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    Probably heard how Axl was gonna sound and went, "fuck this shit."
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    Must have something to do with Sasha Volkova, the hooker Axl pays to travel with him? I think "Fuck this clown!! is what Axl yells at her in the bedroom
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    We all know the dangers of smoking, but what could really happen to you if you follow Guns N' Roses in 2018? Doxxing, loss of job, income Legal lawsuits, Web Sheriff, Lulus dotcom regrettable tattoos weight gain questionable party affiliations
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    On a torrent site, I saw that Myles Kennedy has a new album out. It didn't take long for me to grasp that the entire album is a shot at our prince Alex Ross. Exhibits: A ) The title of the Album is Year of the Tiger. Those born during a tiger year are, "very charming and well-liked by others. But sometimes they are likely to be impetuous, irritable, and overindulged." Also, "with stubborn personalities and tough judgment, tigers work actively and boldly express themselves, and do things with a high-handed manner. They are authoritative and never go back on what they have said." Alex's birth year is 1962, a year of the tiger. B ) Track 3, "Blind Faith", is clearly a shot at Alex nutswingers. C ) Track 5, "Ghost of Shangri-La", is clearly a shot at the reunion and its impotent attempt to recreate past glory days. D ) Track 8, "Mother", well, I think we all know what creepy relationship that's about. E ) Track 9, "Nothing But a Name", refers to the empty shell that "GNR" has become since Alex took ownership of the name. I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg, but fuck me, we've always hated this guy so much. Now we know we've been right about him all along.
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    Who is Myles Kennedy? Lol the guy is a nobody now attacks Alex Ross to create tension inside GNR so Slash can return to Constipators. This is the kind of passive-aggressive bullshit that makes my blood boil.
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    Nothing but a memory of the asshole he once was
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    the two worst songwriters in gnr team up with a walking corpse from nineteen subgenres away what could possibly go wrong?
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    I don't have a middle name. Just 2 names, first and last. I survived a house fire when I was 22. Three people hospitalised, one dead, house completely burned to the ground. I had gone back in, climbed to the second floor and pulled out the guy who ended up dying. This event had a strong effect on me, and I still have bad dreams about house fires, and I am very paranoid about keeping my own home safe.
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    Album length is 50:40, a reference to Alex's circumference, taken at the stomach and waist respectively.
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    Fat, slow 2010 Axl with rasp. The 2006 look. Let's admit it, the look was shit at the time. It still is shit, but every other look since has been shitter.
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    they’re N’s with attitude not N’s with high school diplomas
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    I saw him in a corner of an L shaped bar. I was on the opposite end. I knew of him pre Night Court when he was doing con man magic stuff. So I yelled out to him, asking if he still does magic. He mumbled something as an answer. I didnt hear what he said but I assumed it was a dick response. I sat there stewing and got drunker and drunker and more and more pissed off. I settled with the bartender, took a piss and on my way out I asked him what he said earlier. He told me to fuck off, which actually was the best and correct thing to say but I was young and full of piss and vinegar so I forearmed him in the face. Since he was sitting in the corner, I was able to hit him a few more times without him moving. And that was it. I went home and did a bunch of blow
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    Was that photo taken of a wall inside your apartment?
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    We're still waiting for him to start one.
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    I do not think Axl is a "lefty" he is too much of a ruthless capitalist to be a "lefty". That being said, he has turned into a total whining, unbearable pussified celebrity. If Trump bothers you this much, record an album and release it Axl, you fucking douchebag.
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    Oh he's still a mega-asshole to his fans. You know, the people that have give him the lifestyle he enjoys. But to the rest of the world he's Mr. Virtue Signal, just like every other celebrity. Wonder if any of those other lefties were accused in court of anally raping a chick and then making her shit in a kitty litter box.
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    i was on the motherfuckin news dawg, check me out around 9:40 http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1177369155837
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    He was all in until he read the fine print and found out there was going to be a "lead singer" at which point he bailed.
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    That's the fucking spirit right there! May it be a great day for everyone except borki. He hasn't been able to have a great day since JB took away his reason for living. Speaking of borki, I wonder how miser's doing. Just kidding. I don't give a shit about how miser is doing.
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    What sort of doublespeak is this?
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    Stay away from other Gn'R sites. They're bad for your IQ.
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    I have a special dispensation from my doctor and the cops that says I'm ok to drive when on heroin I'm a very successful DJ in my own mind and play at high end strip clubs in Jersey, my only release to date is an ironic remix of Californication.
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    Ahhh ... I miss those days ...... but I'll manage ...
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    I like his entrepreneurial spirit. I hope he succeeds. Any programmers here at GNFNR? Let's start SHITcoin.
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    lots of old gnr stuff being unearthed lately, it's nice
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    I mean yeah, they did some bad shit, but they also had great accomplishments. They created the worlds largest mound of shoes, for one. Is that in the Guinness book of world records, or are they a bunch of snowflake cucks?
