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  1. Yes, but that's because the other four were shining. He was not doing anything superb, but he was still doing his job just fine.
  2. Guns N' Roses will headline a new festival in São Paulo at the Allianz Park stadium called São Paulo Trip in September with The Who, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. Def Leppard, Alice Cooper and The Cult are also set to play. Basically a smaller Rock in Rio in São Paulo.
  3. Yeah. Farofa. And this year's Rock in Rio is the most Farofa ever.
  4. Oh yeah. I'm travelling to Lisbon next week to listen to a couple of songs with some guy.
  5. Yeah, we disagree on what the Worker's Party did to the country.
  6. You're having second thoughts, right?
  7. Yes, there is. You portuguese people are the brazilians of Europe. Accept it.
  8. Yeah, my parents were members of the Communist Party in Brazil and I'm in Portugal smoking weed all day. And? By the way, maynard, since you have such incredible detective habilities and since your main problem with me is in fact with my parents, why don't you check their facebook accounts? I can't believe I'm actually suggesting this, but you could find it in a second throw my profile - a place you seem to hang out a lot - and I think it would be really good for your mental health if you knew they hate the Worker's Party and Lula just as you do. I'm really flattered that you care so much about me and my family, maynard. lol
  9. fora temer

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    2. ManetsBR
    3. GUNNER
  10. Maynard thinks being left wing equals as taking a vow of poverty.
  11. You're right, magisme. And why would you say I'm a communist looking at my Facebook account, maynard? Enlighten me, please Also, still don't know why you always bring it up.
  12. Me too. There were some quasi-psychedelic moments in the Illusions, like The Garden and the outro of Locomotive, and I really like'em.
  13. Yeah, the concert in São Paulo in 2010 had more than 40 thousand people, but in 2014 I think there were less than 30 thousand. Imagine 2017 with that same line-up? When in fact when they returned last year with Slash and Duff they packed 55k on a venue as big as when they played São Paulo in '92. Ok, why am I even wasting my time? This is the dumbest discussion ever.
  14. Well, didn't Brain say that Sorry's original working title was I'm Sorry? There you are
  15. Yeah, well, if I had to say it would be something along those lines as well. I didn't say that ideology is the equivallent of one's policticals views, although they usually walk hand in hand. I'd say ideology is the collective of beliefs a person holds to make the world make some sort of sense. Like a religion, although I've seen authors define ideology as exactly as religion, putting in the same group, for example, christianism or umbanda, neoliberalism or marxism, scienthific method or freudian psychoanalysis etc. Anyway, my point was more in the way that it's important to understand that the art is not the artist. Mixing one's Trump hate/love for the band's own despise for the guy is stupid. It's like not watching a Woddy Allen movie because the guy is a pedophile, or not watching The Last Tango In Paris because Marlon Brando rapes Maria Schneider on screen, or not listening to David Bowie because he was very fond of the Nazi aesthetic, or if someone would say to me I can't sing The Smith's "Meat Is Murder" because I'm not a vegetarian. The art is not the artist. And yeah, a GNFNR reading group is a cool idea, I'm gonna check that essay you mentioned.