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    If our community is a body, GNR is the fat and shit of that body. And a body without fat and shit is no body at all.
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    I love that we're on a site where the mod says not to be a faggot.
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    Hey everyone First of all, Id like to thank each and every one of you. It has been a delight getting to know all of you and discussing processed meats and making hot dog puns with you. I hope my account has brought everyone here together a bit. Now, to get to the meat of the post- Like Bacardi, I went to the hospital recently. This past week, I was just having abdominal pains so I was thinking it was something minor. The pain was getting worse so I opted for the ER instead of an urgent care. Either way, I wasnt too worried. Got some tests, and they stuck an IV in me. Left the next morning and that was that. Well, today I got some pretty life changing news. Im sad to report what it is, but Ill make the best of what time I have left. For those interested in who I really am and what I have,
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    Fuck off you deaf, shit, geriatric kangaroo-fister. No one's going to fall for the old "oh look I can sing one of my old songs decently well, given it's the only song I have to sing that night, it's detuned a half-step and I don't even have to stay in key because ac/dc fans are a bunch of mongoloids who think pitchless braying into the mic constitutes a proper performance" routine. Johnson-AC/DC fucking suck. They serve only as a vessel for Axl to unleash the beast he's been holding back ever since he got bored of GNR 10 years ago. To think that we could lose years of potential great performances from Axl in his twilight years because some over the hill old shit wants his job back makes me want to vomit in disgust. AXL/DC IS ALL I HAVE AND THIS OLD FUCK WANTS TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME. PM box is open to those who wish to help "solve" this problem. @8==D
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    You can add Pink to the list of "approved" pop stars by GNR forum nerds.
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    Pretty sure old W. Axl has cost his fans well over $200,000 with all the no shows, Fire Chief cancellations, riots, and late start times over the years.
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    Yeah I ripped up my ticket in front of a picture of Axl in some 'anti-cum tribute' act of defiance so I could tell all of you about it.
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    Axl wears a Mickey t-shirt. Frank wears a SHIT t-shirt. I mean, they know.
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    That's what happens when you put out 3 LPs in your entire career.
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    Translation: Axl was brainwashed by leftwing propaganda claiming that Pence scheduled the trip to see the Indianapolis Colts (he flew from Nevada to Indy and then back to California) strictly to make an anthem statement, and supposedly the cost of the trip was a $200K expense to taxpayers. After Pence noticed a few opposing players kneeling during the anthem, Pence immediately left in protest of the player protest. Reality: Pence had planned the trip long before, for that particular weekend, because that is the weekend when all the festivities were already planned to honor Peyton Manning (including the unveiling of a Peyton Manning statue). Background: Pence was governor of Indiana, home of his beloved Indianapolis Colts. Peyton Manning was the longtime star quarterback of the Colts, and has been a staunch supporter of Trump and the GOP. Conclusion: Liberals trying to spread pure bullshit as fact, and Axl lapped it up like a thirsty bulldog in front of a bowl of water.
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    I like having a GNR forum where we can make fun of GNR.
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    OK, guys. I think we all know what's going on here, so let's just get it out in the open... Frank Ferrer visits GNFNR regularly and he's trying to communicate something to us with his "SHIT" shirt. Clearly there's no other objective explanation. I don't know whether he's trying to communicate with Brasky because he's an insider, or with me because Fernando talks to me, or with bacardi because he is the Shit King, but he's trying to say something to us. It is our duty to figure out what. So, the "Shit" t-shirt... WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS???!!!
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    lol Pink has more say at GNR reunion shows than Slash does.
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    There's locker room talk and then there's lock her in the room talk.
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    Brian and Bruce backstage Tuesday night before the show listening to Thyme.
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    Brasky is the only reason I bother to read the GNR section these days.
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    GUNNER is sad because he thinks we don't like him, guys. Show him he's wrong about that like he's wrong about everything else. In this thread, share why you love GUNNER.
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    To be fair, it is refreshing to hear Guns N' Roses in 2017 sang by someone who can still sing.
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    And of course Axl has her sing the only part of the song that requires any effort. So lazy. So fat. So shit.
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    Official Vote: Apollo/Skeeter/Groghan
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    Says the maker of the annual "make your own single disc UYI" thread.
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    What a fucking cunt
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    Song choice could've been better, but there's no way the only ever onstage meeting (right?) between Axl and Mick Jagger isn't a classic moment. Just wish we didn't have to listen to Keith sing the first few lines so shittily.
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    You should question things you hear. Sometimes it will be ultimately prove insignificant and things were as they appear, and the extreme denial of some conspiracy theories don't help, but there's nothing wrong with the concept of questioning what you can't verify. It should be encouraged.
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    I think it is better to wait till the police have finished conducting their investigation. I also don't hold eye witness testimony that highly. Eye witnesses are historically unreliable. In fact, I've been an unreliable eye witness, and experienced first hand what it's like to witness an intense situation.
