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  2. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Survived Day 1 of Family Reunion. Drinking a beer. Round 2 tomorrow. Cats in the Cradle and the silver spoon...
  3. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    It has been a good day. Wasn't sick. Sun was shining. Picked up a new strain named after the alter ego of The Incredible Hulk. Watching The Thunder vs. Warriors game and drinking some San Pellegrino.
  4. Boston

    My company offered to fly me out there last minute at the end of January for a week (the HQ is in Boston and it was a company kick-off event thing) but I'd already booked a week off for New Zealand #firstworldproblems I'll see if I can go next January, I've always wanted to go to Boston, but last time I applied for a tourist visa to the US I got rejected :/
  5. What is your favorite law?

    I was thinking today about how so many $200 million movies these days are utterly mediocre and what David Lean could do with such a budget.
  6. What is your favorite law?

    Jerry "The King" Lawler.
  7. Time to accept the fact that we all backed a losing horse

    It is weird knowing I am a regular on a GNR fan forum when I haven't really been a huge fan in years. I mean they came to town and made no attempt to see them. Despite this, this forum has awesome members which makes this my favorite community on the internet.
  8. I forgot about the Hall of Fame-that was a big letdown for me-I'll admit it-I know it's Axl, and "you should not have expected him to show up", but when it was announced they were in, the Facebook post or whatever it was, kind of made it seem like they would. My whole thing was, it's one night. I was arguing with people at MYGNR who were happy he didn't show because it would "ruin whatever momentum the new lineup had!". Do and and did I want Axl to release new music? Yes. I never expected it to make Guns great again. The general public was not interested in new music like the die hard fans were, I understand that. I kind of wish Axl maybe had done what Billy Corgan has done-just release new music. He just put out a new self titled album, which I'm sure he knows only die hard Pumpkin fans will buy, but at the same time, they are basically doing a greatest hits tour soon.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Evader needs to remix Welcome to the Jungle with Welcome To The Terrordome.

  11. Time to accept the fact that we all backed a losing horse

    I'm just hoping that Axl's entourage's extravagant lifestyles will piss through all that money and then he'll be desperate and will start releasing "from the vault" shit.
  12. He's the shitposter GNFNR needs.
  13. Welcome back @bacardimayne.
  14. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Family reunion. I need a beer.
  15. Boston

    There ya go.
  16. Boston

    I hate every New England team, I think it stems from my strong dislike for my older half brother as a kid. Every team he liked, I liked their rival and it just kind of stuck. There are actually quite a few Yankees fans in the part of New Hampshire, I remember the day of the 2003 ALCS going into the local convenience store, the cashier was wearing a Yankees shirt and the owner of the store was decked out in Red Sox gear
  17. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I think the Venn diagram is actually correct. If you are looking at it based on the string of words then yes, you are correct, "asshole" would be the lexical commonality. But the diagram isn't simply about the word groupings. The diagram is showing all the fucking-assholes that are also complete-assholes. This is contracted with "complete fucking assholes" instead of saying "fucking assholes that are also complete assholes". The Venn diagram and ruler below are correct. I think the use of the contraction may make it confusing.
  18. Axl was a smoker. That's all that really needs to be said. And DJ Ashba.
  19. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Thats wrong. z = asshole Waiting for the resident scientist to say that's only true at 20°C.
  20. The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Doesn't necessarily have to be Hegel but yeah.
  21. What is your favorite law?

    Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb
  22. Fuck the police.

    Cops are super tough when perpetrators are unarmed. When they're armed, not so much.
  23. Boston

    lol Yankees fan from New England. How do you even live with yourself?
  24. Boston

    Some cities I have lived in or spent considerable time in: New York: Awesome. Like a scene from all those movies. Would not want to live there. Too intense. Love that I can visit anytime I want. Philadelphia: Artsy. Filthy. Bohemian. Dangerous. Too sprawled out. Useless downtown. Love South Philly, the rest can suck a dick. Trenton, NJ: A shit-hole. Good Italian restaurants. Camden, NJ: The worst part of Philly. Basically Bosnia. Phoenix, AZ: Basically a mall. Fake city in the desert. L.A.'s strip mall. San Diego, CA: Paradise on Earth Boulder, CO: Love it. Would go back and visit anytime. The way life should be. Denver, CO: Kind of a shit-hole and a boring town. Air pollution. Dusty and dirty. Hartford, CT: Duck, motherfucker New Haven, CT: Duck, motherfucker x2 Chicago, IL: A great city for food and music if you don't mind horrible weather. Hot chicks live elsewhere. Washington, DC: Great restaurants, but don't get shot. Albuquerque, NM: Most under-rated city in America. Great climate. Lots of great outdoors. No flying insects. Sunny. Cheap. Great food. Friendly people. Albany, NY: West Boston North Carolina: All the cities are great. Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Greensboro, Asheville, etc. Take your pick. Beautiful, easy women, great climate. Cheap houses. Jobs. Eugene, OR: Dark, cold and moldy. You will want to kill yourself after 2 weeks. Portland is at least more fun. Providence, RI: College girls here are rich and privileged. Good restaurants and great beaches nearby. Vermont: Has a couple of cities, but not really. Go visit Montpelier and see what I mean. Vermont is a good place to ski. Otherwise avoid it. LOL Brattleboro, etc. Virginia: Awesome state with fun cities and college towns. It's all good.
  25. Fuck the police.

    I just caught wind of this yesterday, but apparently there were multiple coward cops who showed up to the shooting in Florida. One guy, the one that is being most reported on at the moment, and who was the school's safety officer or whatever, has resigned and retired and will collect his pension. They have video of it, but it's not released. I hope it is eventually. I'm not sure how FOIA works, but the Chief of police seemed to put it on the prosecutors whether or not it will be released. Anyway, this dude basically posted up outside and stayed there. And more reports are coming in that like 4 to 10 more cops showed up and, while I hate to use this word, because it's often abused... literally did nothing to intervene or stop nik cruz.
  26. What is your favorite law?

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