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  1. #GnFnR The Machine Is Back At It In 2017

    They both suck on Guns N' Roses.
  2. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Our man Fernando just posted a story on Instagram about a "great talk" he had with "the Ang".
  3. AXL ROSE Blasts U.S. Vice President MIKE PENCE

    Yeah, I don't think he would, as of today. And my favorite Axl is slim cokehead asshole Axl. Saw that guy live on 2010 and it was fn' awesome.
  4. AXL ROSE Blasts U.S. Vice President MIKE PENCE

    Come on... We've seen Axl hit people for the dumbest of reasons. Anyone here really thinks he wouldn't hit his girlfriends on moments of rage and frustration? Of course we don't have proof, but it's really easy math. Also, people talk a lot about One In A Million, but seem to forget It's So Easy, the fucking reunion show opener, where Axl pretty much talks about raping a girl. I can't believe this is even a discussion.
  5. AXL ROSE Blasts U.S. Vice President MIKE PENCE

    xD is pretty common in Portugal. When I got there I was like wtf, have these people stopped in internet-time?
  6. Mark Hamill shits on new Star Wars movies

    He does an excellent job playing a drunk quasi-god at Ex Machina.
  7. AXL ROSE Blasts U.S. Vice President MIKE PENCE

    Uh... So, that Axl-Mike Pence thing, crazy, right?
  8. My first serious post/My Identity

    I'm in but I also have no idea how this works.
  9. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    I expect Axl/DC to work next year. I consider the possibility of Slash's and Duff's contracts ending this year, but I doubt GNR ends withs this tour. I have a hard time believing Fortus, Ferrer etc. had almost-decade long contracts. These guys are probably being re-hired for every run. Of course that for being in the circle they know they're in for the next, but that means nothing on legal terms. Slash's and Duff's contracts ending this year probably mean the same as "Fortu's contracted ended on 2007, then on 2009, then on 2011..." etc. Anyway, I believe we'll probably see Axl/DC next year and I think Duff there is a real possibility. As for GN'R, there's gonna be a break, probably. But seriously, I can't understand how after so many years some fans still think Axl is not gonna to want to shit some of his music out or even think he ain't gonna tour. Honestly - the man was CLEARLY willing to tour the shit out of his brand even if for what is relatively very small money and respect. With what is going on now, I don't think he is going anywhere anytime soon. He should definetly make some changes, though. Frank is pathetic and honestly, Fortus is too. I know he """doeshisjob""" but his stage persona is cringeworthy. And he adds nothing. He just completes. You never expect this guy to do something. I won't get started on Frank. Anyway, I think we'll see Axl release at least one more album, in the next ten years. And if there's one AC/DC album, I don't doubt there would be a 2nd. As for Slash, in the mean time, he should get rid of his current band immedieately and try to establish his image as a cool musician again. He still has some mojo in him but he's not going anywhere playing with musicians who are only there to lay some background for him to shred on. His perfomances are pathetic.
  10. Hard. It was sad.
  11. I haven't. I was not in Brazil when they toured here the first time and couldn't afford seeing them in Portugal last year nor this year in their latest run here. I spent a lot of money that I couldn't to see them on 2014 after that MyGNR *exclusive* that they would play new songs on that tour and it was one of the worst concerts I've ever been to. That was enough.
  12. If you like Nirvana you're gonna love this

    I know, right?
  13. If you like Nirvana you're gonna love this

    Because they are jamming Nirvana songs.
  14. 2018 Rock Hall Nominees

    Keep The Faith and These Days are very good albums. There is some other good stuff among their music, but everything they released on this decade is utter and complete shit.
  15. If you like Nirvana you're gonna love this

    maynard doesn't know Macaco Bong