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  2. It amazes me that 16 years after 9/11 people STILL scratch their heads as to why these terror incidents keep happening. Coming 2 days after the U.S. agrees the sale of a hundred billion dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia... The same Saudi Arabia that directly funds ISIS and Al Qaeda The same Saudi Arabia that bankrolled the 9/11 hijackers who were almost all Saudi The same Saudi Arabia that funds the construction of Mosques all over Europe where their radical wahabi ideology is preached, the same ideology behind ISIS Couple the above with decades of the West slaughtering millions across the Middle East Instigating and inflaming the war in Syria by arming All Qaeda there Make no mistake - we created this monster and now it is on our own shores. We need to get the fuck out of the Middle East and stop selling arms to those countries. We need to stop propping up dictators in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We need to do something about the ghettos across Europe where Muslims have been left to rot for decades. Its our own fucking fault.
  3. I'm saying the mafia made a shit mistake. If I'm aware of this mistake, I probably didn't make it. Game's over anyway. Get out of character and celebrate your win.
  4. Anyone mafia kills is almost guaranteed to be town at this point, unless there's a third indy, which would be a fine kill for mafia too at this stage in the game. I don't understand your point. Why would killing Conor in the night be the obvious play for mafia. Besides, even if you had a point, your point would stand for anyone who might be mafia, so by your logic no one is mafia, we're all town, and we won the game.
  5. Unfortunately this is all pointless as the game is already over. gg @Budd Dwyer@Conor@magisme
  6. You get the point. If I was mafia, firstly I wouldn't have even gone after Conor because it's a pro town thing for a vote to get wasted on an ineffective Conor lynch. I'd have randomly killed him off at night to prevent the dialogue that lead to Conor gaining 100% trust for a day. This is how I think when it comes to this game.
  7. Probably because he can't drive.
  8. Please tell me why I'd target someone who I know would survive the lynch and then NOT KILL HIM AT NIGHT, LEAVING A GUARANTEED TOWNIE AMONG THE RANKS i'm not a fucking amateur here
  9. he's gonna buy it i'm powerless
  10. Don't you think he's the best choice? He went after you when he saw that arnold and I were suspicious of your character shenanigans, and now he's out ta get me because mafia wins if they eliminate a town double vote. Out of bacardi, Budd, and arnold, probably 2/3 are mafia. I think it's a solid lynch.
  11. good job budd you listened well until the end but in the end you didnt listen and thats why you lost
  12. You want them to condone the attacks?
  13. Oh boys
  14. What? I'm clearly town. If I was mafia the day would have ended long ago. I've been giving you the benefit of the doubt, but it's a little convenient that all of a sudden you think I'm mafia now that you know I have a double vote. Official Vote: bacardimayne Lock it up.
  15. more terrorist attacks, and more bullshit focus on 'messages of solidarity' without any clear recourse against those who are connected/guilty of this and ridiculing them. The community should all stand together and stand up against any religious/polictial group who doesn't immediately condone these attacks. Transparency breeds unity, until you have everyone on the same page detesting this behavior, this will only continue to grow in prevalence.
  16. Everyone should watch Four Lions tonight.
  17. I give the edge to the '90s The '80s were more of a mono-culture. In the '90s the niches really had room to grow and develop. There was just more of everything. I agree that the second half of the '90s was a bit weaker, but the first half was so strong.
  18. yep, and lets also blame the authorities (insert police/health physicians/government here) for not catching them in time and not the individual who carried out the attack.
  19. Not since the IRA and the likes, anyway.
  20. There are no white "terrorists," only "insane gunmen," or "shooters"
  21. Today
  22. I saw The Who ten years ago, Velvet Revolver were supposed to open for them but cancelled at the last minute because they broke up. Even then Daltrey's voice was fucked, but fun night. They'll fit in right in with shit Axl.
  23. 22, 59+ injured. Confirmed suicide bomber now.
  24. It's So Easy is their best song
  25. not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims
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