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  2. I see the 'I do massive research but i'm not a fan anymore' machine is well oiled. Good for you, Miser.
  3. Shit songs about Stephanie Seymour. Good songs about Rock N' Thunder.
  4. Waistline not the same
  5. Bandana line the same.
  6. I wonder if Axl thought OJ was innocent or guilty.
  7. I'm not religious , and I don't follow church at all... but it do you think it's possible that Jesus was a alien? Or the other Jesus's before him? Turkey and iraq have a lot of old artifacts that suggest alien life. Writing also started in Iraq which is mind blowing because I spent a year there and these are the same people that wipe their asses with their hands.
  8. k.
  9. at a guitar show
  10. A Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls As A Beauty Blender
  11. Today
  12. Christians are blue eyed pale skin devils. Muslims are dirty skin angels.
  13. Not even close. It's Adler by a country mile.
  14. Russia must think we are all retarded. ...but we won the cold war.
  15. I mean I completely shit on christians, why can't I shit on muslims?
  16. Lol, seriously. This made me laugh so hard. The colour of the skin looks dirty? Like what? Made me think you are the racist here Gunner.
  17. I have no love for Hannity or O'Reilly but this fake news fake sexual harassment witch-hunt needs to stop.
  18. Vanilla ice cream is the new milk. I'll be the guy in the corner double-fisting PURE vanilla (none of tat speckled bean shit) cones.
  19. This show is all sjw stereotypes rolled into one.
  20. Slash played a show here a few yrs back. It was great. Huge room, and I was able to get literally right up to the stage where he played the show. So good
  21. Um, nowadays is cooler to be anti-Christianity. That I could agree on. But it's def not cool to be anti-religion, if that religion represents a "minority". Muslims in Europe. Black African religions in Brazil. Dare to make any negative remark about them and you are a racist. Because you know.... it's religion for black people. Black people are never wrong and they NEED to be protected/respected/have their huge dicks sucked. Thankfully those Brazilian-African religions are harmless so I'm not against them at all. But they are silly and they deserve being called silly. They are not culturally rich. It's a bunch of stinky people in a trance showing mankind has a lot to evolve yet. Muslims are not harmless. Their "holy" book doesn't tell them to dance, smoke cigars, drink alcohol and yell 'ooga booga africa odoiááá mainha', there's 'death to infidels' and bloodbaths a lil too much in theirs and we are lucky so few of them take its words seriously. But it's there. The base of their faith is hatred, evilness, killing and all that stuff those sand people seem to have a hard on for. Guess what I'm trying to say is. Color of the skin is not the issue. I believe the biggest problem right now are the double standards and how the 'race' card is pulled when the race is not the question. Yes, some religions are more violent than the others. There's nothing wrong in stating that. Yes, there are evil people in all religions. But the fucking Quran is like watching Rambo 4 with Mohammed playing the star role.
  22. integrity and dignity? fuck man, throw 6 figures at me a night and ill dress up in a tutu and ride the stage on a toilet plunger. integrity and dignity are what you're after when you're young. as you get older you just want to make enough money so you don't have to keep waking up and going to work everyday. If i have to sacrifice something to get off this working ship a few years earlier, so be it
  23. Triggered GUNNER is such a dumb GUNNER.
  24. Lol. At least he will build that wall using one of his construction companies.
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