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  2. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Lol Bad Apples.
  3. US Politics, Culture and Society

    You still have pigs and politicians. It would do no good for me.
  4. US Politics, Culture and Society

    @Damn_Smooth, move to Portugal, buddy. (Unless you dont like bananas)
  5. Today
  6. I am digging these banners

    I can't wait until you unleash "jarmo, the cucknose reindeer"
  7. I think they're related. Probably cousins or something.
  8. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Don't feel bad, most people are. Statists gotta state. Just a sad byproduct of the brainwashing you've received since birth. None of you should whine when this shit happens though. It's the logical conclusion of the minimal training nobody minds their taxpayer money going for.
  9. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    All action, but no substance. I felt like all the tension was sucked out of it because we knew they would succeed regardless, which is very difficult to avoid and only the very best films can navigate around that. The first hour is really poor. As a spectacle though, everything after that was very well made and very much enjoyable. I just don't think it holds up all that well. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it. As with TFA, they played it safe. I think they'll do the same with the Han Solo film, and if you like Star Wars you'll probably have a good time, I hope they'll start taking some risks with the Obi-Wan film (but more likely after that.)
  10. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    I hope the black guy fuck the girl hard with his big black lightsaber
  11. It'd also be mad to give him the big push because he's in his 40s. I agree with the original sentiment, but he is a main event talent. That might involve bouncing down to the upper midcard, but unless you only consider Roman and Lesnar as main eventers, then AJ is definitely in the group. I agree that he'll never be the face of the company (again, joined in his 40s) and won't headline a Wrestlemania, but I just don't think that amounts to Vince hating him because he didn't create him. Maybe it's just too strong a word? P.S Big Cass won't, he has late-JBL body, is terrible in the ring with little signs of improvement, and has zero charisma. Braun is a fucking mountain of a man, was terrible in the ring but shown huge leaps of improvement, and has a shockingly good amount charisma.
  12. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    It's time for R2-D2 and C-3PO to bang.
  13. Would be hilarious. It`ll be a pinnacle of cucking Slash
  14. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    it all just sounds so boring, lol
  15. holy shit he still thinks cass is going to be good
  16. US Politics, Culture and Society

    Generally, i don't really like cops, yet i'm on the Brasky side of the general argument, but... i've yet to see a cop with those gay ass mallcore tattoos. He shouldn't have been a cop in the first place. Here is the full footage The instructions were laughable, all the police had to do while he was on the ground: go get on his back and handcuff him. Instead, they went on the asshole route and after the dude made the tiniest deviation from their instructions, Philip Brailsford killed him instantly, without hesitation. I mean if the guy magically pulling out a weapon, he would be dead meat in a second... if that second would have been a given, he would be alive. The guys death was so fucking meaningless, Brailsford was so incompetent (except the killing part lol), he should have been found guilty by second-degree murder at least. Instead they let him go. Brailsford made a mistake, so as the victim... The victim paid for his stupidity with his own life. i'd say it's fair if we throw the cop in jail in this particular case. Seems like life is not fair, again What a cockbag
  17. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    What does my musical taste to do with your post? You make no sense. At all I said what i said, because there is minimal to zero chance for a new album, precisely, because the aforementioned songs tanked. They aren't hits. They aren't requested anywhere. If it's up to Axl, we wouldn't be able to hear those songs. BestBuy made us a deal, remember? The leaks are also helped a little bit Now if you want more from that bag, then i have bad news for you... and yeah Those songs mostly sucked ass and in my personal opinion they are hardly indicating any good material inb4 you are ignoring the first paragraph
  18. Beastie Boys official thread

    Check Your Head is in my top 3albums of all time. ive been a huge B-Boys fan since I was in high school. (That’s a fuckin long time ago) If i had to rank 1- Check Your Head 2-Paul’s Boutique the rest are tied. Its one of the few bands where I can put on any one of their albums and listen start to finish. Theres some great tunes on Ill Communication and Hello Nasty. 5 Boroughs is a throw back to Paul’s Hot Sauce Committee I don’t listen much to because it makes me sad. When Yauch died, it hit me hard.
  19. Why won't Axl use an autotune raspinator 9000?

    Even thogh it's a lil robotic sounding, this is the best version of these songs, vocals-wise.
  20. He's the new Khali. Might get a belt push because Vince loves tall buffoons, but he will fail miserably.
  21. I called Strowman the first time I laid eyes on him, he's a no-brainer. Fat Cass will never be shit though.
  22. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Budd - you are aware that all people don’t have the same musical taste as you do. Right? And that we are allowed to like songs that you don’t? Right?
  23. GNR 💯 % legit insider AMA.

    Now that's desperate, especially with those songs on a pedestal Fucking lol
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