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    What's that app? I want it so I can upload this
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    Finally Tracii Guns will get some royalties. It's so fucking wonderful, the new single is a 34-year-old song. I didn't think it was possible but we may have reached a new peak.
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    Brazil is gonna go bankrupt the week this is released.
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    GNR is out of touch with reality. lol radio.
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    my disinterest continues
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    This boxset for one album, contains more CDs than their entire discography combined
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    Can't wait to pirate $150 worth of shitrock shitscraps and never listen to them.
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    A stone that looks like a a window to the ocean.
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    I love the fact that people on mygyner are losing their minds over this "NEW" song that we've had officially released on the Live and Let Die single, Live From the Jungle EP, and even Hollywood Rose for over 25 years now. Those dumbfucks are convinced it has all new Axl vocals and Slash guitar parts. Their stupidity is making me so mad I'm gonna give myself an aneurysm.
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    Do you think they will remove the fucking noises from Rocket Queen and the swearing on the other tracks? Replacing One in A Million with fake tattoos is such a New GNR move.
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    http://heavymag.com.au/steven-adler-talks-aussie-tour-billboard/# SAD!
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    I don't hate anything about him. I just think everything about him, other than Axl/DC, sucks. He used to be cool. He's no longer cool. He used to sing well, or at least with passion. He no longer does either. He used to release good music. He no longer releases any music. He used to act like he didn't give a fuck. Now he virtue signals for approval from faggots. He used to be thin. Now he is fat. He used to be intense and in a bad mood. Now he cracks jokes and looks to be in a doctor prescribed good mood. Everything that was ever good about him is now shit.
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    Fuck you, Dad! Turns out I wasn't being lazy when I would sleep 11 hours some nights as a teenager. Can't wait till all these type A losers who brag about only needing 5 hours of sleep a night develop alzheimer's and get cancer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwaWilO_Pig
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    Is Cornshucker with ambient effects in the box set ? if not, fuck it then.
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    lol you guys are actually listening to shadow of your shit
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    Damn. They're milking this as hard as they can. When Slash and Axl combine their whoring prowess, amazingly whorish things can happen.
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    "We're pleased to announce that Guns N' Roses will be opening for AC/DC on their 2019 stadium tour! As a result, Axl will be getting paid twice per show."
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    My friend Charlie died yesterday. Charlie: "I got arrested for having 2 joints in my pocket and spent 2 years in jail" Me: "Did you quit smoking weed?" Charlie: "Nope"
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    The Beach Boys played a set at the Fillmore East in New York City with the Grateful Dead as their backing band
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    And doctors are now told they're fat shaming people, because their doctor told them they're fat, and should lose weight. You know, to not die. Insensitive bastards.