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  1. This. The guy is an incompetent. And I'm kinda surprised. I expected the media to be all over him, but I didn't expect him to be so fucking dumb. This Comey story is so fucking stupid. I would have voted for him for the POTUS election, though. Wanna see the world burn ASAP. But is is too quick
  2. Bye bye, Don't Cry. Next round thing starts to get serious.
  3. But what's your theory? How long have we been living this fakery? Since 2006 with the obviously glued wig? Did he have cancer?
  4. No. Not necessarily. My hair fit perfectly on the beanie, and it was longer than Axl's for sure. But what's making me suspicious is that shaved-looking part close to his right ear. It was supposed to have some hair there, leaking from the beanie. Usually - unless you're dumb - the hair on the back is longer than on the front, so you can tie it. That makes some of those small hair from the front "leak", because they're too short to be tighten up on the ponny tail.
  5. Axl's a visionary.
  6. My two cents: When I had long hair, tied it into a ponny tail and put a beanie on, it looked like I was bald. Edit: Gotta say though that that part under his right ear looks weird. Looks shaved. Even with the hair all inside the beanie, some of it would come out on the front. So I don't know. 10/10 thread. This is exactly what we need
  7. But why would they make such a big deal out of it? You know, sometimes it feels like the people running this have no idea what they are doing. But just sometimes.
  8. Axl sounds good on that Nightrain.
  9. What is the MSM? Something something media?
  10. Yeah, you read what, Veja?
  11. I know no one orders food at the White House. And no, I don't think it's a big deal, I just think it's kind of funny. Don't know why are you so upset about it.
  12. Maynard won't agree, he believes anything our criminal press publishes.
  13. What does one thing has to do with the other? Good way to start a discussion. I agree that Colbert and the other late night hosts are way over the top on this thing, but you don't even get the joke of Trump being treated like a small child? You can't laugh? You're actually this pathetic with your political opinions?
  14. They just posted this on Facebook: Some sort of pre-announcement? Back to where it all began? Get In The Ring? What?
  15. Well, come on. The lame is how everyone gets one but he gets two, and the extra sauce. I mean, it's the White House or what? I always imagined anyone could have as many ice cream as they wanted to.