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    A couple of weeks ago I was downtown with an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in several months. He's one of those guys that is constantly under his girlfriend's thumb and rarely gets to let loose with his friends, so I kinda feel bad for him in that regard. Anyway we were walking from the bar to the local pizza place and in between there's this small, local theater. Usually it's just a dark entrance because...well the theaters closed at 3 AM. But on this particular night I was taken aback because as I walked by the doors there were six cops kinda crappily hidden by each of the six glass doors. Suddenly they all bust out to go after what I presume to be drug dealers. As I start walking away, Kenny drunk, confused, and dumb as shit starts walking towards the door to peak in what's exactly going on in there. Well logic would dictate they were just using the entrance to the theater to bust drug shits for whatever reason, I don't particularly give a fuck. But that wasn't good enough for my boy Kenny. He was certain there was more to the story and was determined as shit to figure out what it was. I just wanted pizza. As he was going towards the door, I, slightly more sober, sensed a bad idea with the cops only being within ten feet of us. Kenny sensed shit and didn't care. I grabbed him to pull him away as he was opening the door to peak, and as soon as I did, this big black Terry Crews stunt double cop lifts Kenny up and slams him into a puddle in the street. Kenny's white by the way. More on that in a second. And I mean fucking slam! Kids only like 150 pounds wet, and I'm surprised he only had a slightly scrapped knee afterwards. Immediately after, Kenny gets up like a dog that just got kicked by a defensive mail man. Completely disoriented and confused only aware that something had gone terribly, terribly wrong with his absolutely pointless and shit plan. Nevertheless, I asked the cop "really? You couldn't have just grabbed him out of the doorway and peacefully told him to fuck off?" He wasn't even actually in the theater when he was grabbed and slammed away. No matter, he just ignored me and kinda went after Kenny, but Kenny was already far enough down the street where he, I don't know, already got enough cardio for the week or something? Lol, he wasn't even that far. I don't know why he felt that inclined to have such a hissy, but didn't feel inclined to finish what he started. But if that had been a black kid, exactly the same person as Ken, only black, and a white cop had pulled that exact shit, and it had been filmed and youtubed, Lemon and Tapper would've had a conniption all day on faggot news network. But Kenny's Caucasian, big whoop, and it's about time he got a taste of the oppression black people go through ever...yadda yadda. There were people everywhere, and not one outraged face to be found. White privilege my dick! These times are achangin. Stay safe out there boys. Idk. Just been bothering me for a while.
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    I'm done with this franchise. These movies are an even worse cash grab than the Re-GNR bullshit cover tour.
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    Thanks for the kind words AB. A couple things: 1. I actually don't mind PMs, and I appreciate hearing from people privately, if they have issues or suggestions for me regarding the site or other posters. 2. I am very busy these days, and I don't have the free time to read every single post on the forum, this is why I ask folks to PLEASE use the report system. I log-in several times a day to check the site, and if there are reports, I handle them immediately. Otherwise, it is possible I will not see a post. For example, I rarely check out the tour thread (The Machine is at it again). Basically, if you see something, say something (but don't be a faggot). 3. @GUNNER and @Skeeter: This is a thread for forum requests and issues, not your dojo. Please take this fight to a new beef thread, or head over to one of the garbage threads in the hidden section. Thanks, JB
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    Axl's a fucking genius. He can bring in more and more singers so that he can rest his voice for AC/DC. It's the return of the Axl's Super Fun Time Happy Touring Bonanza!
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    Resurrecting this thread, in honor of Homan. I paid off my car this month.
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    Once, I lost my pager—in my little apartment. It was late—I still had it. I woke up—it was gone. I never saw it again. Time travel glitch.
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    Driving up to Maine one time to go hike Katadhin, only car on highway. Old 1990s ambulance in the passing lane drives by me. No sirens or anything. Some time later, like half hour or hour later, it looked like the same ambulance passes me a second time. I see where Stephen King gets his stories.
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    That's definitely the only reason anyone would avoid speaking to Vicky Hamilton.
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    25% of his released music are covers. 33% of the songs he plays live are covers. His greatest success in the last decade came filling in as singer for a different band. Is Axl the greatest covers singer of all-time? Axl once said he would hate to become a singer that didn't create new music and who just played his old songs. Who would have guessed that Axl used that mindset to become a glorified karaoke singer.
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    Maybe the guy is just having a bad time or whatever ... give him a break and in 2018 he will be becoming GUNNER.
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    No, I'm not disappointed at all. I got to see Axl and Slash play live together. It was fucking awesome. I don't give a shit if they hate each other or not, or if Slash is legally bound to say nothing about Axl for the rest of his life. They still went out and played together. That's all I ever cared about.
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    Slash is the star of the brand now. I barely paid attention to Axl when I saw them last year.
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    Hi Guys. How about we go back to the era when GNR was the most dangerous band on the planet? This performance in my view is more than special, it is the band at the height of their wildness and live distortion. For me it's the best live (on TV) performance of this song.
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    Brian still sounds better singing AC/DC songs than Axl does singing GNR songs.
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    Jesus Christ guys. Just because GNR sucks doesn't mean we have to!
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    Before there was Tom Brady, the person most men wanted to be was Hugh Hefner. The man responsible for many people's very existence has passed away at 91. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/nation-now/2017/09/27/playboy-founder-hugh-hefner-dies-91/711182001/ As one final tribute I will once again reach down and pull out the iPad hidden under my bed and I'll search through the finest internet porn ... because I can, thanks to him.
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    Lol, Miser not realizing he'd be immediately banned if we stopped being a GNR forum
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    In before Miser rehashes 20 more Gn'R threads to show us how sick of talking about them he really is.
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    I hate it when Axl does that choreographed *scan audience w/wry smile* after one of his shit frog screams. Reminds me of that vid of Hillary having a seizure as she looks up at the balloons.