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  2. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Hey Gunner, why don't you sue Slash since he was so evil to the man of your life, Axle Rosie?
  3. Why do you need government?

    There are a lot of fucking mar-oons (Bugs Bunny anyone?) on our planet so a government is kind of a necessary evil. Anarchy would not be pretty, nor fun. Everyone would have to wake up in the morning and just hope they don't get shot that day (as opposed to just black people).
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  5. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Checked. It implies a lawsuit, courts, legal actions ... and all that stuff. Looks like Maynard is lying.
  6. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    I don't think you know what "suing" means ... but my english sucks, so maybe I'm wrong ... I'll check it on the dictionary and I'll come back to you later.
  7. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    The guy took his time to sue a magazine that spoke ill of his prince Alex Ross Everytime you think it's worth discussing and being rational with Gunner, remember: the guy sued a magazine that told Axl was late for Rio 2011. And he brags about removing the article from the internet.
  8. Bummer. I thought it was a quality shitpost.
  9. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    He clearly doesn't understand portuguese, so the translation may not be the best option to you just follow the thread... As I said, it was not exactly "suing" ... so it wasn't a lawsuit, it didn't involve courts, lawyers, and all that stuff ... It was a complaint against a wrong new's headline of a certain online magazine. Like when you complain about something on a complaint box ... In Portugal there's this institution who takes care of this kind of complaints against the press (somehow like a consumer's defense) --- So, obviously, Maynard either doesn't know what he is talking about or he is just making it look like a bigger deal than it is ... but, I'm used to that from him. Obviously Maynard not only failed some portuguese classes but he also knows jack shit about maths. So let's see: - GN'R show in RIR 2011 was scheduled for 1:10, but it only started at 2:40. According to the news, GN'R was late for more than 2h. I'm good at maths and FACTS, and I know that from 1:10 to 2:40, it's 1h30m, not + 2h ... I pointed that FACT ... and I was right - I never complained (or sued, lol) about the fact of they were late. This is just Maynard making his Maynard thing. I complained about "how late they were", basically because I wanted to prove the magazine was wrong, because it's a shitty magazine, IMO. - Anyway, this FACT was not the center of the complaint, it was just an accessory fact. The main complaint was about Medina's declarations ... The magazine messed up all the timeline of the happenings. Once again, I was proven to be right, and the magazine ended up erasing the news from the internet. xD Who said he wasn't? Anyway, you should know that 1h30m it's not 2h. I'm not saying it's good or bad ... just checking the FACTS. Didn't lie about one single FACT. Maybe you did .... well, I'll not say you lied, maybe you are just as bad on portuguese as I am on english. I didn't sue anyone. And I wouldn't sue my forum mates. Another fun FACT is to check once again that Maynard keeps his old habit of stalking me on the internet, like when he used my old sig to google me and find I was a user on another forums I'll tell you the same thing I told you back then, buddy: Who needs a warchild when you have Maynard? Do you feel ok to bring personal stuff from 2011 that as nothing to do with the subject we were discussing just to divert attentions from the Fact of your prince begging for a call for 10 years? Do you love him that bad? Anything goes, Maynard. Well, buddy ... you were wrong about what you said. I didn't sued anyone. There was no legal dispute. I didn't complained because the magazine said my Axel was late. Basically, you are using lies about me to defend tour idol from FACTS. How sad is that? Apparently Maynard didn't even have access to my original complaint ... he just checked the institution's summarize/final decision with some quotes, because I told him about it once. Now he uses it, like if it was a big deal or if like I had something to hide. I'm not exposing myself on the internet everyday, but I'm not also hidding, or I wouldn't have talk about these stuff or used that sign. Gosh, everybody in my old forum new my name, about this complaint ... and probably there still are some photos of me online ... I think I even told my name to maynard and is coward lapdog friend once in a chat. Anyone who wants to know my name, I can tell it via Pm, just ask. Poor Maynard.
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  11. MSG videos

    Can you prove either?
  12. MSG videos

    You're right.
  13. MSG videos

    we are talking about Axls vocals, and he didin't do it on one try, but they did not do what they did with CD and cut and paste all the vocals together piece by piece. Axl on CD sang like one line at a time and they cut and pasted them all together. That did not happen with AFD. Axl sang the song like a number of times and they took the best take. It was not a cut and paste just like CD.
  14. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Hold the goddamned phone... delve more into this lawsuit, preferably with English translations. Fucking what happened?!
  15. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Quoted to reply later on my laptop
  16. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Wrong: "O participante contesta a afirmação presente na notícia de que “a banda entrou em palco com atraso de mais de duas horas”. Contrapõe afirmando que o concerto estava previsto para as 1h10 mas começou às 2h40, “conforme se pôde constatar no local ou por quem assistiu à transmissão em tempo real através do canal oficial do evento no Youtube (…) e conforme consta no próprio comunicado da banda” I'm pretty sure your parents were really proud when you told them you won some legal dispute against a magazine that made some small article about Axl being late (which he was) in a Brazil concert. Well, you lie about facts regarding your own behavior and activities (seen in this post) so I guess the best way to answer that is: GUNNER, will you sue us for all the lies we tell about your Lord and Owner Axel Rose. Ooops sorry... Axl. Don't sue me please.
  17. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    It was not exactly suing. It was not exactly because they said he was late. But I won the case anyway, because I was (once again) right. Im really good on FACTS checking and legal stuff.
  18. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Guys, you have to remember @GUNNER SUED a magazine for saying Axl was late to a concert in Brazil. He will take a bullet for Axl. You can write walls and walls of text filled with reasonable arguments. Gunner sued a magazine because they said Axl was late to a concert somewhere in South America. Gunner is like a 15 years old girl in love with some boy band. I can provide you links that prove it but it might contain GUNNER's real name in it so I think that's crossing the line a lil. Almost like suing a magazine for mocking an artist I like.
  19. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    More FACTS coming soon...
  20. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    "Call me" in the next +10 years. ^The only FACT in this patetic topic.
  21. http://youtube.com/watch?v=/qDVz7tZHlzw
  22. Let's be fair, what would Axl talk about if interviewed? His lack of productivity? How much he no longer hates Slash? Let's be honest here - his obsession with "proving Slash wrong", tinkering with his baby record, and being bitter about Slash were the focal points of Axl's entire world until a year or two ago. For 20 years, he was obsessed with "outdoing" Slash and winning some imaginary war. What fills that void? It's not like he has a normal life with a wife and children to fill any emotional void. Even Yoda is dead.
  23. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    Axl could literally take a shit on stage, and people like Gunner would not only praise it, but at the same time, somehow blame Slash for any flaws. They not only are irrationally blinded by their hatred of Slash but they live in a weird world of mind games and double-think IE woman abuse is not bad because Axl Rose did it. Error. Error. Woman abuse is bad because Slash did it. Coming on late is macho and awesome. Releasing albums and making your fans happy is for pussies.
  24. Are Portuguese people inbred?

    If, in the time it takes you to take a morning dump, you typed all that, you need more fiber in your diet.
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