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  2. Who cares about an appetite remaster or whatever!!!' New music or fuck a goat.
  3. I used to serve homeless assholes at a liquor store. They would buy half pints of Skol vodka for 2 dollars and/or Canadian Superior whisky. They would get pissed when I wouldn't let them slide on being pennies (or more) short. They bragged about selling their food stamp cards. They would come in and pretend to apply for a job, so they could milk the unemployment system for another few months. Often they smelled, they were rude, they were obnoxious, they scared off the actual customers who spent real money there. They had inappropriate conversations. I remember this one guy, his nickname was bag wallet. He would sometimes eat the receipts. I get that the homeless often have mental issues, but in America, we have a created a system where they have plenty of resources. From soup kitchens, to shelters, to government programs- it's tough being homeless, sure. But there are resources. It may not be as friendly as those socialist wannabes in Europe, but being homeless in america isn't bad in comparison to a lot of countries.
  4. Since you asked so nice Brasserie. These are the only ones Sauerkraut could find of originals Better 2006 - 192kbps There Was A Time 2006 Short Intro - 268kbps (VBR) There Was A Time 2006 Long Solo - 185kbps (VBR) There Was A Time 2007 - 160kbps
  5. Not you. The ones who think The Blues is about Slash. Jesus, GNR fans are dumb.
  6. Faggot?
  7. They're AFRAID Afraid of my deviant krautstyle. They're afraid they'd like it too. But I know what aisles you browse at 3 in the morning. Uncle Sauerkraut knows. I hope it's Inglehoffer's Stone Mustard. Deeeeee-lish. Goes great with sauerkraut, brats, hot dogs, charcuterie, ham sammies... you name it. That's just foreplay in Sauerkrautland. I'll make you a tasty treat one day JB. It won't be poison or anything.
  8. Maybe but I don`t think Axl would have done it if he had n`t seen a prospect of more cash.
  9. What kind of a faggot would think The Blues is about Slash It`s most likely about one of his women. Sorry, on the other hand, is entirely about Slash.
  10. Saw Annabelle last night, it was okay. Not really that scary, no surprising plot twists, and a lot of scenes stolen from other horror movies.
  11. That's very true. In Italy when the siblings move out, they often stay within the same neighborhood or even on the same street. They have family meals at least once a week, usually on Sundays. And parents don't go into nursing homes, they live with one of their kids until they pass away. You just don't see that emphasis on family in the states.
  12. Bad Cucking News What the Cuck NITL CD/DVD is going to be delayed but is ready ! Instead we will be getting a AFD 30th anniversary edition re release with special collectors martial. This upcoming holiday season. i deeply apologize for getting anyone's hope up. This fucking band & management team is not in tune with its fans This comes from a confirmed source. But the good news Axl Acdc is a definite for 2018 Also I will always update info when more info becomes available
  13. the movie was nothing but a 2 hour teaser for the Godzilla fight in the sequel
  14. I don't know
  15. Why would they bring Izzy into the studio for AC/DC and not any new GnR stuff?
  16. Which leads me to my next question @Bill Brasky, Theres a rumour Sorry isn't actually about Slash, whereas Street of Dreams is. Get past the gay shit, and look at It platonically, SOD totally could be about him
  17. Maybe that's why Slash plays Sorry. Axl is willing to give him all the money he asks for
  18. Axl wanted Slash to shut his mouth so Slash asked for more money and Axl delivered? who cucked who here?
  19. He's missing the point. The guy takes himself too seriously.
  20. I'm not even exactly sure what a bit rate is
  21. @altered beast no worries at all I know you hate but I consider you a friend and would grab a beer with you any day. Sincerely
  22. Bout to start watching The Defenders. As I've said before, Daredevil was fantastic, which is why it got two seasons. The other 3 shows couldn't quite match DD, but they were each good in their own ways. It'll be interesting to see how the collaboration goes. And of course... The Punisher is in it to some extent to help advertise his show. Cannot wait for that either.
  23. Does anyone know the original bit rate of the leaks in 06&07 thanks guys
  24. Hey let's just find shit on youtube and make a thread about it, calling 240p great quality. At least put some effort into it.
  25. Insider references have been around for a long time. "Insiders" was merely mentioned as a one-off joke in the opening post, since making fun of insiders has once again become trendy. And total acknowledgement- I credit you for bringing it back. I'm not tryin to rip off your shit or leech off your thunder. I just threw the insider thing in there for old time's sake, since it used to be somewhat of a meme around here. Otherwise the thread is just a typical theory/premise, and one that I freely admit is not original. It's common knowledge that Team Brazil leads an extravagant lifestyle and Axl bankrolls it. I merely just revisited the topic and broached the theory once again.
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