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    "the_persian_ashbaist" I've never felt so ashamed to be Iranian.
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    Miser is retarded. Probably the closest we have.
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    He probably looked up, sniffed, talked about the winds of shit, yelled "S" out really loudly and walked out in a huff at least, that's what i'd have done if i were in the same room as fat axl and fat slash
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    He must have heard Axls “clean voice”
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    I'll give you guys a bonus odd story about myself. Preemptive apologies for the tl;dr. I was a pretty serious hockey player as a teenager. I played on a bunch of select teams and summer all-star teams, and then I went to a New England boarding school to play. It was awesome. I played with and against some fantastic players, many of them moving on to respectable professional careers. One of my friends from those teams, Erik Cole, even hoisted the Cup, the fucking prick. Anyway, my Senior year at boarding school, I was considered the number 2 defenseman in the prep league, behind Bobby Allen. He was definitely better than I was, but not by much, so I had some high hopes going into the year. Things wouldn't work out. 4 or 5 games into the season, I was fighting for a puck against the boards in the neutral zone and the number 3 defenseman, Ben Blais, innocuously shoved me from behind. I put my hands up to brace myself against the boards and something went wrong. I felt a quick sharp pain in my left wrist. The pain went away quickly, so I finished the game, but within a half hour afterwards the thing blew up and I couldn't move it at all. They took me to get x-rays, but the hospital told me I'd have to come back after the swelling went down a bit. So a few days later I went back, did the x-rays, and was told the x-rays were negative and that it was just a bad sprain. Big relief. Unfortunately the rest of the season was shit. I was a skilled defenseman, not a bruiser, and all of a sudden my stickhandling was mediocre, my passes were missing their mark by unacceptable margins, and my shot was a joke. I ended the season with exactly zero D1 offers, a tremendous disappointed to everyone's expectations. Baseball season began just as depressingly. My bat was slow as fuck. I couldn't pull the ball. Everything was opposite field. So I went back for more x-rays. Still negative. I just suck. I quit the baseball team and decided that I'd rehab the wrist during spring and summer, play Junior hockey for a year, regain my prestige, and sign on with a D1 team a year later than expected. Come summer, rehab wasn't going well, and everything I did hurt, so I decided to go for second opinion x-rays. Fuck me. The doc told me that not only was a bone in my wrist fractured, but it had been fractured for so long that the bone was beginning to basically rot from the inside out, and I'd need a bone graft surgery to try to fix it. They wanted to grab a piece of bone from another part of my wrist, plug it into the rotting bone, and basically hope that the rotting bone, with the help of a bunch of pins and 8 weeks in a cast up to my armpit, would merge with the plugged in bone. Fast-forward a few months and it didn't really work. The rot-bone did merge with the plugged-bone, but only enough that the bone would stop deteriorating. There was still space between bone where there shouldn't be. The takeaway being that the bone was still technically fractured and probably always would be. I went and played Juniors anyway, but I sucked. I probably could have been a decent D3 player if I wanted to, but fuck that noise. I quit the Juniors team about 2/3 of the way through the season and changed life plans.
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    Axl is so fat, even the band's name looks pregnant.
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    the society that produced Tyler Drama
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    Salawmi And with that, I have officially jumped the shark
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    Insert pizza instead of cheeseburger for now. A bit of an exaggeration but it's close.
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    this thread brought to you by the letter S
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    axl did the following during the chinese democracy saga: isolated himself exhibited avoidant behaviors added buffers between himself and rejection stopped showing up to work allowed dysfunctional people into his life succumbed to fear fell prey to the perfection myth sauer believes in learning from examples good and bad in life we can be better men and women and help ourselves and those we love live up to their potential - my goodness i have done all of these but i think #3 and #6 are my most frequent bitch behaviors sometimes reading and learning just masks my fear... like a cycle of endless recording be better and let us live happy lives hugs, busty barmaids, and healthy sausages yours, sauerkraut
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    No. The closest I am to celebrities is through my aunt. She manages finances in Los Angeles. She gave me Brian Wilson's autograph. Fun fact. She befriended Roy Orbison's widow (guy who wrote Pretty Woman), and took care of her $1000 dog. To make a long story short, she brought the dog along to visit and my childhood dog, a five pound Chihuahua, ended up banging it constantly. We had to separate them. It was getting out of control. tl;dr: My dog banged Roy Orbison's widow's dog many, many times.
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    As a pedestrian, I have been hit by a car twice. Both times, it happened on a Friday the 13th I once got into a bar fight with Harry Anderson....he was the star of 80s sitcom Night Court
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    I sued a magazine for saying that my Alex was late for a show. The Mr. judge said it didnt matter because the magazine removed the article when they realised they were wrong.