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  2. I could respect the reunion more if they varied up the setlist. I know...I know.....the catalog isn't too deep. Doesn't matter.....switch it up. That would make lack of "originals" tolerable. But to have Frank, Fortus, new music....stale setlist.....equates to snooze fest
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  4. I would be lying if I said that isn't badass
  5. People arguing if Garfield the cat is male or gender fluid.
  6. Definitely. To me that is what the death penalty should be used for. Now there is a big difference between a child rapist murdering a child and a person who might have gotten drunk and got into a fist fight and accidentally killed a person in the fight. The death penalty should be reserved for the most heinous of people and in all honesty these people get off way too light in how they are put down.
  7. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
  8. Some decent guitar work here and there but not really memorable nor catchy (sound quality is great btw)
  9. Yeah, it seems the userbase was better and more motivated 7 years ago when it comes to speculating or to make insightful posts The reunion (after the first few shows) brought boredom and the final nail in the creative coffin. By the time we've got a half assed reunion with Slash and Duff, Axl's voice slightly deteriorated or he decided to give up and let mickey to do the gold digger tour. It's funny to read back these posts, because what went down since then, it's more than clear that Axl never had a chance with his new band. I still think it was his fault mostly. Recruiting DJ Ashba was the first undisputable sign of not giving a fuck GNR should have reunited in 2006 and Axl still could have been released CD with Slash and Duff. Only God knows where would be the band right now
  10. Honestly, this post shows you probably have a below average IQ and generally you know nothing, not even a tiny bit about how the american justice system works It's not perfect, but miles better than any european system when it comes to life threatening crimes
  11. Sums up my thoughts. Such heinous crimes needs to be punished the harshest way With the forensic technology today, it's not that hard to determine who is truly guilty
  12. Maybe, but it's a weird one Well, it was written by Axl and Josh Freese and Robin Finck (according to wikipedia primarily by Axl and Josh) This particular show was revisited for the Live Era release and two tracks were made onto the album (You're Crazy/UTLH) I think it's possibble that Axl and Josh or even Finck heard it when Axl piked the tracks for the live album. He even re-recorded his vocals for some songs It would be fucking hilarious if we somehow get to know the exact circumstances and it turns out the only decent riff in the album dates back to a random intro lick by Sash in 1988 Slash plays it in the lower register now (like originally) instead of following the recorded version. Fortus mentioned, going back to old Slash ideas is no new thing with this band, and happened already. All tinfoil hat theories aside, this is maybe the weirdest coincidence in GNR's history wtf What did i do to you? I've made a legitimately interesting topic and you came and post this shit? I mean, i get that others clearly didn't give the slightest shit about this band anymore (including JB) but you deliberately wants to fuck every thread/post i make and turn into a shitfest. Did somebody fucked your girlfriend or your mom plus you in a threesome? It seems the butthurt is really strong in you. Please elaborate why are you keep doing this shit? You've already admitted that you are just trolling. Then what's the point? Nobody gives you likes for it nor it makes you a better poster or anything just fucks and clogs up every thread where you and i both pop up. If you can't add anything substantial (not even a shitpost) in a thread, then it's better to move on
  13. They only do that in Denmark
  14. The problem is that a president - no matter who it is - is never going to please everybody. Any decision Trump makes is going to bring the wrath of somebody. Half the people will say "that's exactly what he should have done" and the other half will say "what a horrible decision, he is failing." No president is going to do 100% what we think they should do. And it is a bit arrogant of "us" to think we know what's best or that we have all the best answers, and the president or politicians should do what WE think is best.
  15. Did your coward friend shit on you?
  16. Hungary's a helluva drug.
  17. Ask Isis for some ideas. They know how to do it right and cheap. Maybe your king can make a partnership with them since both gringos and muslims have the same approach about killing people.
  18. Feed the lions in the local zoo with'em
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  20. He needs to find a way to make it cheaper for the States to execute the death penalty.
  21. Now ... that's a different story ...
  22. I agree. To me it should only be in a case where there is absolutely no doubt. John Evander Couey a guy that raped, and then buried alive a 9 year old girl should have never been allowed to live more than 7 days. To tell you the truth in cases like that I would allow the father and family of the victim in a room with the piece of shit with a whole assortment of instruments similar to the movie Hostel.
  23. Nothing. After all, it makes perfect sense that in a Guns N Roses reunion, Frank Ferrer would be on drums.
  24. I support the concept of the death penalty but I think there should be special requirements needed to be met before a death sentence can be ordered on someone. Most important being "iron clad" evidence. And obviously the actual administration of the injection needs to be heavily regulated, with criminal charges for people who fuck it up.
  25. Yeah I agree with that. They get too cute with it to appease people to show they aren't suffering and its not "cruel" punishment. I really like the idea of making them OD with confiscated drugs.
  26. I just don't understand how the actual deaths keep getting fucked up. I've read multiple stories about botched lethal injection attempts. I mean, shit, there has to be an easy solution for that. Just give 'em an OD of fentanyl or something that they confiscate from the streets. Boom, save money. Yeah yeah, not gonna happen. But still, I don't get how the lethal injection shenanigans ever happen in the first place. Knock the person out with something, confirm they're out, then give them the death injection. Simple.
  27. Izzy is GnR.
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