink, considering a regular drinking habit and not an alcoholic one. But it's not "dumb". To say that - to reduce the whole thing to this binary division (smart/dumb) is to lack a huge amount of psycho and sociological perception.
  7. I would definetly watch a Guns N' Roses sitcom.
  8. Interesting theory. Definitely maybe.
  9. Great logic, if a person smokes, he or she is automatically stupid. Yeah, that's how it works.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure it will be great. I'll happy to see the stadium packed and everyone into it. And I don't know about those vocals, man... I think they're all the same on 2002-06- and 08, except for Chinese Democracy. Maybe. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm high, maybe I'm right. Edit: Just listened to it again and I'm sure: it's not the exact same thing.
  11. I do. I mean, it's a bad album, it's fucking bad, but I like it. I can't help it. It's maybe my bad taste speaking, but the thing talks to me.
  12. I've been watching it frequently and I like it.
  13. Anything Goes is fun. If you're drunk it's very fun. That's all there is to it.